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Reflections from driving collaboration and social within the enterprise


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Reflections from driving collaboration and social within the enterprise

  1. 1. Reflections from driving Collaboration and Social within the Enterprise Matthew Hanwell Former HR Director Communities & Social Media @Nokia email: Matthew.hanwell@hotmail.comDay 2 Twitter: @matthew_hanwell13:45 – 14:15 LinkedIN: matthewhanwell
  2. 2. About meFormer HR Director Communities and Social media @NokiaOver 20 years experience in the area of people related informationtechnology in high-tech industries, have been responsible for developingand driving new ways of working, focusing on community, collaboration andsocial media.15 years at Nokia, various positions with global responsibility driving HR insupport of business needs. Including implementing of global ERP (SAP),Performance/Talent Management, Compensation Management, Reporting,Recruitment), implementation of HR analytics and led research on emergingweb, ways of working and organizational development.11 years at Digital Equipment Corporation: European HRIS Manager email: Twitter: @matthew_hanwell LinkedIN: matthewhanwell
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. “When I only want to hirea pair of hands, why do Iget a whole person?" Henry Ford
  5. 5. Connectedness
  6. 6. Social creatures8
  7. 7. Participation
  8. 8. Predictable Imbalance
  9. 9. Interaction
  10. 10. Authenticity
  11. 11. Ways of Working
  12. 12. 17
  13. 13. Behaviour & Culture Balance Tools & Technology
  14. 14. Collaboration in the Enterprise Phone / SMS / voice conference Email Meeting calendar Phonebook Chat & presence Screen sharing Video conferencing …. Micro- Video blogging sharing Forums Ideation & Interactive Innovation web sites
  15. 15. Sentiment
  17. 17. ” Whether you think youcan or whether you thinkyou cant, youre right. “ Henry Ford