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Ignatia amara homoeopathic materia medica slide show presentation by Dr. Hansaraj salve


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ignatia amara is great remedy of contradiction learn and remember some of the important symptoms which you never seen before

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Ignatia amara homoeopathic materia medica slide show presentation by Dr. Hansaraj salve

  1. 1. Ignatia amara Homoeopathic materia medica slide show presentation by Dr.Hansraj salve Learn whole homoeopathic materia medica in new style with Dr.hansraj salve click on the link To start study
  2. 2.  Common name – St.ignatus bean  Family – Loganiaceae  Prover – Hahnemann  Temperament – Nervous temperament  Relation with heat and cold – Not specific  Miasm – Psora
  3. 3.  Women of a sensitive, easily excited nature  Dark hair and skin but mild disposition  Quick to percieve  Rapid in execution
  4. 4. The roaring in ears ameliorated by music The piles ameliorated when walking; Sore throat feels amelioratedwh en swallowing; empty feeling in stomach not ameliorated by eating
  5. 5. Cough aggravates the more he coughs; cough on standing still during a walk (Ast. fl.); Spasmodic laughter from grief Sexual desire with impotency Thirst during a chill, no thirst during the fever The color changes in the face when at rest
  6. 6. Mental conditions changes rapidly, in an almost incredibly short time, change from joy to sorrow, from laughing to weeping
  7. 7. Moody Persons mentally and physically exhausted by long-concentrated grief.
  8. 8. Involuntary sighing (Lach.) With a weak, empty feeling at pit of stomach, not > by eating (Hydr., Sep.).
  9. 9. Bad effects of anger, grief, or disappointed love Broods in solitude over imaginary trouble.
  10. 10. Desire to be alone. Inconstant, impatient, irresolute, quarrelsome. Finely sensitive mood, delicate consciousness.
  11. 11.  Amiable in disposition if feeling well, but easily disturbed by very slight emotion; easily offended.
  12. 12.  The slightest fault finding or contradiction excites anger, and this makes hem angry with herself.
  13. 13.  Children, when reprimanded, scolded, or sent at bed, get sick or have convulsions in sleep.
  14. 14. Ill effects, from bad news From vexation with reserved displeasure From suppressed mental sufferings; of shame and mortification (Staph.).
  15. 15.  Cannot bear tobacco; smoking, or being in tobacco smoke, produces or aggravates headache.
  16. 16.  Over sensitiveness to pain (Coff., Cham.).  Pain in small, circumscribed spots.
  17. 17.  In talking or chewing, bites inside of cheek.
  18. 18.  Sweat on the face on a small spot only while eating.
  19. 19.  Headache, as if a nail was driven out through the side, relieved by lying on it.
  20. 20.  Prolapsus ani from moderate straining at stool, stooping or lifting  Aggravates when the stool is loose.
  21. 21.  Hemorrhoids: prolapse with every stool, have to be replaced  Sharp stitches shoot up the rectum (Nit. a.)  Aggravates for hours after stool (Rat., Sulph.).
  22. 22.  Twitching, jerking's, even spasms of single limbs or whole body, when falling asleep.
  23. 23.  Complaints return at precisely the same hour.
  24. 24. From tobacco Coffee Brandy Contact Motion Strong odors Mental emotions Grief. Warmth Hard pressure (Cinch.) Swallowing Walking General modalities Aggravation. - Amelioration. -
  25. 25. Headache Ailment from: Tobacc0 Smoking Anger Grief Sorrow Bad news Suppressed mental sufferings
  26. 26. Headache Character of pain: There is congestive and throbbing headache Heavy headache as if a nail as driven through the side which is relieved by lying on it Throbbing pain at occiput with every beat of heart
  27. 27. Aggravation Amelioration On stooping Jar and motion Smoking tobacco When pressing for stool Lying on painful side By profuse urination Headache Modalities
  28. 28. Character and sensation in constipation:  Excessive urge and desire for stool felt more in upper abdomen but there is great pain in rectum which compels the patient to refrain from going to closet Concomitant symptoms:  There may be prolapse of anus from moderate straining, lifting or stooping .  Prolepse of anus is more when the stool is loose
  29. 29. Menstrual disorders Character Time – too early Quantity – too profuse Character of blood – black clotted with putrid offensive odour
  30. 30. Violent labour like pain followed by purulent corrosive leucorrhoea Menses may sometimes be suppressed by grief Menstrual disorders Concomitant
  31. 31. Convulsion Ailments from: Grief Anger Bad news Suppressed mental feeling
  32. 32. There is trembling and jerking when falling asleep Spasm of single muscle, limb or whole body Stiffness of neck muscles with tingling in the limbs Convulsion Character
  33. 33. Respiratory disorders  Hysterical cough and vomiting are cured by Ignatia
  34. 34. Sore throat Tonsils are inflamed and swollen Liquid is more painful than solid Sensation of lump in throat, not relieved by swallowing Stitching pain in throat, extending to ears worse during deglutination Respiratory disorders
  35. 35. Coughing increases the desire to cough Cough is more at rest And less or nil during walking Dry, hollow, and spasmodic cough worse in evening with little expectoration There is desire to take deep breath Respiratory disorders modalities
  36. 36. Fever Fever paroxysm comes with marked periodicity Fever comes exactly at the same hour every day During chill - face is red with great thirst During heat – face is pale with no thirst Great yawning and stretching before attack of fever
  37. 37. GIT disorders: Ailment from: In women who are habitual coffee drinkers. Carriage riding Of a paralytic origin
  38. 38. GIT disorders Mouth  While talking or chewing bites inside of cheek.  Stitching pain in the palate, extending to ear  Toothache from drinking coffee or from tobacco smoking, sour test in mouth
  39. 39. GIT disorders Stomach characraristic symptoms:  Empty feeling in the pit of of stomach, not relieved by eating  Sinking in abdomen relived by taking deep breath  Sweat on face or on the tip of the nose on a small spot only while eating  Cramps in stomach  All gone sensation in stomach, with much flatulent and hicchough worse from touch, contact, jar and motion,  Flatulent colic with desire for stool felt in the epigastrium  Sour eructation
  40. 40. Character and sensation in constipation:  Excessive urge and desire for stool felt more in upper abdomen but there is great pain in rectum which compels the patient to refrain from going to closet Concomitant symptoms:  There may be prolapse of anus from moderate straining, lifting or stooping .  Prolepse of anus is more when the stool is loose
  41. 41. GIT disorders Haemorrhoids:  Piles protrude with every soft stool, not with hard stool  Sharp stitching pain in the anus which shoots up to rectum  Pain remains for hours after stool  pain in small circumscribed spot  Have to be replaced, ameliorated by walking
  42. 42. Try our group study of materia medica to learn 120+ homoeopathic remedies Continue reading…
  43. 43. Introduction to homoeopathic materia medica group study D E F I N I T I O N - S T U D Y O F A N U M B E R O F S I M I L A R H O M E O P A T H I C R E M E D I E S W H I C H P O S E S S I M I L A R S T R U C T U R E , P R O P E R T I E S A N D C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S C O N S I D E R E D T O G E T H E R R E L A T E D I N C E R T A I N G R O U P S L I K E A C I D G R O U P , M E T A L G R O U P , C A R B O N G R O U P E T C .
  44. 44. Why every homeopath must learn homoeopathic materia medica group study? Continue reading…
  45. 45.  Group study is one of the important and simplest way of study homoeopathic materia medica.
  46. 46.  By group study certain unknown aspects of remedies can be known to us or some known character tics can be explained and cleared in its details
  47. 47.  Group study is first step to understand each remedy in its entity
  48. 48.  The common traits and characteristics are studied together and can be applied as the group characteristics which are also found in the particular or one remedy from that group.
  49. 49.  Save lot of time and energy to remember and learn materia medica.
  50. 50.  It is always advantageous to learn particular group characteristics and structural elements of the group first and then study group members which can make learning procedure easy and fun and this will help you in easy understanding of similarities and differences between group members and other remedies(comparative study of materia medica).
  51. 51.  Various remedies from one group having common and similar characters and are studied together as one group.
  52. 52.  In group analysis we study basic constitution (mental and physical make up ) of remedies from that group as well as common tendencies and features of remedies of that group.
  53. 53.  Through group study its very easy to deduct the theme of the combination remedy which helps in prescription and finding of simmilimum and evaluation of drug.
  54. 54.  Personality profile is most important feature of group study and is derived from human interactions and behavior during normal health and sickness
  55. 55.  Group study is to get extract of all common characteristics of the remedies included under that group with common elements
  56. 56.  Materia medica is made or based on common origin or common sources and common important and main ingredients of those particular substances.
  57. 57. Important groups covered in homoeopathic materia medica Group study slide show presentation 1. Acid group 2. Ammonium group 3. Baryta group 4. Calcaria group 5. Carbon gropup 6. Ferrum group (iron) 7. Fish group 8. Halogen group 9. Magnesium group 10. Mercury group 11. Metal group 12. Ophidia group 13. Pottasium group (Kali) 14. Sodium group (Natrum) 15. Spider group
  58. 58. Plan and topics covered in homoeopathic materia medica Group study slide show presentation Groups Introduction Important drugs Sphere of action Constitution Mental generals General features Particular complaints Clinical application Remedy relationship Summery and revision Physical makeup Relation with heat and cold (thermal) Related Miasm General characteristic features Characteristics of discharges Characteristics of pains Desire Aversion General modalities
  59. 59. Click here to watch demo of materia medica group study slide show presentation.
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  61. 61. Remedy Relationship of ignatia Incompatible: Coff., Nux, Tab. The bad effects of Ign. are antidoted by Puls.
  62. 62. Ignatia bears the same relation to the diseases of women that Nux does to sanguine, bilious men. There are many more Ignatia persons in North America than Nux vomica persons - Hering. Remedy Relationship
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