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  • HOM speakers tips:Remember, you don’t need to train on the HOM slides, briefly go over them – the emphasis are on the result stories and also special guest(s)
  • Operations in 70 countries – which means that these countries approved HBL products to be safe to distribute in their country and the business to be legal.
  • Core Nutrition = Foundation of balanced nutrition based on Formula 1, Formula 2, Fibre & HerbTargeted NutritionProgrammes can be personalised to suit each individual’s needs
  • Remember, you don’t have time to explain the marketing plan in detail. Only the basics is necessary:Flowing from previous slide:……you will qualify for a 25% discount level which means for every R1000 of products you sell, you receive R250 profit. This is the first stream of income called Retail Profit.You may move up a sliding scale to the Success Builder (42%) position, where you now receive R420 for the same R1000 of products you sell,The ultimate place to be, is in the Supervisor position, where you receive 50% discount – which means for the same amount of time and effort, you now earn R500.Second stream of income is called Wholesale profit. When you recruit someone into your business, that person also starts at the 25% discount level. If you remain on the 25% discount, you don’t receive any wholesale profit, as 25% - 25% = 0%However, if you move up the sliding scale, you then earn wholesale profit between 8 – 25% calculated on the difference between your discount level and the 25% of your new distributor’s level.eg If you move up to Success Builder position, you are on the 42% discount level.you will receive the difference between your 42% and your new distributor’s 25% which is 17%and if you are a Supervisor at 50%, you will receive the difference which is 25%.The third stream of income is called Sales Premium (royalties). This is what we call the ‘forever’ money.When your distributor also reaches the Supervisor position – 50% discount level, your wholesale profit falls away, as your 50% - your distributor’s 50% = 0%HBL will now pay you 5% Sales premium on you distributor’s total turnover, for 3 levels deep and Infinitely wide.There are other streams of income, such as higher Sales Premium % and Bonuses, also Free Vacationswhich we won’t discuss at this point.
  • Ask a new distributor (last 6 months) for a recent opinion they encountered about HerbalifeBe confident that what ever they say – you have the answer, by emphasizing each fact in detail
  • Professor Heber is also a world renowned nutritionist
  • Gideon lost 37 kg’s all health issues cleared upLené Jooste – lost 20kg’s, skin improved dramatically, aches & pains disappearedNorval – cyclist, top squash player, Susara lost 8kg’s and all health issues cleared upChantelle gained healthy weight, healthy pregnancy, healthy 3.7kg baby and healthy weight!
  • According to their map = 20-30% of the adults in SA are obese, excluding children who are also at risk.
  • According to the SA Medical Council, more than half of South-Africans currently dying of chronic diseases are doing so before age 65Diabetes - deaths expected to increase by more than 50% worldwide in next 10 years
  • Drug companies make so much money because they are treating the symptoms of lifestyle diseases instead of addressing people’s lifestyle.Good nutrition can play a big part in addressing these issues…so, You can control your health…
  • In South-Africa – the calorie and fat consumption increased with 12% between 1962 – 2001 (40 years)Although all of us know by now that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…yet, how many people simply don’t eat breakfast, or rush of with just a toast and coffee?
  • While they should be getting an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise most days of the week, kids are now spending this time (and more!) on sedentary activities.
  • While they should be getting an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise most days of the week, kids are now spending this time (and more!) on sedentary activities.
  • Our bodies work on the same principle as a car. When you give your car diesel when it’s suppose to have unleaded fuel – your car will seize!So, as a result of Imbalanced nutrition and lifestyle choices:Our bodies now suffer from excess of Sugar, Salt…etc. Deficiencies in what our body really needs, such as Protein……..etc.To reach Balanced Nutrition you have to decrease the excess by giving your body what it needs….HOW DO YOU DO THAT>
  • First of all – with the help of Herbalife’s Intelligent Nutrition… trusted for 29 years now
  • Clinical Studies now completed!
  • HBL helps you to manage your weight – and look great!You can Lose weight, Gain weight or simply maintain a healthy weight – with Herbalife’s fantastic Weight management program.You will discover:Healthy snacksLow-calorie hot or cold drinksCarefully selected herb and fibre products..All to help build your healthy nutrition habit – and it only takes 21 days to do that!
  • Dietary changes,Headaches & Constipation: Milk & too little water Bloatedness: Milk & too much air in the shake from liquidiser Nausea: Taking tablets on an empty stomach Diarrhea: Milk
  • Balanced Nutrition:Starting with the Core Nutrition, then add other nutrition products to support a healthy bodyMake sure you opt for healthy food choicesWater:For every 10kg’s you weight, you have to drink 1 glass of water. Eg. Woman weighing 70kg’s need to drink 7 glasses of water…Exercise:Health benefits from exercise are endless:Promotes strong bones and musclesReduces Stress – releases endorphins in the body which create feelings of relaxation and wellbeing – A Brisk walk or quick workout could be just the thing to calm you after a stressful dayBurning more calories are key to losing and maintaining your weight
  • Jhb sts december 09

    1. 1. Pre Meeting<br />Setup the day<br />Know the next event and<br />upcoming promotions<br />Energy and packaging your story<br />Choose HOM speakers<br />
    2. 2. How to package your story<br />Hi my name is____ ,from____my background is<br />Before Herbalife I was overweight, tired and stressed out.<br />I got onto the products and in my first week lost 2kgs, had lots more energy and as a bonus to date I have lost 10kgs and I feel fantastic.<br />I started the business very part time and in my first month made R2000 and now 6 months later, last month I made R6000 profit which is as much as my full time income in my job.Thanks Herbalife.<br />
    3. 3. WELCOME to Herbalife Opportunity Meeting<br />
    4. 4. MARK HUGHES<br />Founder of Herbalife<br />Mother died tragically at age 36<br />He was only 18 years old<br />He vowed to dedicate his life to help people manage their weight safely<br />Mark started Herbalife in 1980 at age 22<br />
    5. 5. HERBALIFE Today<br />30years in business & nutritional experience<br />Operations in 73 countries<br />Millions satisfied customers worldwide<br />$3.8 billion retail sales in 2008<br />Listed on the NYSE<br />
    6. 6. HERBALIFE Today<br />Member of the Direct Selling Association(DSA)<br />Sports sponsorship and brand visibility<br />Official nutritional sponsors of <br /> Inter Milan & LA Galaxy soccer teams<br />
    7. 7. CEO – Michael O. Johnson<br />17 years with the Disney Corporation; 4 years as President<br /> Market Watch Readers choice CEO of the year, 2005<br /> Accomplished tri-athlete<br />
    8. 8. Nutrition Advisory Board<br />70 Doctors, Scientists & Nutritional experts on Herbalife’s Nutrition Advisory Board<br />Professor David Heber (M.D., Ph.D) <br />Chairman of Scientific and Nutrition Advisory Boards, <br />Director, Center for Human Nutrition, UCLA<br />Dr. Luigi Gratton (M.P.H)<br />Vice President, Medical Affairs and Nutrition Education<br />Dr. Louis Ignarro (Ph.D)<br />1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine for his research in Nitric Oxide <br />
    9. 9. Past and Predicted Growth<br />$5 Billion<br />2010<br />3.8B<br />3.5B<br />US $<br />3.0B<br />2.5B<br />2.2B<br />1.0B<br />2M<br />23,000<br />MONTH1<br />Predicted Growth<br />
    10. 10. It’s all about the Products…<br />CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />Herbalife<br />deliversresults<br />
    11. 11. Why HERBALIFE?<br />Because we are committed to empoweringyou to live a healthier, financially better life…<br />Industry-leading compensation plan <br /><ul><li>73% goes back to the distributors</li></ul>Healthy, science-based consumable products<br /><ul><li>Only available throughIndependent Herbalife Distributors
    12. 12. Approved in 72countries</li></li></ul><li>Why HERBALIFE?<br />World-class company with visionary leadership<br /><ul><li>29 years and expanding to more countries
    13. 13. 1.9 million distributors and growing</li></ul>Step-by-step training programmes<br /><ul><li>Support systems
    14. 14. Business tools</li></li></ul><li>How to register<br />Purchase an International Business Pack (IBP)<br />
    15. 15. Marketing Plan<br />Supervisor<br />Sales: R1000<br />Profit: R500<br />2. Wholesale: 8% - 25%<br />50%<br />3. Sales Premium: 5%<br />42%<br />SuccessBuilder<br />Sales: R1000<br />Profit: R420<br />Infinitely<br />Wide<br />50%<br />35%<br />5%<br />50%<br />Distributor<br />0%<br />3 Levels Deep<br />25%<br />25%<br />25%<br />50%<br />1. RetailProfit: 25% - 50%<br />Supervisor<br />8% - 25%<br />Qualified Producer<br />7% - 17%<br />Distributor<br />Sales: R1000<br />Profit: R250<br />
    16. 16. Proven success stories with over 1.9 million<br />Independent Distributors in 72 countries …<br />Herbalife delivers results<br />We share ours with you…<br />
    17. 17. Your Next Steps…<br />Contact the person who invited you<br />Purchase the International Business Pack (IBP)<br />Attend the next Success Training Seminar (STS)<br /><ul><li>Product Training
    18. 18. Effective Retailing & Customer care
    19. 19. Marketing Plan
    20. 20. Recruiting and Building a Business</li></li></ul><li>If I can do it…<br />“Your success is<br /> only limited by your<br />own imagination and<br /> your hard work.”<br />…MARK HUGHES…<br />
    21. 21. PART 1 Training<br />
    22. 22. In the Market Place<br /><ul><li>People make decisions based on:
    23. 23. 90% Opinion
    24. 24. 10% Facts
    25. 25. How to respond to opinions:</li></ul>“I don’t know about that, all I know is …..……”<br />
    26. 26. HERBALIFE Facts<br />Mark Hughes story<br />29 years in business & nutritional experience<br />Operations in 72 countries<br />
    27. 27. HERBALIFE Facts<br />3.8B<br />$3.8 billion retail sales in 2008<br />CEO – Michael ‘O Johnson<br />17 years with the Disney Corporation; 4 years as President<br />Market Watch Readers choice CEO of 2005<br />Accomplished tri-athlete<br />3.5B<br />3.0B<br />US $<br />2.5B<br />2.2B<br />1.0B<br />2M<br />23,000<br />
    28. 28. HERBALIFE Facts<br />70 Doctors, Scientists & Nutritional experts on Herbalife’s Nutrition Advisory Board<br />Professor David Heber (M.D., Ph.D) <br />Chairman of Scientific and Nutrition Advisory Boards, <br />Director, Center for Human Nutrition, UCLA<br />Dr. Luigi Gratton (M.P.H)<br />Vice President, Medical Affairs and Nutrition Education<br />Dr. Louis Ignarro (Ph.D)<br />1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine for his research in Nitric Oxide <br />
    29. 29. HERBALIFE Facts<br />Listed on the NYSE<br />Member of the Direct Selling Association(DSA)<br />Sports sponsorship and brand visibility<br />Official Nutritional sponsors of Inter Milan & LA Galaxy soccer teams<br />
    30. 30. HERBALIFE Facts<br />Millions satisfied customers worldwide<br />Testimonials – yours & others…<br />Gideon -<br />Lost weight<br />Sports results<br />Norval – <br />cyclist, squash<br /> Lené -<br />Lost weight, Skin improved<br />Happy lost 40kg<br />Chantelle – gained weight, pregnancy, healthy baby<br />
    31. 31. General laws about food<br /><ul><li>Mega-Dosage</li></ul>If there is too much of any one ingredient, our products would notbe approved by the MCC (Medical Control Council) of 72 countries;<br />RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) ensures you consume the correct balance of each ingredient<br /><ul><li>Labeling Laws</li></ul>If there is any reason why you may not use the Herbalife products,<br />it would have to say so on the label, by law.<br />No warnings, only notices - where applicable<br />Herbalife products are governed and authorized <br />by the MCC of each country<br />
    32. 32. Your Body<br />114 Nutrients - in Balance every day<br />NEED<br />100 Trillions<br /> different cells<br />What happens if your body don’t get what it needs…<br />
    33. 33. World Health Organization report 2005<br /><ul><li>More than 1.6 billion adults are overweight, 400 million obese
    34. 34. By 2015 approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight,700 million obese</li></ul>Obese adults in population %<br />30 – 40%<br />20 – 30%<br />10 – 20%<br />5 – 10%<br />0 – 5%<br />No data<br />WHO map 2005<br />
    35. 35. World Health Organization report 2005<br /><ul><li>Cardiovascular disease (mainly heart disease and stroke)is the world’s number one cause of death
    36. 36. Diabetes has rapidly become a globalepidemic
    37. 37. Muscular & skeletal disorders – especially Osteoarthritis
    38. 38. Certain Cancers (colon, endometrial, breast and prostate)</li></ul>The fundamental cause of obesity and overweight is an energy IMBALANCEbetween calories consumed and calories expended<br />
    39. 39. Lifestyle Diseases (Sickness Industry)<br />70 % of doctor’s visits are diet and nutrition related:<br /><ul><li>Fatigue (no 1 complaint)
    40. 40. Mood swings
    41. 41. Headaches (Migraines)
    42. 42. Digestive problems
    43. 43. Restless sleeping
    44. 44. Loss of concentration
    45. 45. Depression
    46. 46. Alzheimer’s disease
    47. 47. Etc.</li></li></ul><li> What causes Imbalance?<br />OUR FOOD TODAY:<br /><ul><li>Greater availability of foods and snacksthat are high in fat and sugar
    48. 48. Promotional pressure to consume more
    49. 49. Larger food portions - more calories, less nutrition value
    50. 50. Food selection - eating a too limitedrange of different food groups
    51. 51. Lack of time and willingness to preparea balanced meal</li></li></ul><li> What causes Imbalance?<br /><ul><li>Poor lifestyle habits:</li></ul>Overwork<br />Stress<br />Smoking, Alcohol, Caffeine<br /><ul><li>Inactivity: </li></ul>Lack of time and willingness to engage<br />in any type of exercise<br />Children eat more and are less active<br />
    52. 52. What causes Imbalance?<br />OTHER FACTORS THAT DEPLETE NUTRIENTS:<br /><ul><li>Microwave – and over cooking
    53. 53. Artificial Ripening, Cold Food storage
    54. 54. Hormones & Antibiotics
    55. 55. Crop nutrient losses
    56. 56. Pesticides sprayed on crops
    57. 57. Pollution</li></ul>?<br />?<br />This is why we have ? in our food today…<br />
    58. 58. What is Balanced Nutrition?<br /><ul><li> Sugar
    59. 59. Salt
    60. 60. Alcohol
    61. 61. Tobacco
    62. 62. Fats
    63. 63. Chemicals
    64. 64. Pesticides
    65. 65. Artificial ripening
    66. 66. Artificial Colors
    67. 67. Preservatives
    68. 68. Pollution
    69. 69. Hormones
    70. 70. Protein
    71. 71. Vegetable Protein
    72. 72. Vitamins
    73. 73. Minerals
    74. 74. Micronutrients
    75. 75. Fibre
    76. 76. Water
    77. 77. Amino Acids
    78. 78. Complex Carbs
    79. 79. Botanical Factors</li></li></ul><li>HERBALIFE SCIENCE<br />UCLA<br />Herbalife <br />Product and Science Center<br />Luigi Gratton<br />(M.P.H)<br />Dr. Steve Henig<br />(Ph.D)<br />Dr. Lou Ignarro<br />(Ph.D)<br />Prof David Heber(M.D., Ph.D)<br />
    80. 80. Herbalife Intelligent Nutrition<br />WELLNESS INDUSTRY<br />Core Nutrition<br />Herbalife’s foundation of balanced nutrition is based<br />on Formula 1, Formula 2, <br />Fibre & Herb<br />Targeted Nutrition<br />Products designed tozoom in on your specific health support needs<br />
    81. 81. The Core of Balanced Nutrition<br />+<br />+<br />=<br />Balanced<br />Nutrition<br />Everyday <br />Formula 2<br />Essential Vitamins and Minerals<br />Formula 1<br />Healthy Meal<br />Fibre & Herb<br />Optimises Digestive Health<br />
    82. 82. Core Nutrition Products<br /> Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix<br />Rich in key Vitamins and Minerals<br />Healthy Soy Protein – maintain healthy cholesterol levels<br />Delicious meal replacement<br />The SHAKE is simply “food”<br />Herbalife meal<br />High in Nutrition<br />Low in Calories<br />Average meal<br />Low in Nutrition<br />High in Calories and fat<br />
    83. 83. Core Nutrition Products<br /> Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex<br />Provides over 20 Vitamins & Minerals<br />Antioxidant Vitamins C & E – help protect body cells<br />Zinc to help support a healthy immune system<br />B-Vitamins to help support energy metabolism<br /> Fibre & Herb<br />Cleanses the small intestine<br />Aids in better absorption of nutrition<br />Assists with the elimination of waste and toxins<br />
    84. 84.
    85. 85. These products provide a healthy, satisfying alternativefor modern, fast-food lifestyles. <br />Together with the Core Products can help you toLose weight, Gain weight or simply Maintain a healthy weight…<br />CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br /> Thermo Complete <br />Vitality & energy boost <br />Control cravings, hunger pangs & appetite<br /> Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate<br />Energy booster<br />Naturally boost your metabolismand burns unwanted calories<br />
    86. 86. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br /> Herbal Aloe Concentrate<br />Soothes the digestive system<br />Assists the natural self cleansing action of the body<br />Gentle, soothing and calming qualities<br /> CellActivator<br />Provides energy at cellular level<br />Optimises absorption of nutrients<br />
    87. 87. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br /> Lipo Bond<br />Reduces the appearance of dimpled skin<br />Acts as a natural diuretic by eliminating excess water <br />Known as the “Centimeter Eater”<br />Curbs your desire to snack<br />Maintains the body's process of eliminating dietary fats <br />Known as “Cheaters Delight”<br /> Herbal Complex<br />
    88. 88. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />Formula 3 <br />Personalised Protein Powder<br />Healthy Protein Bar<br />Healthy, guilt free snacking<br />10g of protein per bar<br />Delicious tasting bars wrapped in Belgian Chocolate<br />Vanilla Almond,<br />Chocolate Peanut, <br />Citrus Lemon<br />Increase protein intake without extra fat or calories<br />Helps you feel fuller for longer<br />Build lean body mass<br />Add to F1 Shake,sauces, soups, gravies<br />
    89. 89. Remember to drink lots of WATER! (6-8 glasses per day)<br />
    90. 90.
    91. 91. Our world-class products are making a difference toworld-class sports professionals…<br />CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />FUEL<br />RE-FUEL<br />REPAIR<br />RECOVERY<br />ENHANCERS<br />2008<br />Olympic<br />Gold<br />Canoe<br />medalist<br />
    92. 92. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br /> H3O Pro Isotonic Drink<br />Works on the concept of HEAT<br />H – Hydration<br />E – Energy & Stamina<br />A – Absorption & Anti Oxidant protection<br />T – Taste<br /> Liftoff <br />Low calorie effervescent drink<br />Provides energy anytime, anywhere<br />Provides 100% RDA of B & C - Vitamins<br />
    93. 93. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br /> NRG Guarana Beverage<br />Enhance performance & provides an invigorating lift<br />Improve concentration & mental alertness<br /> Niteworks<br />Promotes Nitric Oxide which controls blood circulation ensuring our arteries are nourished <br />Assists in promoting blood vessel tone and circulation<br />
    94. 94. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br /> RoseOx<br />Powerful herbal antioxidant capable of disabling free radicals<br /> Joint Support<br />Herbalifeline<br />Cell Activator<br />Protein Bars<br />Protein Powder<br />Enhances flexibility <br />Promotes healthy joints and muscles<br />Thermojetics<br />Complimentary products to help attain peak performance:<br />
    95. 95.
    96. 96. Whether you’re in your 20s, 40s or 60s, you need to takecare of your cardiovascular health. <br />HEALTHY HEARTproducts help put the power of heart health in your hands, with…<br />CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br /> Niteworks<br /> Herbalifeline<br />Provides Omega-3 EFT's (Essential Fatty Acids)<br />Maintains healthy cholesterol<br />Healthy heart and brain<br />Exclusively endorsed by Dr Ignarro -1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine <br />Ensure our arteries are nourished<br />
    97. 97. Problems like heartburn, indigestion and constipationare annoying, don’t you agree?<br />DIGESTIVE HEALTH products support healthy digestion and elimination of wastes helping to ensure your internal system runs smoothly every day, with…<br />CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />Lipo Bond<br />Herbal Aloe<br />
    98. 98. Growing older is inevitable - but feeling old isn't! <br />HEALTHY AGEING products can help keep you lookingand feeling great no matter what your age!<br />CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />Niteworks<br />Joint Support<br />Herbal Aloe<br />Both are 80 years old…<br />RoseOx<br />Herbalifeline<br />
    99. 99. Too much stress, a poor diet or too little sleep canundermine immunity, leaving you susceptible to coldsand infection.<br />IMMUNE HEALTH products help keep your defenses strong all year round, with…<br />CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />RoseOx<br />
    100. 100. The demands of work and family and the stress of modernlife can compromise your health. <br />MEN AND WOMEN HEALTH products include herbs and nutrients to enjoy health at every age…<br />CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br /> Tang Kuei <br />HerbalComplex<br />Joint Support<br />Assists in balancing body’s systems<br />Calming & acts as a muscle relaxant<br />RoseOx<br />Herbal Aloe<br />Herbalifeline<br />Cell Activator<br />
    101. 101. Guidelines for Children<br />Kids under 12yrs<br />Infants 1 teaspoon of Shake<br />Older kids - half of adult serving of Shake<br />Add some Aloe to water<br /> <br />Kids 12yrs & up<br />Adult servings<br />
    102. 102. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />
    103. 103. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />NouriFusion®<br />Unique multivitamin formula – <br />Vitamins A, C & E (ACE for your face) <br />to nourish your skin<br />Exfoliating Scrub<br />Cleanser Toner Moisturiser<br />Normal to Dry / Normal to Oily<br />Clarifying Mask<br />Night Cream<br />Moisture Mask<br />Eye Cream<br />Eye Gel<br />
    104. 104. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />Radiant C®<br />Healthy, glowing skin<br />Refreshing skin care infused with <br />vitamins and SPF15<br />Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser<br />Skin Gel Booster<br />Body Lotion SPF15<br />Face Quencher<br />
    105. 105. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />Skin Activator®<br />Anti-Ageing, rejuvenation skin renewal formula for younger looking skin<br />Day Lotion<br />(SPF15)<br />Décolletage Cream<br />Lip Refiner<br />(SPF15)<br />Eye Cream<br />Nighttime<br />Replenishing Cream<br />
    106. 106. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />Body Buffing & Contouring Cream<br />Exfoliates, softens and smoothes skin for improved texture and tone<br />
    107. 107. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />Herbal Aloe®<br />Enjoy the soothing benefits of Aloe Vera<br />for body, hair & skin<br />
    108. 108. CORE<br />NUTRITION<br />Formula 1<br />Formula 2<br />Fibre & Herb<br />Fragrances for Him & Her<br /> Heart Soul<br /> Woman Man<br />
    109. 109. 6 Tips to support a healthy, active lifestyle<br />Cut back<br />or avoid<br />Balanced<br />Healthy food choices<br />WATER<br />Nutrition<br />+<br />
    110. 110. Remember you have the Facts, the rest have an opinion<br />Mark Hughes story<br />29 years in business<br />72 countries<br />70 Doctors, Scientists & Nutritional experts<br />Cutting edge nutritional products & supplements<br />It’s all about the stories - yours & others…<br />
    111. 111. Your Next Steps…<br />Contact the person who invited you<br />Purchase an International Business Pack (IBP)<br />Attend the next Success Training Seminar (STS)<br /><ul><li>Product Training
    112. 112. Effective Retailing & Customer care
    113. 113. Marketing Plan
    114. 114. Recruiting and Building a Business</li></li></ul><li>If I can do it…<br />“Your success is<br /> only limited by your<br />own imagination and<br /> your hard work.”<br />…MARK HUGHES…<br />
    115. 115. Effective Retailing<br />
    116. 116. Why do we need to Retail?<br />ConsumptionUsing the products is the key to your success<br />Confidence<br />Consistency<br />Volume PointsProducts into the marketplace produces volume points<br />CashflowImmediate cashflow in your pocket<br />
    117. 117. Cashflow<br />
    118. 118. Retail Success<br />Use the products<br />When you begin using the products, the results youachieve make you a “product of the products”<br />Visible results makes it easier to share your story<br />
    119. 119. Retail Success<br />Package Your Story<br />Share your success story and inspireothers to change their lives…<br />Hi my nameis………. From…… My backgroundis……<br />Before Herbalife I was overweight, tired and stressed.<br />I started the products and in my first week lost 2kgs, had lots more energy and as a bonus to date I have lost 10kgs.<br />I feel fantastic!<br />
    120. 120. Retail Success<br />Wear the ‘Button’<br />Create interest in the market place<br />Talk to People<br />Present the Herbalife products<br />
    121. 121. 7 Strategies for Retail<br />Retail Set up & Tool Kit<br />Generate Leads<br />Retail Menu (Daily Method of Operation)<br />The Presentation & The Sale<br />Follow Up & Customer Education <br />90 Day Plan of Action<br />Tracking & Gauges<br />
    122. 122. 1. Retail Set Up & Tool Kit<br />Collect Testimonials: Yours & OthersHOM’s, PYP, Literature, Websites<br />Presentation Folder<br />PYP DVD- 58 Testimonials- Product Training<br />Weight-loss Retail Booklet<br />Product Brochure<br />Retail Script<br />Products (stock on hand)<br />
    123. 123. Presentation Folder Flow<br />Mark Hughes story<br />Herbalife management & doctors<br />Product Testimonials<br />Pictures of the products<br />Marketing Plan diagram<br />Business Testimonials<br />Training methods – STS / Supervisor Schools<br />IBP Picture<br />
    124. 124. 2. Lead Generation<br />‘Warm Market’ - List your COI: Who do you know..? <br />Weight<br />Skin<br />Vitality<br />Health<br />Sports<br />Etc.<br />- Family<br />- Friends<br />- Colleagues<br />- Neighbour<br />- Hairdresser<br />- School Teachers<br />- Gym contacts<br />- Estate Agent…etc<br />Don’t Prejudge!<br />Talk to them first…<br />before someone<br />else does!<br />
    125. 125. 2. Lead Generation<br />‘Cold Market’ - People you don’t know… <br />Public awareness:<br />- Clothing, Button, Shaker, Water Bottle,- Carry business cards, before/after photos- Keep product samples handy<br />Car Adverts<br />Newspaper Adverts<br />Faxes<br />Hot pockets<br />Flyers<br />The Internet – Google ads<br />
    126. 126. Understanding Numbers<br />10-2 Speak to 10, 2 sales<br />10-15 Leads daily = 250-300 leads pm<br />5 x Presentations daily = 100x Presentations pm<br />20-25 New Customers pm<br />240 Customers per annum<br />If you speak to 10 and 2 buy you make R700 (R350x2)<br />You make R70 for every person you speak to<br />Yes & No mean the same thing<br />Only 20% of people you speak to, will buy<br />You need the 8 No’s to get 2 x Yes’s<br />Understand this concept, you succeed<br />
    127. 127. 3. Retail Menu (DMO)<br />Shake / Office Parties<br />Wellness / Weight-Loss PresentationsOne-on-One / Telephone / Email<br />Healthy Breakfasts<br />Weight-Loss Challenge<br />Outer Nutrition (facials)<br />Nutrition Clubs<br />
    128. 128. 4. Making Retail Sales<br />5 x Presentations per day<br />Presentation Flow:<br />Retail Questions<br />Key Features of Herbalife Nutrition Program<br />Programs & Cost <br />Close the Sale<br />Explain Delivery<br />After the Presentation<br />Handling Objections<br />
    129. 129. 4. Making Retail Sales<br />Retail Questions<br />Weight-Loss <br />Are you seriously interested in losing weight?<br />How much would you like to lose? ….. No Problem<br /> [Share min 2x testimonials relating to prospect]<br />What have you tried before?<br />Why didn’t it work?<br />Why do you want to lose the weight NOW?<br />Continue with normal presentation…<br />
    130. 130. 4. Making Retail Sales<br />Key Features of Herbalife Nutrition Program<br />Balanced Nutrition<br />Low in Calories <br />Healthy Breakfast / Healthy Meal<br />Intelligent Nutrition<br />Share 1-2 testimonials<br />3 x Programs to chose from (examples)<br />Basic – Core Nutrition: Shake, F&H, Multivitamin<br />Advanced – Core Nutrition + (your choice product)<br />Ultimate – Core Nutrition + + (your choice products)<br />Give cost per program and cost per meal<br />
    131. 131. 4. Making Retail Sales<br />Close the Sale (NB)<br />Which one suits your budget best?<br />I accept EFT’s/deposits/credit card, how would you like to pay?<br />I have Vanilla & Strawberry, which would you prefer?<br />Fantastic, that’s my favourite too!<br />Explain Delivery<br />If by post, be detailed<br />If done personally explain how & when<br />Explain after sales service<br />Share 1-2 testimonials<br />
    132. 132. 4. Making Retail Sales<br />After the Presentation<br />Immediately send an email with:<br /><ul><li>“Thank you for your time”
    133. 133. Highlight their goal
    134. 134. That you will help them achieve their desired weight loss
    135. 135. Your 3 x programs and cost of each
    136. 136. Attach an Order Form / Invoice
    137. 137. Clear instructions on how to pay you
    138. 138. At least 2 testimonials (with pics) relating to their goal</li></li></ul><li>4. Making Retail Sales<br />Handling Objections…<br />I don’t know about that, all I know is ....<br /><ul><li>Give Herbalife facts </li></ul>(doctors, years, countries, sports)<br /><ul><li>Use Testimonials</li></ul>Your own (and other’s) and show pictures<br />
    139. 139. 5. Customer Follow Up & Education<br />Follow up on Day 1, 3, 7, 14, 21, 28<br />Use script in Success Start Book 2<br />Newsletter Campaign<br /><ul><li>Share new Testimonials
    140. 140. Use topics in Today Inserts
    141. 141. Product Features</li></ul>Gifts & Special promotions<br />Birthday’s<br />Referrals<br />
    142. 142. 6. 90 Day Plan Of Action<br />90 Day Plan - 1 Day plan you do for 90 days<br />Why design a 90 day plan?<br />Momentum - Establish, Advance, Sustain<br />3 x Primary and 2 x Secondary methods<br />Fix & Celebrate<br />
    143. 143. 6. 90 Day Plan Of Action<br />Successful business is build using 90 Days Plans back-back<br />1st 90 day plan = Establish momentum<br />2nd 90 day plan = Advance the established momentum<br />3rd 90 day plan = Sustain the advanced momentum<br />4th 90 day plan = See the results<br />
    144. 144. 7. Tracking & Gauges<br />Daily leads goal vs daily actual<br />Weekly leads goal vs weekly actual<br />Monthly leads goal vs monthly actual<br />Presentation goal vs actual<br />
    145. 145. 7. Tracking & Gauges<br />250<br />200<br />Weekly report example<br />March<br />Monday<br />Tuesday<br />Wednesday <br />Thursday <br />Friday<br />Total<br />Goal<br />WEEK 1<br />Goal<br />Goal<br />Goal<br />Goal<br />Goal<br />Act<br />Act<br />Act<br />Act<br />Act<br />Act<br />100<br />300<br />300<br />250<br />400<br />400<br />250<br />0<br />1,250<br />1,000<br />Method 1<br />Method 2<br />Method 3<br />Method 4<br />Method 5<br />
    146. 146. To Succeed…<br />Use the products, get your result<br />Set your goals<br />Determine your starting point(discount level)<br />Get stock on hand<br />Decide on your Retail DMO<br />Get into action!<br />If you make a Sale – you can make a Living.<br />If you make an investment of Time and good Service in a Customer - You can make a Fortune! - Jim Rohn<br />
    147. 147. Ethics & Support<br />Ethics, Support <br />& <br />Herbalife Family Foundation<br />
    148. 148. Support Systems<br />Herbalife Southern Africa: (011) 554-1000 / 086 114 3722<br />Herbalife opportunity meetings (HOM’S)<br />Success Training Seminars (STS)<br />Supervisor Schools <br />Herbalife Broadcast Network (HBN)<br />Internet and email<br />Corporate Trainings & Events<br />STS Feedback - ihdinfojoburg@gmail.com<br />
    149. 149. Ethical Guidelines<br />No sales in public shops or on-line auctions<br />Follow suggested retail prices and discount rates<br />No product sales to other lines<br />No sponsoring of other lines<br />No poaching of guests at meetings<br />Use only approved advertisements<br />
    150. 150. D.A.R.E Helps Drug Addicted and Abused Children<br />John Tracy Clinic<br />Children‘s Medical Research<br />Share Inc.<br />Orphanages in India and China <br />In SA:<br />Independent Distributors: HEAR Foundation<br />Cotlands<br />Acres of Love<br />Herbalife Family Foundation<br />
    151. 151. Acres of Love in SA…<br />…a Charity that provides care, love and hope for abandoned and HIV positive babies and children.<br />Herbalife CEO <br />Michael O. Johnson<br />and team visited<br />Acres of Love in 2006<br />
    152. 152. VIDEO<br />
    153. 153. Herbalife Family Foundation<br />
    154. 154. Herbalife Family Foundation<br />
    155. 155. SHAKE BREAK<br />Enjoy a delicious meal…<br />
    156. 156. Marketing Plan<br />
    157. 157. Herbalife ‘Volume Points’ & Price List<br />≈<br />HerbalifeUniversal currency =<br />‘Volume Point’<br />¥<br />R<br />Herbalife ‘Volume Point’ per product = the same in all countries<br />
    158. 158. Understanding the Sliding Scale<br />Distributor 25% discount: 0 - 499 pts<br />Register as a distributor - Purchases an International Business Pack (IBP) from Sponsor<br />Purchases product at 25% discount<br />25%retail profit when selling products to the customer<br />Volume purchased by a Distributor from Herbalife is referred to as Personally Purchased Volume (PPV)<br />PPV can be tracked for Distributors and their upline Supervisors on MyHerbalife.com, HerbalifeCentral.com and/or Bizworks<br />50%<br />42%<br />35%<br />25%<br />
    159. 159. Understanding the Sliding Scale<br />Senior Consultant 35% discount: 500pts<br />Senior Consultants can achieve a 35% retail profit in 2 ways:<br /> Accumulate 500 Volume Points in 1 month, then your next order is at 35% discount, <br />Example: 5 x 100 pts orders in 1 month or <br /> 2 x 250 pts orders in 1 month<br /> Purchase a 500 Volume Point order at 35% discount<br />Once you have qualified to become a Senior Consultant, all orders will be placed at 35% discount until you become eligible for a higher discount<br />50%<br />42%<br />35%<br />25%<br />
    160. 160. Understanding the Sliding Scale<br />Success Builder 42% discount: 1000pts<br />All Distributors and Senior Consultants have an opportunity to place a single order of 1,000 Volume Points purchased at 42% discount<br />This qualifies them to become a Success Builder<br />Benefits:<br />Receive 42% discount on your Success Builder order<br />Receive 42% discount on additional orders purchased during the same Volume Month<br />50%<br />42%<br />35%<br />25%<br />
    161. 161. Understanding the Sliding Scale<br />Qualified Producer: 2500pts within 3 months<br />All Distributors or Senior Consultants have the choice to qualify as a Qualified Producer (QP) by:<br />Personally purchasing 2500 Pts in 1 month, or<br />Accumulating 2500 Pts within 3 months<br />Example: Month 1: 1000 pts (42%)<br /> Month 2: 700 pts (35%)<br />Month 3: 900 pts (35%)<br /> Total: 2500pts<br />Or<br />Example: Month 1: 500 pts (35%)<br /> Month 2: 900 pts (35%)<br />Month 3: 1100 pts (42%)<br /> Total: 2500pts<br />50%<br />42%<br />35%<br />25%<br />
    162. 162. Understanding the Sliding Scale<br />Supervisor 50% discount<br />All Distributors or Senior Consultants have the choice to qualify as a Supervisor by:<br />Accumulating 5000 pts within 12 months or<br />Achieve 2500 pts 2 months back to back<br />Personally purchasing 4000 pts in 1 month, or<br />Buddy up with someone in 1 month<br />50%<br />42%<br />35%<br />25%<br />
    163. 163. Herbalife pays 73% on Retail value<br />Free Vacations<br />1%Annual Bonus<br />1%PRES 50k<br />ProductionBonus<br />6% PRES<br />4%MILL<br />2%GET<br />50%<br />Retail Sales<br />15% <br />Sales Premium<br />(Royalties)<br />5% x 3Levels Deep<br />
    164. 164. 1. Retail Profit: 25% - 50%<br />Supervisor<br />Sale: R700<br />Profit: R350<br />35%<br />YOU<br />25%<br />50%<br />20 customers x R350 profit each<br />= R7000 pm<br />42%<br />Distributor<br />Sale: R700<br />Profit: R175<br />20 customers x R175 profit each<br />= R3500 pm<br />
    165. 165. 2. Wholesale Income: 8 – 25%<br />YOU<br />Your Retail Income @ 25%:<br />20 x Customers = R3500 pm<br />George’s Retail Income @ 25%:<br />20 x Customers = R3500 pm<br />Sara’s Retail Income @ 25%:<br />20 x Customers = R3500 pm<br />25%<br />25% - 25% = 0%<br />(no Wholesale)<br />25%<br />25%<br />George<br />Sara<br />
    166. 166. 2. Wholesale Income: 8 – 25%<br />42% - 25% = 17%<br />(your Wholesale)<br />50%<br />Your Income:<br /> R 5900 (42%) Retail (20 Customers)<br />+ R 2400 (17%) Wholesale (George)<br />+ R 2400 (17%) Wholesale (Sara)<br />= R10700 TOTAL Income<br />42%<br />35%<br />YOU<br />25%<br />George’s Retail Income @ 25%:<br />20 x Customers = R3500 pm<br />25%<br />25%<br />George<br />Sara<br />Sara’s Retail Income @ 25%:<br />20 x Customers = R3500 pm<br />
    167. 167. 2. Wholesale Income: 8 – 25%<br />Qualified Producer<br /> Example 1 Example 2 Example 3<br />Supervisor<br />50%<br />Supervisor<br />50%<br />Supervisor<br />50%<br />Qualified <br />Producer<br />42%<br />8%<br />Qualified <br />Producer<br />42%<br />8%<br />Qualified <br />Producer<br />42%<br />8%<br />Qualified <br />Producer<br />42%<br />17%<br />7%<br />Distributor<br />25%<br />Senior<br />Consultant<br />35%<br />17%<br />Distributor<br />25%<br />
    168. 168. 2. Wholesale Income: 8 – 25%<br />50% - 25% = 25%<br />(your Wholesale)<br />50%<br />Your Income:<br /> R 7 000 (50%) Retail (20 Customers)<br />+ R 3 500 (25%) Wholesale (George)<br />+ R 3 500 (25%) Wholesale (Sara)<br />= R14 000 TOTAL Income<br />42%<br />35%<br />YOU<br />25%<br />George’s Retail Income @ 25%:<br />20 x Customers = R3500 pm<br />25%<br />25%<br />George<br />Sara<br />Sara’s Retail Income @ 25%:<br />20 x Customers = R3500 pm<br />
    169. 169. 3. Sales Premium (Royalties)<br />1st line<br />5%<br />50%<br />George<br />SA<br />2nd line<br />5%<br />50%<br />Mary<br />USA<br />3rd line<br />5%<br />50%<br />Sue<br />UK<br />4th line<br />0%<br />50%<br />James<br />Aus<br />50%<br />YOU<br />
    170. 170. 4. Production Bonus<br />PresTeam<br />MillTeam<br />GETTeam<br />50%<br />Supervisor & World Team<br /> 5% + 6% <br />= 11%<br />5% + 4%<br />= 9%<br />5% + 2%<br />= 7%<br />5%<br /> 5% + 6% <br />= 11%<br />5% + 2%<br />= 7%<br />5% + 4%<br />= 9%<br />5%<br /> 5% + 6% <br />= 11%<br />5% + 4%<br />= 9%<br />5% + 2%<br />= 7%<br />5%<br /> 6%<br />Infinitely<br />Deep<br />4%<br />Infinitely<br />Deep<br /> 2%<br />Infinitely <br />Deep<br />0%<br />
    171. 171. Get Stock on Hand<br />Treat like any other BusinessExample: a shoe shop would not open without shoes<br />Purchase at a higher discount on the sliding scale (35% - 50%) and earn more profitEat for half and sell for double<br />Stock on hand = confidence and commitment<br />Ability to supply to customer (Immediate service)<br />Save time and moneyFrequent trips to (or shipping products from) warehouse<br />Decide on a starting point…<br />
    172. 172. Senior Consultant<br />500 Volume Point Order<br />@ 35% discount<br />Note:<br /><ul><li>Stock for ± 6 customers
    173. 173. Re-invest to get better discount and increaseyour profit</li></ul>Cost: ± R4 500<br />Retail Value: R6 500<br />Retail Profit: R2 000<br />
    174. 174. Success Builder<br />1000 Volume Point Order<br />@ 42% discount<br />(Least capital outlay for maximum discount & profit)<br />Note:<br /><ul><li>Stock for ± 12 customers
    175. 175. Re-invest to get better discount and increaseyour profit</li></ul>Cost: ± R 8 500<br />Retail Value: R13 500<br />Retail Profit: R 4 000<br />
    176. 176. Half Supervisor<br />2500 Volume Point Order <br />(2 Consecutive Months)<br />@ 42% discount<br />Note:<br /><ul><li>Stock for ± 35 customers(can be 15-20 repeat customers over 2 month period)
    177. 177. Re-invest to do 2nd month</li></ul>Cost: ± R20 000<br />Retail Value: R32 000<br />Retail Profit: R12 000<br />
    178. 178. Full Supervisor<br />4000 Volume Point Order <br />(1 Month)<br />@ 42% discount<br />Note:<br /><ul><li>Stock for ± 50 to 60 customers(can be 20-30 repeat customers over 3 month period)
    179. 179. Re-invest and expand your business</li></ul>Cost: ± R32 000<br />Retail Value: R50 000<br />Retail Profit: R18 000<br />
    180. 180. How to Become a Supervisor<br />OPTION 2:<br />5000 volume points in 2 consecutive calendar months<br />OPTION 1: (New)<br />Accumulate 5000 volume points in a 12 month period<br />OPTION 4:<br />Buddy System<br />OPTION 3:<br />4000 volume pointsin 1 calendar month<br />
    181. 181. How to Become a Supervisor<br />OPTION 1:<br />Accumulate 5000 volume points in a 12 month period<br />1000 VP<br />500 VP<br />400 VP<br />600 VP<br />500 VP<br />500 VP<br />500 VP<br />1000 VP<br />= 5000 VP<br />FEB<br />JUN<br />NOV<br />JUL<br />SEPT<br />OCT<br />DEC<br />JAN<br /><ul><li>All orders must be placed with the Herbalife warehouse (cannot get stock from your upline)
    182. 182. Ideal for slow starters
    183. 183. Volume producers</li></li></ul><li>Aug<br />Jul<br />Jun<br />May<br />Apr<br />Mar<br />Feb<br />Example<br />SP<br />1,900<br />1,200<br />900<br />500<br />500<br />#1<br />SP<br />0<br />2,000<br />3,000<br />#2<br />SP<br />2,000<br />1,000<br />0<br />500<br />1,500<br />#3<br />SP<br />1,500<br />1,500<br />500<br />1,500<br />#4<br />5K Accumulated Supervisor Qualification<br />OPTION 1:<br />Accumulate 5000 volume points in a 12 month period<br />
    184. 184. How to Become a Supervisor<br />OPTION 2:<br /><ul><li>Total of 5000 volume points over2 x consecutive calendar months
    185. 185. Minimum 2500 points per month at 42%, thereafter everything at 50%
    186. 186. Start to Retail & Recruit – Use Retail volume & volume from new Recruits (a team) to qualify</li></ul>Distributor<br />2 x 2500 VP<br />Distributor<br />Consumers<br />2500 VP in <br />2 x months<br />± R20 000 each pm<br />
    187. 187. How to Become a Supervisor<br />OPTION 3:<br /><ul><li>4000 volume points in 1 calendar month
    188. 188. 1st 4000 points at 42%, thereafter everything at 50% discount</li></ul>Distributor<br />4000 VP<br />4000 VP in<br />one month<br />±R32 000<br />
    189. 189. How to Become a Supervisor<br />Distributor<br />1000 VP<br />R8500<br />OPTION 4:<br /><ul><li>Use a team to qualify (Buddy System)
    190. 190. You and the team qualify to supervisor level, as long as it is all done inone line and in one month
    191. 191. 2 people in a line needs a total of 5000 volume points in 1 calendar month
    192. 192. Could be:2000+3000 or 1000+4000 or 2500+2500as long as 5000 total is achieved</li></ul>Distributor<br />4000 VP<br />R32 000<br />5000 VP<br />± R40 000<br />Between 2 people<br />± R20 000 each<br />
    193. 193. The Buddy System<br />4 People in 1 line<br />3 People in 1 line<br />Distributor<br />1750 VP<br />Distributor<br />2000 VP<br />Distributor<br />1750 VP<br />Distributor<br />2000 VP<br />Distributor<br />1750 VP<br />Distributor<br />2000 VP<br />Distributor<br />1750 VP<br />Total: 6000 VP<br />± R48 000<br />± R16 000 p/p<br />Total: 7000 VP<br />± R56 000<br />± R14 000 p/p<br />2 People in 1 line<br />Distributor<br />2500 VP<br />Distributor<br />2500 VP<br />Total: 5000 VP<br />± R40 000<br />± R20 000 p/p<br />
    194. 194. Why Qualify Supervisor?<br />As a Fully Qualified Supervisor:<br />50% Retail Profit<br />Up to 25% Wholesale Profit<br />5% Sales Premium (Royalties)<br />Qualify for Monthly Bonuses<br />Qualify for Holidays<br />Attend Special Workshops and Trainings<br />
    195. 195. Ideas to obtaining capital<br />Credit Card<br />Check your Budget facility<br />Borrowing<br />Extension against bond <br />Overdraft <br />Insurance policies<br />Friends and Relatives<br />Personal Loans<br />Your bank<br />Direct Axis<br />NB Look after your capital-reinvest.<br />
    196. 196. Summary<br />
    197. 197. What is your next level?<br />Founder’s<br />Circle<br />Chairman’s<br />Club<br />President’sTeam<br />10 Diamonds<br />50%<br />R/O<br />6%-7% PB<br />MillionaireTeam<br />5 Diamonds<br />50%<br />R/O<br />6%-7% PB<br />GET<br />10,000 R/O<br />in 3 MO<br />50%<br />R/O<br />6%-7% PB<br />World Team<br />Supervisor<br />4,000 R/O<br />in 3 MO<br />50%<br />R/O<br />4% PB<br />1,000 R/O<br />in 3 MO<br />50%<br />R/O<br />2% PB<br />QualifiedProducer<br />Success<br />Builder<br />1) 10,000 VP-1 MO<br />2) 500 R/O-1 MO<br />3) 2,500 VP-4 MO<br />50%<br />R/O<br />1) 4,000 VP-1 MO<br />2) 2,500 VP-2 MO<br />3) 5,000 PPV-12 MO<br />50%<br />R/O<br />Senior<br />Consultant<br />2,500 PPV<br />in 1-3 MO<br />42%Commission<br />Position<br />Distributor<br />1,000 VP Order @ 42%<br />42% thru<br />End of Month<br />500+ VP - 35%<br />2,000+ VP - 42%<br />Qualification<br />Discount<br />Royalty Profits<br />IBP<br />25%<br />Note: October 2009 is the first volume month that counts towards QP and 5K SP Qualification. The DS Discount Scale (25%,35%,42%,50%) is effective on orders placed as of November 1. QP level does not apply in Korea or China.<br />132<br />
    198. 198. MyHerbalife.com Tracking (as of November 2009)<br /><ul><li>Distributors can easily track their progress towards Qualified Producer and 5K Accumulated Supervisor qualifications
    199. 199. Once a Distributor qualifies to Qualified Producer level, only the tracking towards 5K Accumulated Supervisor status will be visible</li></ul>133<br />
    200. 200. Promotions<br />Next Leadership Development Weekend:<br /> <br />19th, 20th & 21st February 2010<br />INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE <br />(ICC) DURBAN <br />  <br /> <br />
    201. 201. Promotions<br />Zanzibar Vacation Qualification:<br /> <br />Jan 2009 – April 2010<br />
    202. 202. Promotions<br />EMEA -PEARL VACATION<br />NEW MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE PROMOTION: April 2011<br />Qualification period Dec 2009 to Nov 2010<br />Minimum 2500 TVPS accumulate 60 000 TVPS<br />Open to all Fully Qualified Supervisors<br /> <br />
    203. 203. What is your next level?<br />Your Career Steps: The TAB Team<br />President's Team<br />Millionaire Team<br />GET Team<br />Active World Team<br />World Team<br />Active Supervisor<br />Supervisor<br />Distributor<br />
    204. 204. Recruiting & Building a Business<br />
    205. 205. Recruiting & Building a Business<br />There are only 24 hours a day…<br />Employees:<br />Entrepreneurs:<br />…Time…<br />…Skills…<br />…Efforts…<br />…Contacts…<br />…Desire…<br />…Knowledge…<br />Limited Income:<br />Based on selling their…<br />For money<br />Unlimited Income:<br />Based on building a team;<br />Combining their...<br />For equal, mutual benefit <br />Together<br />Everyone<br />Achieves<br />More<br />Book 1 pg 34<br />
    206. 206. We all have 24 hours a day<br />Traveling<br />Family<br />2<br />2<br />Work<br />Business?<br />3<br />9<br />8<br />Sleep<br />
    207. 207. Are these your problems?<br />LACK OF HEALTH<br />LACK OF MONEY<br />If we could find a solution , would it help to people around us ?<br />
    208. 208. Why it pays to build an organisation<br />Income through Organisation<br />I N C O M E<br />Income through Customers<br />T I M E<br />
    209. 209. Presentation Book<br />Today Magazine Story:<br />Gina Clifford-Holmes<br />Before: Overweight Housewife<br />Now: Successful Int. <br />Business woman<br />Powerful Recruiting Tool<br />* Your Income Story<br />* Borrow other’s Stories<br />* Success From Home Magazine<br /> (product code 9531)<br />* Herbalife Literature<br />
    210. 210. Contact<br />‘WARM Market’<br /> List your COI: Who do you know..? <br />- Living overseas<br />- Dissatisfied with their Income<br />- Work from Home (moms)<br />- Desire Financial Freedom<br />- Desire Lifestyle<br />- Your Customers<br />- Etc...<br />Don’t Prejudge!<br />Some most successful Distributors were the<br />most unlikely prospects<br />
    211. 211. Advertising<br />‘COLD Market’<br /> People you don’t know…<br />- Public Awareness:<br />Clothing, Button, Shaker, Water Bottle, etc.<br />- Car Adverts<br />- Newspaper Adverts<br />- Flyers<br />- The Internet<br />
    212. 212. Daily Method of Operation<br /><ul><li>Herbalife Opportunity Meetings
    213. 213. Phone Conferences
    214. 214. Outer Nutrition (facials)
    215. 215. Internet & Websites
    216. 216. Weight-Loss Challenge
    217. 217. Nutrition Clubs</li></li></ul><li>Building Momentum<br />Internet<br />90 DAY PLAN<br /><ul><li> 1 Day plan you do for 90 days
    218. 218. Choose your method of operation and do it for 90 days
    219. 219. Never change, just ADD on</li></li></ul><li>Handling Objections<br />Objections – often request for more information<br />TIPS<br />* Listen Carefully<br />* Look for real reasons behind doubts<br />* Don’t disagree or get defensive<br />* Respond with a testimonial<br />* Know the Facts of Herbalife<br />Seek Commitment<br />* Distributor Application form<br />* Be a good Listener<br />* Always reply with: “No Problem”<br />* Some need time to decide<br />* Stay in touch<br />Book 2 pg 45-46<br />
    220. 220. Who do you listen to?<br />Facts and not opinions!<br />
    221. 221. Not everyone can see the opportunity!<br />
    222. 222. OPTIONS<br />WORST<br />BEST<br />1. I will be healthy<br />1. I will be healthy<br />2. I will be wealthy<br />3. I will be FREE<br />
    223. 223. Herbalife Support<br /><ul><li> Herbalife Worldwide Web Site
    224. 224. Business Tools Online
    225. 225. Herbalife Broadcast Network
    226. 226. E-mail Communications
    227. 227. Your IBP Manuals, Brochure’s </li></li></ul><li>To Succeed...<br />Profits are better than wages:<br /> Wages make you a Living…<br /> Profits make you a Fortune<br />- Jim Rohn<br />
    228. 228. Wrap Up<br />Your Next 72 Hours…<br />
    229. 229. Set your GOALS<br />How to set Goals:<br />You are affected by:<br /><ul><li> Decide what you want
    230. 230. Decide what ‘we’ want
    231. 231. Decide when
    232. 232. Write down & display
    233. 233. Track your Progress
    234. 234. Environment
    235. 235. Events
    236. 236. Knowledge
    237. 237. Attitude
    238. 238. Dreams</li></ul>“The major reason for setting a goal is to entice you<br />to become the person it takes to achieve the goal.<br />The major value in life is not what you get,<br />but the person you become…”<br />- Jim Rohn<br />Book 2 pg 39-41<br />
    239. 239. … you could make a wish ...<br /><ul><li>Why are you here?
    240. 240. Will you Stay?
    241. 241. Do it One more time
    242. 242. Do it Until...
    243. 243. Don‘t Try do Herbalife
    244. 244. Start & Never give up
    245. 245. Don‘t get Organised</li></li></ul><li>Your Next 36 hours...<br />Decision Time<br />Determine a Starting Point:<br /><ul><li> Senior Consultant (35%)
    246. 246. Success Builder (42%)
    247. 247. Qualified Producer (42%)
    248. 248. Supervisor (50%)
    249. 249. First 4000 Volume Points @ 42%
    250. 250. Where on the sliding scale will you start?</li></li></ul><li>It is so easy...<br />Decision Time<br />Start As:<br />Success Builder (1000 VP)<br />Mainly Retail and Customer Business<br />Or<br />Supervisor (4000 VP)<br />Maximum Benefit with Product Sales and Entitlement to Production Bonuses<br />
    251. 251. Your Next 36 hours...<br />Decision Time<br />Phone your Mentor with your starting point<br />Place & Collect your Order<br />Develop a 90 Day Plan<br /><ul><li>Retail - Customer
    252. 252. Recruiting - Distributors</li></li></ul><li>What to expect tomorrow...<br />Distractions<br />Dream Stealers<br /><ul><li> Your Environment will try to dissuade you
    253. 253. Fear, Insecurity
    254. 254. Factoids from Hearsay
    255. 255. Don't get distracted!</li></li></ul><li>What to expect tomorrow...<br />Distractions<br />2. Personal distractions<br /><ul><li> Divorce
    256. 256. Moving Home
    257. 257. Being fired
    258. 258. Retrenched
    259. 259. Your own Excuses</li></li></ul><li>Herbalife bring to the table...<br />Product<br />Marketing Plan<br />Success Stories<br />Proven Plan<br />Support Systems & Tools<br />
    260. 260. You need to bring...<br />Your Desires, Goals & Dreams<br />Teachability<br />Work Habits<br />Decisions & Action<br />Prepare to SUCCEED!<br />
    261. 261. Boost your business<br />Next Herbalife Opportunity Meeting (Tues & Wed)<br />Fast Track Training (19th Dec 2009)<br />Next STS (23rd January 2010)<br />Next Leadership Development Weekend(19th to 21st February 2010)<br />
    262. 262. The Right Place<br />You Are in the Right Place at the Right Time!<br />Welcome to Herbalife!<br />
    263. 263. Thank you ..<br />All Trainers<br />All Logistics<br />Shake Team<br />Lap-Top<br />MC<br />