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  • Leverage your customer potential.Create New Revenue streams.
  • Are you maximizing your income potential?Do you have more opportunities in your customer bases than you can exploit? Your delivery capacity is limited in relation to the projects your customers complete? Why not increase your service offerings thereby increasing the value of your customer base? ScanSaaS Affiliate Partner Program gives you the opportunity to do this. You as a consultant or business owner can expand your delivery capacity and create new business opportunities.
  • ScanSaaS in collaboration with the software house Gateway TechnoLabsprovides a uniqueopportunity to deliver IT solutions for leading technologiessuch as cloud, web, social media and mobile solutions.Gateway is a leading global provider of sourcing, while ScanSaaS is a local partner who is a specialist in these types oftechnologies. Togetherthecompaniesare offering solutions withtop quality. ScanSaaSwillprovide localpresence and contact withyou and yourcustomers. As an affiliate partner, youwin revenues as youprovide IT/Telecom solutionsworkingtogetherwithus in ScanSaaS GTL Affiliate Partner Program. You canfocus onsolution selling, and to generate new projectopportunities. We provideprojectdelivery in closecooperationwithyou as an Affiliate Partner.  
  • We are flexible on how you want to cooperate. Maybe you just want to share sales leads, or you will be working throughout the project. We have designed the program so you can decide this. You get access to our resources in the sales process to support you so that we together will create a business. You have access to marketing material and may use our logo in your marketing. If you engage to work in the projects, so you can use our project delivery infrastructure and monitor the progress.
  • Grasp thisopportunity. We at ScanSaaS knowthe Norwegian conditions and areexperts in the cloud, web, social media and mobile solutions. We provide local sales support at your opportunities. Gateway represents a formidable deliverybackbone withits 1,300 + employees, and has unique references via global IT deliveriesthrough 14 years. Join us to create success! 
  • ScanSaaS affiliate partner opportunity (EN)

    1. 1. PresentationAffiliate Partner Business OpportunityLeverage your customer potential Create new revenue streams
    2. 2. Are you maximizing your revenue opportunities?  Are you leaving money on the table at your customers due to lack of delivery capability and capacity for new business opportunities?  How about leveraging your customer life time value by expanding your service offering?  Create recurring income and cash flow streams from your customer base?  You as an entrepreneur, business, professional or executive  consider to take advantage and  exploit this opportunity?
    3. 3. ScanSaaS Affiliate Partner Program  Create leads and cooperate with ScanSaaS to deliver solutions  Gateway TechnoLabs – global sourcing partner  ScanSaaS local presence for Sales, project management and delivery co-ordination.  Global delivery – local presence  Get commission on leads, projects or customer you bring to partnership.  Focus on your solution selling  Create project and recurring income
    4. 4. ScanSaaS Affiliate Partner Program - levelsFlexibility of engagement  Pointing of leads  Taking us through the process till “board room”  Complete process participationAccess to recources Working with a proven, reliable and stable global company and helped by local leader. Support from both entities – customer retention and relationship maturity through us helping in each step of opportunity closure  Marketing material  Logo/Brands  CRM systems  Deliverey monitoring
    5. 5. ScanSaaS & Gateway Technolabs (GTL) Exploit The Sourcing opportunity. Local expertise in solution and application delivery Local sales support Global delivery capability Team up with us to create success Lets Have a look on GTL Capability
    6. 6. © Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd.
    7. 7. Gateway @ Glance Gateway TechnoLabs is a leading Global Sourcing and IT Services Company established in 1997, 14+ years of delivering value to our customers. Team: Global footprint in 13 countries supported by 1000+ brilliant engineers at 5 Development Centers in India, China and Romania Global Reach: We serve our clients in 30+ countries globally through Client Engagement Centers, Development Centers and Strategic PartnershipsBeyond Integrity Financial Stability: Financially stable since inception & grown solely based on internally generated funds Efficient Risk Management : Geographical spread, efficient treasury functions, technology and industry vertical diversity
    8. 8. Growth Path Grown to 70+ people 490+ people 1000+ ITEmployee Strength , Global expansion, New Service line 150+ people Professionals Joint New Service Investment Venture Merger with lines - New Service in Floqr With NINtec Ebosysy Print Media & Line-V & V BV in 2001 Publishing, Gaming Merger of NINtec 97-2001 02-2005 05-2008 08-2010 2011 Joint ventures Development 2 Development in Sweden & Centers Inception Geo Expansion: Centers @ Finland in Romania and Gandhinagar China Internet USA, UK, BPO - Solutions to Denmark & Sales Offices @ Printing and Expansion in Global market Netherlands Japan, Publication Middle East & South Africa houses Germany Year-to-Year Growth
    9. 9. Accreditations, Partnerships and Memberships CorpExcel National mSME GESIA Award Excellence Awards IT & ITES category Awarded "Best Software Company in Gujarat“ by 20,000 nominations, 12,671 GESIA* (Gujarat Electronics & shortlisted Parameters- Software Industries commitment & emphasis to Association) during quality excellence in businesses GESIA Awards 2008 Electronic and Computer Gujarat Electronics Gujarat Chamber ofSoftware Export & Software Commerce & Promotion Industries Industries (GCCI) Council Association (GESIA)
    10. 10. Global Presence Norway Sweden Denmark Finland Toronto UK The Netherlands NY Spain Germany Romania TX China Japan India South Africa Middle East 5% Japan & APAC 5% Other 2% Legend:Germany 8% Head Office and Offshore Development Center Development CenterNordic 12% USA & Client Servicing / Sales Offices Canada 38% Benelux 30% Geographical Distribution of Business
    11. 11. Why Outsourcing INDIA → GTL Outsourcing Services Destination India Why Outsourcing INDIA → GTL 5% 2% 2% Reduce Operating Costs 5% Focus on core business 5% 36% 13% Create a variable Cost Structure Increase Speed to Market 32% Improve Quality Conserve Capital
    12. 12. Why Outsourcing INDIA → GTL INDIA The Most Preferred Outsourcing Destination Source: McKinsey Report
    13. 13. Growth PathThe Netherlands: NINtec BV Finland: GTL Finland OY The Netherlands Finland In 2009-10, growth Going Forward factor was about 327% The Netherlands Finland In 2008-09 the growth In 2009-10, growth rate further increased to further risen to 390% 215%i The Netherlands Finland In 2007-08 the growth In 2008-09, in 2nd in second year itself was year growth of up to 136% 127%
    14. 14.  ApplicationService Portfolio Development, Sustenance and Migration  Search Engine  Internet & Emerging Optimization Technologies  Social Media  Cloud Computing Marketing  SaaS Enablement  PPC Campaign  BI/Analytics  Web Analytics Web IT Services  Data Warehousing Promotion  SOA / Web Services  Online Media Implementation  Graphics Media  Enterprise Mobility  Print Media Solution Multimedia Mobile Application  Animation  Mobile Application & Development Media Game development  Interactive  Porting & Migration Media Rich Internet  Cross Platform Application Development Independent  Independent Testing Testing Managed Technology Consulting  Managed Test Services Design & Development Center Modernization  Mobile Testing Testing  Game Testing Support &  Security Testing Maintenance  Server Management  Automated Testing  Network Management  Performance Testing  Security Management  Compatibility Testing  Desktop Management  Test Consultancy  Process Consulting, Audits & Reviews  Process  Proactive Monitoring & Incident Implementation Management  Training Workshops
    15. 15. Industry Practices • Provider Segment EMR | PPMS | System Integration | Standard compliance | Healthcare • Payer Segment Business Process Application Development & Management • iGaming 2D/3D Art Assets Design | Platform /Framework Creation | Gaming • Casual Games Game Programming | Back Office Support | Portal • Social Game Development, | 3rd Party System/Solution integration • Print & Digital Media eReaders | ePaper | Publishing Apps for iOS | Dynamic Print & Publishing • Publications House Reading Solutions | Cross Media Content | Multimedia • Product Packaging Design Services | Image Processing • OEMs Intelligent Apps and solutions | Supply Chain Automotive • Car Leasing Companies Management | Enterprise Mobility and Transformation • Automobile Services • Retail & Wholesale Banks Financial planning | Policy Management | Asset Banking & Finance • Stock Brokerage Management | Information Dissemination Solution • Financial Institutions • Industrial manufacturer ERP | n-Tier Applications for complex business policies Manufacturing & • Construction | Legacy Migration & Maintenance Services Engineering • Pharmaceuticals • Retailer Integrated Retail Management Application | SCM | POS | Retail & Distribution • Distributors B2B/B2C Portals | SaaS Enablement | Enterprise Mobility • Logistic Service Provider Solutions
    16. 16. Delivery ModelsAs most of the companies today adopt a global sourcing strategy, business and IT leadersmust focus on effectively managing the transition from staff augmentation to a strategicpartner approach Strategic Partnership Global Delivery Offshore Delivery Model Hybrid Delivery Model • Setting up Client’s INCCREASING BUSINESS VALUE Model • Most successful dedicated Onsite/Near Shore • Resources atComplete Risk Mitigation outsourcing model Delivery Model development • Onsite-Offshore Offshore • Highly Integrated location, working center/ offsite Create a Virtual Team- • Resources at/near resource teams Extension of your own client Location Augmentation with Client • Offshore delivery center Team • Repetitive and remotely development • Blend alternate • 20-30% work is Reduced Business & open-ended • Communication on centers spread out channels of service Operational Risks project scope done at onsite, rest regular basis across the entire delivery to create • Demand for direct • Well planned globe at offshore location a highly adaptive Higher Returns On and continuous project and clear • Extension of Investments • Project Based Time understanding of model interaction Customer team & Material and /or • Headcount on- client’s needs into a lower cost • Quality & cost of Lowered Total Cost of fixed bid demand • Cost advantage talent pool engagement Ownership • Quality & Cost of • Quality & Cost of • Quality & Cost of • Quality & Cost of Resources Assured assured Resources Assured Resources Assured Resources Assured Meeting Short-term Resource Demand SHORT TERM MID TERM LONG TERM
    17. 17. Global Offices Ahmedabad, India GandhiNagar, India China The Netherlands Romania Floqr, The Netherlands Finland Sweden Sweden Floqr, The Netherlands Japan
    18. 18. ScanSaaS Affiliate Program Call for Action Exploit The Sourcing opportunity. Sign up now! Visit Team up with us to create success Contacts: 922 19 765