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MMA clothing


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Welcome to Vicious Circle Clothing, a fight and street wear brand brought to you by dedicated international fighters and designers based in Bangkok, Thailand, the mecca of Muay Thai boxing, cultural home to a rich history and culture of fightsport.

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MMA clothing

  2. 2. Mixed Martial ArtsThe MMA clothes are made up of premium quality materialsthat are highly durable and offer great flexibility in wearing.They are designed by the highly skilled and experienced artistthat genuinely emphasize on the innovation and quality of theclothing. Many textile companies manufacture and supplyvarious brands of the MMA clothing including the shorts, T-shirts, gloves, kit bag, fight gear and equipment. The Mixed Martial Arts is very popular and traditional game ofThailand, and therefore its utilization keep on increasing day byday. The Mixed Martial Arts includes many disciplines thatinclude Amateur wrestling, Catch wrestling, Judo, Karate, andmany more.
  3. 3. The two main benefits of wearing the MMAclothes and apparel• To support the MMA tradition: Wearing the MMAclothing is really one of the best ways to support theMMA tradition and keep it alive in this presentgeneration. Generally, the people wear MMA clothingto show how they are passionate of many martial artgames. Many MMA fans love to wear MMA clothingto support their favorite MMA fighters in thecompetition match.• Enhance the flexibility: Beside its role to supportthe MMA tradition, it offers outstanding flexibility toMMA fighters during the time of the competition. It isvery important for the fighter to have the complete
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