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Hany Resume

  1. 1. Hany Abdel hamid Abo Ouf 6 mahmoud shokry St.Smoha,Alexandria Phone :( +2)01003000539/ (+2)034262778 E-mail:hany_oaf@yahoo.com Objective: Seeking challenging position in the field of Electrical Project Management /(Telecom )Project Management , as Field Maintenance Manager/ Account manager/ Area Manager /Operation manager/ Projects Section Head / Team Leader / Maintenance manager /Maintenance Service manager/ Rollout manager / Site Engineer/ Acceptance Test ,DriveTest, Technical support , NOC Manager , (maintenance management of telecomequipment) also Logistics and Procurements. Profile: An electrical engineer, graduated from Electrical Engineering (communication)Department, Faculty of Engineering , Alexandria University. Good knowledge of Network, CCNA , GSM , CDMA , UMTS (3G) and mobilecommunication, (BTS Installation and Maintenance ), repairing and maintenance PCBsand electrical instrument , RF/ Microwave and Radar system , Project Manager ,Primavera ,Optical Fiber, SDH. Education: University: U Achievement of (BSc) Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering (communication)Department, Alexandria University 1994 . Final grade: good (71.8%). Final project Grade : very good. Skills: 17/10/2011 till now: U Trainee at Alkan Network (maintenance branch), Knowledge about HuaweiEquipments. Huawei BTS 3900 , 3012, BSC 600. Control resources and costs against the project budget. 2011: U 1- CDMA & UMTS (3G). U 2009-2010: U 1- GSM and mobile communication: U U 1. GSM Network infrastructure. 2. GSM network concepts and architecture. 3. Experience on GSM technologies. 2- Cisco certified network associated [CCNA] (640-802) Certified. U U Cisco ID NO. CSCO11727438. Knowledge of OSPF, EIGRP, ATM, FR, VLANS, routers, DSLAMs . 3- Network.U 4- Optical Fiber: U Features of optical communication systems . Making Connectors . Fiber Splicing and Fault detection using OTDR .
  2. 2. 5-BTS Installation & Maintenance: 1. Installing the cabinets, Grounding System, Cabinet Internal Cables, Trunk Cables, Monitoring System, Main antenna feeder system, GPS feeder system, Boards. 2. Boards functions. 3. Knowledge about BSC, MSC, OMC (Practical experience), CDMA. 4. Knowledge about Node-B. Management: 6- Project Management (PMP): 1. PMP (Project Manager for Professional). 2. Project (Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, HR, Communications, Risk, Procurement)Management. 3. Certificated from REP ( Information Technology Institute) ITI. 7-Primavera: U Using all program tools in Project Management . 1994-2011: Officer Engineer (Colonel) (Air Defense Forces) U 1- Microwave, RF & IF Engineer. 2- RF and Radar Systems. 3- Maintenance and Repair PCBs. 4- Establishes CM & PM (corrective & preventive maintenance) to all parts of radar system ( electronic parts , generators ,Air Condition , Earthing ) in response time. 5- Using measurement equipments as Oscilloscope, Avometer to adjust the standard signals which insure correct performance. 6- Optical Fiber (Splicing, Fiber Fault Detection using OTDR, Measuring attenuation, using Spectrum analyzer). 7- Work as Security Officer 2002-2003. *RF , Radar System, Maintenance and Repairing PCBs including next: U In General: U 1. Establishes CM & PM (corrective & Preventive Maintenance) to all parts of radar system ( electronic parts , generators ,Air Condition , Earthing). 2. Establishes procedures and standards for operation and maintenance of transmitter equipment. 3. RF and Radar System (TX, RX, Console adjustment, RF and IF measurements). 4. Diagnoses causes of transmitter malfunctions and repairs equipment to return transmitter to operational status. 5. Establishes procedures for testing of transmitter equipment, performance of preventative maintenance activities. 6. Tune transmitter. 7. 18 years of experience with RF engineering and test and characterization. 8. Experience with using RF test and measurement equipments at the circuit level. 9. Knowledge of RF, Radar and communications theory. 10. Experience with analog and digital modulations, digital signal processing (DSP), RF test and measurement, signals analysis. 11. Experience with repairing & maintenance of electronic hardware & RF circuitry. 12. Tracker in surveillance radar. Others: U Software Developer: C#, ASP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript.
  3. 3. Hobbies & Personal skills: -Problem solving skills, hard worker, fast learning and adapting, productivity, selfmotivated. -A good team working and interested in the success of my company. -Ambitious and keen to learn & eager to gain more qualifications. - I have a strong flair for Network, CCNA , GSM ,UMTS,CDMA and mobilecommunication, Optical Fiber , BTS Installation & Maintenance , repairing andmaintenance PCBs and electrical instrument , RF and Radar system, ProjectManagement ,Primavera ,I am keen to build up my career preferably in the same fieldwhich will give me more depth and better exposure to the latest in those as well as utilizemy recent education, experience and abilities[4G( Wimax , LTE) & CCNP]. -experience in managing/leading people. Personal Details: Nationality Egyptian Birth date 30/9/1970 Marital Status Married Military Status Colonel Retired (12/2011) Language: Arabic: Excellent. English: Very Good Certifications: 1- GSM certificate (NTI). 2- Cisco Career Certification (cisco). 3- PMP certification in REP (ITI). 4- Primavera Certificate (New Horizons). 5- Optical Communication Systems (NTI). 6- BTS Installation (Telecom Egypt). 7- BTS Maintenance (Telecom Egypt). 8- CDMA & UMTS (Jelecom). 9- Local security course (1998) in Air Defense Security Department grade: Good. 10- Advanced Military Security Course (2003) in military intelligence school grade:Very Good. 11- Fire extinguishing course in armed forces fire extinguishing department. References Furnished upon request.