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MMA clothing and apparel


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Welcome to Vicious Circle Clothing, a fight and street wear brand brought to you by dedicated international fighters and designers based in Bangkok, Thailand, the mecca of Muay Thai boxing, cultural home to a rich history and culture of fightsport.

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MMA clothing and apparel

  1. 1. Vicious Circle MMA Offer Superior Quality Fight ApparelsThailand is popular for its MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) events. Fight Sports isan integral part of their culture. Owing to this Martial Arts legacy, ViciousCircle MMA has become apparent in Thailand. They offer stylish superiorquality MMA clothing line to their customers. They make use of premiumclothing while manufacturing these MMA apparels. Vicious Circle is based inBangkok and is renowned for its unique assortment of MMA clothing. Theyoffer stylish and performance based fight sports apparels, fight gear andstreet wear to their customers.
  2. 2. Vicious Circle is dedicated to excellence. People in Thailand mostly prefer VCwhen they want to buy MMA clothes. MMA clothing and apparel that VCoffers include Training Jerseys, Shorts, Anklets, Gloves and Rash Guards.These apparels are made from UV resistant fabric. This helps to maintain aconstant temperature drying up the sweat. Their clothing line for women andgirls is quite famous owing to their creative designs. Performance is takeninto consideration while manufacturing these clothes. There is an escalateddemand for MMA clothes in the recent times.Thailand MMA web shop provides all sort of sports gear of all the leadingbrands. VC is one of these leading brands. This company has a greatinclination towards innovativeness. They take feedback from their customersfrequently. Based on these feedbacks and suggestions, VC continuously triesto provide improved products. It offers stylish and durable products. High
  3. 3. flexibility and ensured safety are yet another important features of theirproducts. These products are designed in a way to avoid any kind of seriousand deep injuries. You can get these best quality products at inexpensiverates and hence they are easily affordable.Vicious Circle gives great importance to quality, excellence, commitment,customer service and innovative spirit. Their skilled employees focus onoffering attention to every minute detail. Their specialist designers are wellaware of all sorts of fight sports and their requirements. So they designthese MMA clothes to add up to your comfort. Also these clothes arerequired to be sturdy.They MMA online store provides you with an extensive range of products.You can select any product according to your need and order it easily. It alsooffers a track order facility. This helps you to know in how much time youwould possibly receive the products you ordered. VC also offers freeshipping for all their merchandise. Vicious Circle MMA customers stayconnected through the BLOG of VC. This blog updates them with all the newrange of VC apparels and the upcoming sports events. VC also launches mixedmartial arts events on a regular basis. These events are a way to promotethese sports and also their products. Contact Us