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20 steps to success training

  1. 1. Webinar 9 June 2010 20 Steps to Success Manual How to effectively use the 20 Steps Manual Louis Louw
  2. 2. My Story Before Picture 4 Jan 2010 112kg After Picture 22 May 2010 98kg
  3. 3. Step 1 Signing up with Herbalife • Don’t just sign a person up – Sit down and explain marketing plan – Your new distributor must be able to draw the plan – If he/she understands the MP, it will help him/her to better see the possibilities and the future – Show them Book 1 Page 36 • Show immediately how to sign up somebody else
  4. 4. Step 2 Study the Product Catalogue, Product DVD and Pricelist • Take Products in IBP and show them exactly how to use it • Homework – While studying the Product Brochure and DVD, tell them to start thinking about COI who might need each specific product – Let them make notes about these possible clients and let them compile a product list for each possible client • While making notes tell them to also make a To-Do-List. – Notes in most cases get lost and nothing gets done – Do not use loose paper for notes. Use a book so that you can page back from time to time – Ask them to send a copy of the To-Do-List to you – Help and support them to work through the To-Do-List
  5. 5. Step 3 Order Products for your Nutrition Program • Weigh and measure your new distributor • Take full length picture of your new distributor • Find out what health issues they have • Show them which products will address their specific needs • Treat them as and follow up as with a retail customer • Help them to achieve product results – Own success story is best marketing tool • Suggest the following to be included in the first order: – Mark Hughes Training Collection DVD *To be watched frequently – Lean Estimator *Show Distributor how to use it
  6. 6. Step 4 Study the IBO Manuals • Show new distributor the 20 Steps and 4 Manuals – Book No 1 is your Pitch Book while you do not have your own Pitch Book yet – Book No 2 explains how and what to do – Book No 3 The do’s and the don’ts – Book No 4 Business Admin and Marketing Plan • Get new distributor to make notes of questions that may arise, with Book No and Page No for referral when asking the Sponsor
  7. 7. Step 5 Healthy Breakfast • Explain the need for a Healthy Breakfast – We want the clients to use the products as a way of life, and not only for weight loss until the target weight is achieved
  8. 8. Step 6 Nutrition Program • Explain the need for a good Nutritional Program • If possible, get your new distributors to listen to specific video clips on the Herbalife Training Library • Refer your new distributors to www.recruitsystem.com for valuable training recordings. • Send specific articles to your new distributors to assist them with background info on healthy living
  9. 9. Step 7 Nutrition Program: How to get best results • Discuss the ways to get best results with the new distributor. They must be able to give this advice to their customers • Discuss the importance of drinking water. Google the information if needed
  10. 10. Step 8 Start Creating your Success Story • Weigh and measure frequently • Take new full length picture every 2 weeks to compare • Discuss different scales on the market to ensure that new distributor buys the best possible scale that they can afford
  11. 11. Step 9 Working with your Coach/Sponsor • Show the new distributor your Pitch Book – Discuss how it should be used – Discuss importance of taking pictures where you are with others in the picture • Show them where to get Business Flyers and Business Cards on MyHerbalife.com • Recap on different scripts available in manuals • Discuss availability of websites and other methods of marketing
  12. 12. Step 10 Go and learn from your Sponsor on Local Country Programs • Ensure that your new distributor knows about all the different methods and tools available
  13. 13. Step 11 Weekly Distributor Training • Explain all abbreviations • Discuss importance of trainings • Get your new distributors to attend as many as possible training sessions • Get your new distributors (if possible) to watch at least one training video clip on MyHerbalife.com • Get your new distributors (if possible) to watch at least one training video clip on www.recruitsystem.com • Get them to report back to you on what video clips they watched. • Discuss importance of qualifications • If a person wants to go fast, tell him to read Page 30
  14. 14. Step 12 Volume Points and Discounts • Go through Marketing Plan again • Discuss all possible issues and ensure that your new distributor understands
  15. 15. Step 13 Define your goals • Get your new distributor to define his goals – Clear Goals linked to time frames – Goals regarding position on Marketing Plan – Goals regarding income – Goals regarding attending specific events – Get them to include their wildest dreams (let them understand everything is possible) • Go through the goals and timeframes, and ensure it is not unachievable. This will also give you an indication if they understand the Marketing Plan
  16. 16. Step 14 Ordering Products • Discuss different ways of Ordering Products • Show and Explain the Electronic Order Template • Discuss the process at the Warehouse • Give numbers of Warehouses • Tell them which time it is best to call the Warehouse or to go to the Warehouse • Show them how and where they can get contact numbers of Warehouses in other countries • Explain the process of ordering from those Warehouses
  17. 17. Step 15 Senior Consultant • Discuss SC level on the Marketing Plan • Discuss 500VP order and discounts • Sit down with new distributor and work out an order that they can almost pre-sell to COI • Tell your new distributor that it is not necessary to place exactly the order as on Page 32
  18. 18. Step 16 Who do you know? • Circle of Influence (COI) is everybody you know, not only immediate family and friends • Make a Chicken List – People they will be most scared to call • Call Chicken List first and get it out of the way • Add to list on a daily basis • Tick off as you go through the list
  19. 19. Step 17 How to approach your Acquaintances • Help your new distributors to build their Pitch Books – Make files and pictures available • Get them to call their family, and just tell them that they are with Herbalife, and if they ever need product to call them • When talking to a possible client, leave Pitch Book open on page that is applicable to the possible client. Client wants to lose 10kg, leave open at testimonial where the person also lost about 10kg • Ask client: What do you spend daily on lunch? – Pie and Coke = R24-50 – Compare with what HL costs per meal. – All products in IBP works out at about R22-28 per meal
  20. 20. Step 18 Meeting the Customer • Do the presentation • Ask Client: When do you want to get started? • Then shut-up! • You must listen more than talking • After sale – Start working with client to ensure results – See follow-up Book 2 Page 37
  21. 21. Step 19 Capitalising on your Success • Make your new clients repeat clients • Get 4 more clients each month (2-4-1 Model) • 500VP can become 1000VP • Happy Clients become your best new distributors
  22. 22. Step 20 Congratulations: You are now a Success Builder • With 4 to 5 repeat clients & 4 to 5 new clients, 1000vp becomes achievable • Help new distributor to compile Success Builder Order • Help new distributor to do what you do. Lead by example!
  23. 23. Next Steps Qualified Producer • Explain next steps to QP • Tell new distributor that you can advance immediately to Supervisor without becoming a SC or QP
  24. 24. Next Steps Completing the Supervisor Qualification • Explain different ways in becoming a Supervisor • Explain specific privileges a Supervisor has
  25. 25. Next Steps Managing your Product Stock and Finances • Do not eat up your whole business – Keep own consumption stock separate. Two cupboard Principle – Buy with own card, not the business card • As you sell your business stock, reinvest in your business, buying replacement stock • Use your income as follows: – Retail Profit to increase stock in Home Warehouse – Retail Profit to pay for business expenses – Wholesale Income to pay for own expenses (Salary) – Royalties to pay for luxuries – Do not pay for vacations, qualify for all free vacations