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Open Government platform - white paper. Join the Open Government group on Linkedin

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Whitepaper For Open Gp

  1. 1. Whitepaper for The Open Government Platform Written by Acando Freecode ForgeRock www.OpenGovernmentPlatform.org www.opengovp.org
  2. 2. Executive summary The vision for Open Governmental Platform (OpenGP) community in the governmental sector is:  to create a real open source suite alternative to compete with Microsoft, Oracle and IBM proprietary enterprise suites  to share the worldwide results from customers, suppliers and projects connected to a suite selection of open methods, frameworks and open source products  to create customers value faster and wit higher quality  to create challenging and meaningful IT workplaces The OpenGP community ties it all together The OpenGP community and governance rules  The community will be governing within a community model where all information and code created within the community is available under GPL v3 license (www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html).  Will be govern by contributing governmental organization and suppliers  OpenGP is a community of communities. It also includes a community to share and explore knowledge and code all participants.  OpenGP is not inventing the wheel again, but is building on a selection of best of breed established communities for best practices, methods, frameworks and software to streamline and increase sharing inside the governmental sector  OpenGP is fully built on best of breed open source components/products which all are rated high by the international analysis companies including Gartner.  Liberty Alliance is the foundation for OpenGP The OpenGP  delivers a secure and integrated platform based on well proven open methodology, frameworks and technology with customers and partners having the best skills to deliver and maintain critical governmental solution  includes full business/work process and software life-cycle management from analyse, design, developing, deploy, maintain the solutions  is a multilingual solution, supporting all nationalities not only including the Nordic, and the European countries, but also the rest of the world.
  3. 3. Liberty Alliance - The Foundation for OGP The OpenGP uses Liberty Alliance as a foundation for all its work. The vision of Liberty Alliance is to enable a networked world based on open standards where consumers, citizens, businesses and governments can more easily conduct online transactions while protecting the privacy and security of identity information. This world, where devices and identities of all kinds are linked by federation and protected by universal strong authentication, is being built today with Liberty’s open identity standards, business and deployment guidelines and best practices for managing privacy. Liberty Alliance Members work closely together to:  Build open standard-based specifications for federated identity and identity-based Web services.  Drive global identity theft prevention solutions.  Provide interoperability testing.  Offer a formal certification program for products utilizing Liberty specifications.  Establish best practices, rules, liabilities, and business guidelines.  Collaborate with other standards bodies, privacy advocates, and government policy groups.  Address end user privacy and confidentiality issues. Background The expectations for government services today demands that the services has a high quality, integrated, always available, secure and easy to access for all citizen despite their IT skills difference. Both the citizens and all other government agencies having expectations for a modern platform to leverage their own services, and to be able to meet new requirements and expectations. This kind of an IT infrastructure has to be able to interconnect to work together and exchange and integrate services in a flexible and secure manner. To be able to do so, some common infrastructure component has to be established and shared across all agencies. This related to the use of open standards, common security infrastructure, sharing identities for authentication and authorization across all services. It is complex and expensive to expensive to set this kind of infrastructure into production for each agency. This is one of many core features that should be established and shared across
  4. 4. in a common governmental platform. The idea of such a platform that is well proven, interconnected and scalable is the offerings for this Open Governmental platform (OpenGP) described here. The collection of products that defines this portfolio is all open source products, widely used, and well known to the community and the public. It also leverage the use of open standard to make sure that even proprietary products can easily be connected as long as they have the open standards in common. This platform should be able to be the foundation for building services both for the citizen but also for the government employees to improve their working tasks with better IT support. We will not also provide a collection of products, but we will also establish a OpenGP community where government and agencies can share knowledge code and work together to improve the portfolio and to plan and build new releases which is related to their particular needs. Key components and areas covered by OpenGP This OpenGP technical platform covers the following key components  Enterprise portal, for aggregating of personalized content and services  Business process management  Security including Identity management, authentication, access management, authorization, policies and rules, PKI/Smart card management  Enterprise Service Bus  Enterprise content/Web Content Management  Business Intelligence  Enterprise Search The OpenGP is also providing the following areas:  Best practices  Integrated Demo and exploration Labs  Integrated Test and reference sites  Integrations  Processes  A collections of best of breed open source communities for tools methods and products  Extensions  Custom features  Internationalization
  5. 5. OpenGP operation modes The OpenGP supports the following operation modes.  Governmental cloud/cloud appliance  Software as a Service  Platform as a Service Why is this relevant for you? You are in local, regional or central government. You are looking for a way:  to lower the risk  trying before buying  simplifying the procurement process in-line with your organization migration process  sharing investments and results with other national, Nordic and European Governmental bodies. The drivers  The organization has a relative old system portfolio with vertical oriented case handling system.  The organization has physically segregating security approach which oppose integration  The organization has a solution for handling internal users by have no solution for opening up for external user and partners.  You see the need for establish new work processes crossing security boarders  You see the need for an common security approach for handling internal and external users  You see the need to consolidate all your vertical case handling solutions into less and more modern solution enabling the employees to work across several areas  You see the need to migrate step by step with your organization  You are not willing to be looked in by proprietary methodology, technology, products, suppliers or operation forms.  You looking for an alternative to the giants Accenture, IBM, Cap Gemini, Steria, Logica, Microsoft, Oracle … You are looking for solutions areas as:  Full enterprise suite for your organization  Identity management solutions
  6. 6.  Multi-National National, regional or Enterprise eID solutions  Business process management solutions  Modern Enterprise Case handling solutions (Collaboration, Web 2.0, work processes )  Enterprise portals  Enterprise Content management solutions  Business Intelligent solutions The consortium The initial consortium constitutes of Acando (www.acando.no ) Freecode (www.freecode.no ) and ForgeRock (www.forgerock.com). The consortium is open for contributing government organizations and suppliers. The consortium providing you with this open government platform portfolio of products will also be able to provide full life cycle support from the initial design phases, throughout production and maintenance. The consortium apply for founding for an international support for the OpenGP through ForgeRock partner network which spans more than 15 countries and 30 companies. See www.forgerock.com . The initial areas covered by the community OpenGP platform community initially supports:  Open Governance and Operation - ITIL (Freetil) – an open source community and ... that support your enterprise IT governance and operations processes o Open Governance (ITIL, ITframewoeks, Freetil) (Freecode) o Open Operation – Best practices and open source tools that supports your enterprise IT operation (Freecode)  Open Tools, Frameworks and Methods (Freecode, Acando, Commitment, Conduct) o Open Enterprise Architecture (OpenGroup/TOGAF) – an open community that support your Enterprise Architecture, Acando o Open Information Management (Mike2) – an open community that supports your information management methodlogy, Acando o Open Test – Best practices for methods and open source tools that supports your enterprise test needs; Freecode/Conduct/Acando  Open Technical Platform see below.
  7. 7. The collection of products for the OpenGP Technical Platform The OpenGP technical platform provides you with open, integrated and identity centric secure enterprise solutions. The OpenGP technical platform consists of the following products:  Open Identity management (OpenIDM and OpenAM)  Open Enterprise Service Bus OpenESB/Glassfish)  Open Enterprise Portal - OpenPortal/Lifeary  Open PKI and signing - EJBCA/OpenSigning (Commfides and Primekey)  Open Search – an open community that supports your enterprise serach (Lucid) , Acando  OpenBusiness Intelligent – Jaspersoft (Acando) and Pentaho (Conduct)  OpenECM – Alfresco  OpenWCM - Alfresco/Liferay  OpenBPM – Intalio  OpenFeide - Acando  Freetil - Freecode
  8. 8. Country specific solutions Open National tools, methods and products Norway  OpenNOARK  OpenFeide  Spesific national Integrations  Altinn  Minside  Minid/ID-porten  National Security rules  Seres  National architecture and standard rules and guidelines