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Cantharis vesicatoria homoeopathic materia medica slide show presentation by Dr.Hansraj salve


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Cantharis vesicatoria is todays drug to introduce for our beloved students. I hope you are enjoying my all sessions of joyous materia medica.
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This is unique worlds first slide show presentation project for homoeopathic materia medica. There is no such source in this whole internet web world to teach students in such simple and easy way.
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Cantharis vesicatoria homoeopathic materia medica slide show presentation by Dr.Hansraj salve

  1. 1. CANTHARIS VESICATORIA Homoeopathic materia medica slide show presentation by Dr.Hansraj salve Learn whole homoeopathic materia medica in new style with Dr.hansraj salve click on the link To start study And For daily new drug update visit to our Website -
  2. 2. CANTHARIS VESICATORIA Common name – Cantharis/ Spanish flies Family – cantharidaceae
  3. 3. Disgust for everything; drink, food, tabacco. Generalities
  4. 4. Drinking even small quantities of water increases pain in the bladder Constant urging to urinate, passing but a few drops at the time, which is mixed with blood Generalities
  5. 5. Intolerable urging, before, during and after urination; violent pains in bladder Burning, cutting pains in urethra during micturition Violent tenesmus and strangury Generalities
  6. 6. Raw, sore, burning pain in every part of the body, internally and externally with extreme weakness Generalities
  7. 7. Hemorrhages from nose, mouth, intestines, genital and urinary organs Generalities
  8. 8. Generalities Over sensitiveness of all parts
  9. 9. Bloody, nocturnal emission Sexual desire: increased both sexes; preventing sleep; Violent priapism, with excessive pain Generalities
  10. 10. Stool: passage of white or pale, red, tough mucus, like scrapings from the intestines, with streaks of blood Tenacious mucus in the air passages The burning pain and intolerable urging to urinate, is the red strand of Cantharis in all inflammatory affections Generalities
  11. 11. Skin: vesicular erysipelas; vesicles all over body which are sore and suppurating Generalities
  12. 12. Erythema from exposure to sun's rays (sunburn) Generalities
  13. 13. GIT disorder clinical terminologies Diarrhoea Dysentery
  14. 14. Dysentery Character and sensation: Before stool: Great urging for stool with violent colicky pain in the abdomen During stool: There is sever burning and cutting pain in anus After stool: After stoll colic is alleviated, but the tenesmus continues with great shuddering
  15. 15. Character of stool: White mucus like scraping in intestine Bloody mucus with streaks of blood or frank blood. Dysentery Character and sensation:
  16. 16. Dysentery associated with dysuria Dysentery Concomitant:
  17. 17. Genitourinary disorders clinical terminologies Acute or chronic nephritis
  18. 18. Renal colic Genitourinary disorders clinical terminologies
  19. 19. Urethritis Genitourinary disorders clinical terminologies
  20. 20. Gonorrhea Genitourinary disorders clinical terminologies
  21. 21. Genitourinary system disorder Character and sensation:
  22. 22. Violent pain with frequent urging to urinate. Cutting, lancinating, and stabbing pain as from knives, in neck of bladder. Pain shoot of in all directions. Suppression of urine, passes drop or two at a time Genitourinary system disorder Characters and sensation:
  23. 23. Burning and cutting pain in bladder with violent pain in urethra during micturation with violent tenesmus. Violent lancinating pain through kedneys and back. Sever and violent pain while passing urine so that the patient screams on passing every drops. Genitourinary system disorder Characters and sensation:
  24. 24. Bloody urine, comes drop by drop Urine scalds the passage Jelly like, shreddy urine. Genitourinary system disorder Characters of urine:
  25. 25. During urination From touch Drinking cold water and coffee By rubbing Warm application Aggravation: Amelioration: Genitourinary system disorder modalities:
  26. 26. Skin disorders clinical terminologies Cantharis is generally indicated in burns scalds and erysipelas
  27. 27. Skin disorders Character and sensation: Burning and raw sensation in affected area
  28. 28. Skin disorders Look of skin: Inflamed skin with bleb formation There is vesicular erysipelas with vesicles all over the body which are sore and suppurating
  29. 29. Skin disorders Character of pain: Severe burning pain with itching and smarting Cantharis can be used externally also in burns before the blister form and also when they have already form. If the skin is unbroken. Cantharidies will promptly relieve pains and often prevent vesication .
  30. 30. Skin disorders Modalities: Touch Rubbing Cold application Aggravation: Amelioration:
  31. 31. Remedy relationship Similar: to, Apis, Ars., Equis., Mer. Burns before blisters form and when they have formed In the skin be unbroken, apply an alcoholic solution of any potency and cover with cotton; this will promptly relieve pain and often prevent vesication If the skin be broken use in boiled or distilled water, and in each case give potency internally
  32. 32. Thank you for watching, visit our website for more tutorials. Dr.Hansraj salve (BHMS, MDPGD IN X-RAY AND USG TECHNIQUE). Contact no. +91 9404559535 +91 9404559597 91 9404559508 Website – Email – Homoeopathic materia medica slide show presentation by Dr.Hansraj salve