Introduction to Interaction Design


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Lecture slides from the Interaction Design Methods course, 26 January 2013, Tallinn University.

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Introduction to Interaction Design

  1. Introduction toInteraction DesignIFI7156 Interaction Design Methods
  2. (IxDA)
  3. “Interaction design refers tothe process that is arrangedwithin the existing resourceconstraints to create, shape,and decide all use-orientedqualities (structural, functional,ethical, and aesthetic) of adigital artifact for one or manyclients.” (Löwgren & Stolterman, 2007)
  4. problem solution
  5. A simple interaction design model Identify needs/ establish requirements (Re)Design Evaluate Build an interactive version Final product (Rogers, Sharp, & Preece, 2007)
  6. Research-based design process (Leinonen, Toikkanen, & Silfvast, 2008)
  7. This course Feedback Feedback Testing Feedback Testing the User Group Project Contextual Design Concept User Testing Paper Final blog idea inquiry Personas Scenarios session mapping stories task paper interface presentation prototypes prototypes prototypes 2 weeks 2 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeksJanuary 26 February 6 February 23 March 23 April 6 April 20 May 4 Group Assignments Individual Assignments
  8. A real life... Testing the UserContextual Design Concept User Testing Paper inquiry Personas Scenarios session mapping stories task paper interface prototypes prototypes prototypes
  9. The components of interaction design (Rogers, Sharp, & Preece, 2011)
  10. References• IxDA (n.d.). IxDA Mission. Retrieved from• Leinonen, T., Toikkanen, T., and Silfvast, K. 2008. Software as Hypothesis: Research- Based Design Methodology. In Proceedings of Participatory Design Conference 2008, Indiana University, Oct 1-4 2008.• Löwgren, J., & Stolterman, E. (2007). Thoughtful Interaction Design: A Design Perspective on Information Technology. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.• Rogers,Y., Sharp, H., & Preece, J. (2007). Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction (2nd ed.). Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons.
  11. Photos• Juhan Sonin,
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