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Racheal Interveiw


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Racheal Interveiw

  1. 1. When did you realise you comment on they have to deal with your potential? where you inspiration it I guess. comes from, Well when I was specially your fist Where did you get all younger, my dad gave album cover, your theses gnomes front, me my first fiddle, at brake through one what started this first I hated it, being that brought you the obsession of yours? forced to go to fame you now have. practices, but after a Do you have much Obsession is a good while when I started input? word for it, well when I learning being able to was younger my play my own music and When I was younger I grandma had lots and what I wanted to play, was more into the lots of gnomes, well it was quite enjoyable. artistic side of things, half of my collection is There is an only a and for a while I hers at one point, I certain amount of times thought I was going to used to go out into the you can play London go into that, afterwards garden and I always Bridge is burning down I thought no not really. used to look at the with out wanting to rip I have had a lot of gnomes and make up up the violin. input, I mean my first stories with them, from album cover was then I always love I can understand that, slightly embarrassing imagining the stories what were your early in its own way but at that could happen influences? the same time brought around them, I mean me to the forefront due they so expressive, Well I think my parents to its originality; my first after my Nan died I they had a idea of me album cover was of inherited all of hers and as this popular folk course me as a started from there. singer from a young gnome. But you know I age, they kind of spoon have always loved There’s a theme in fed me stuff like, gnomes. some of your songs Fairport convention about gnomes, and and all these other I heard a rumour your fairies and the magic things, but later on I passion is for you have at the started liking other gnomes. bottom of your bands and other music garden, of course festivals, like WOMAD, Passions a bit of empty along with, love, and started seeing word, to describe how depression, and war. other people, like Seth much I love gnomes, I Lakemen and other have at the moment … You can make up more types of acts that over 70 gnomes from of a song by making up maybe weren’t so around the globe. a world, with different traditional who had rules and creatures, different influences, So you have a some thing separated and also at school we collection of 70 to escape to. Of course had the rock stuff gnomes? I write songs about coming through, and themes that people can pop stuff like Rihanna, Over 70 gnomes and relate to like love and which surprisingly I err... I admit it’s a bit depression, but I want quite liked. embarrassing, you to add my own invited someone into uniqueness to what I So it’s a combination your home, and they do, the music industry of pop and rock. You see gnomes every would be boring if have had interesting where, but I love it so every artist was the album covers, can same, wouldn’t it?