Lifestyle home & office display & decor cases


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JML Lifestyle Office/Home Decor Display offers you different cases for office or home. All products of lifestyle you can see here are cosmetic & jewelry & office tabletop organnizer, photo frame, table/desk/chairs, etc.

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Lifestyle home & office display & decor cases

  1. 1. Lifestyle Home & Office Display & Decor Cases
  2. 2. • A flower, a picture, one bottle of wine, it is life. However mean your life is, meet it and love it. We always want to make our life colorful. So many office display cases, home decorative, organizers, picture frames, vases, wine holders can be found in a warm family. With these kinds of little things, you can change your life style and feeling.• Baby, lets show some special things to you, you must love it!
  3. 3. Cosmetic & Jewelry Organzier• Type: J-LOC0003 Type: J-LOC0005 Type: J-LOC0005• Acrylic is a lovely material. Many acrylic organizers make people be unable to tear self away among them, more at will! If you want to get more surprises, please go to Cosmetic & Jewelry Organizer.
  4. 4. Photo & Picture Frame• Type: J-LOP0004 Type: J-LOP0009 Type: J-LOP0015• Frame Destination specializes in all frames – from acrylic photo frames to wooden photo frames, or resin photo frames, everything you like. Custom frame sizes are readily available from us. If you want to know more products, please switch to Photo & Picture Frame.
  5. 5. Wine Rack & Holder• Type: J-LOW0003 Type: J-LOW0004 Type: J-LOW0004• Whatever material has been used to construct your wine rack, the nicer they look, the more appealing they are as pieces of furniture in your home. Now, there are kinds of wine bottle holder and racks in Wine Rack & Holder.
  6. 6. Office Tabletop Organizer Type: J-LOF0001 Type: J-LOF0001 Type: J-LOF0001• In particular, acrylic organizers are varied. Just a little bit of change, a memo card holder, or a pen holder, boring office is completely different. More in Office Tabletop Organizer.
  7. 7. Table, Desk & Chairs• Type: J-LOT0001-02 Type: J-LOT0002 Type: J-LOT0002• Acrylic table, desk, chair, and end-tables have always been with simple elegant style. It is a good choice whether for a modern hotel, or a young family. More products in Table, Desk & Chairs.
  8. 8. Lifestyle Deco• Type: J-LHR0009 Type: J-LHR0009 Type: J-LHR0014• Acrylic box, organizer, paperweight, ornament, home decorative, all of these products will build an unique beauty of life for you. Find more products in Lifestyle Deco.