Ten steps to 10 kg weight loss over 10 weeks


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This is presentation outlining ten steps to lose 10 kg over ten weeks. Coach Hansie shows how to lose weight and to remain healthy at the same time. You need to adjust your attitude as well to be effective in weight loss. Sometimes products like Herbalife can assist you in your effort to lose the weight. It is not easy if you do not belief in yourself and your ability to lose weight. Very often you have tried all sorts of diets before and will find it difficult if not impossible to belief that you can succeed. Coach Hansie puts you on a four day plan and makes sure that you lose weight in those four days. There is a surprise bonus at the end of the presentation. There is an audiotrack for this presentation and you could listen to that.

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Ten steps to 10 kg weight loss over 10 weeks

  1. 1. Ten steps to lose ten kg in ten weeks Coach Hansie coachhansie@gmail.com
  2. 2. Overview ➲ It is quite possible to lose 10 kg in ten weeks. It is possible to lose more than that, but that will re- quire extreme dedication. ➲ Changing your eating patterns and your life ● Take control over the desires of the body ● It is important that you identify the reasons why you want to lose the weight. ● It is also vital to start changing your life to enable good weight loss. This includes changing your thinking.
  3. 3. Long-term goal ➲ the goal is to teach you to do the steps to enable you to lose 10 kg in ten weeks ➲ Outlining the ten steps ● Create belief by starting a four day plan ● Create discipline in eating and drinking ● Start an exercise plan; choose healthy lifestyle ● Get accountability partner or group ● Increase your protein intake ● Decrease your carbohydrates ● Eat healthy fats ● Clarify your reasons … why? ● Get to know your facts … body and food facts ● What is your long term goal?
  4. 4. Your Present Situation ➲ You are more than 10 kg over your ideal weight ➲ Calculate your ideal weight ● Easy calc … take your length in centimeters ,,, e.g. 162 cm. Take the 1 away and the weight should be 62 kg. ● Get the relevant tables to read your weight ● Calculate the difference between ideal and current ● Set a plan to lose a portion of this weight … ● Cravings and eating the foods that make you or keep you fat ● You have tried many things before and it did not work for you properly
  5. 5. Reasons for your current situation ➲ Emotions not sorted out ➲ Medical reasons including accidents and inactivity after- wards ➲ Lack of belief ➲ Lack of knowledge ➲ Lack of accountability ➲ Denial of current situation and the impact of that in your life ➲ Unwillingness to change ➲ False reasons and excuses in your head
  6. 6. Potential Alternatives ➲ You could continue as you are or you could implement the ten steps ➲ Advantages of staying as you are … what are those? ➲ Advantages of changing ? ➲ ➲ To support 10 kg of extra weight costs money every week ➲ To change your eating plan and to have a coach or a group will cost you money ● It will also cost you a change of habits and thinking
  7. 7. Recommendation: get your free interview ➲ The strategy I recommend is to understand and implement the ten steps ➲ If you work hard you could lose 10 kg in ten weeks ➲ You will feel great and look better; you will have more energy ➲ Your next step is to request a free 15 minute interview with us … email coachhansie@gmail.com and request your interview ➲ I want to see a thinner and healthier you. The choice is up to you!