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How the well-selling Renault Megane fails to get the details right. Mainly a personal rant on the shortcomings of my lease car :-)

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  • This is the subject in question
  • Because you liked
  • No, well, not really, in fact the Renault has a lot more value for it’s price (is also what any Renault Dealer will tell you ). But honeslty in this case that is quite true, the Renault is packed with electronics and options. The BMW is actually a model that’s up for renewal and only comes with nice wheels and a radio…
  • No although that thing is pretty annoying – gear changes in 2nd gear le suck, plenty of BHP, but not available when you need it – and the consumption isn’t really ECO
  • Show dashboard with consumption
  • Reason why I flunked first driver’s examThis car is even worse, got all the power in the world, but not in 2nd gearFor the gear heads: serious turbo lag
  • 6.7l/100km on mainly 70 km/h roads – that’s not eco – an Audi A6 3.0 v6 does 7.1; all that will probably not matter anymore after 1 Jan 2012
  • Example of good
  • Other good thing: speed limiter
  • This is the first example of what I call the “patronizing interface”. Through RPM sensors the car tells you when to shift gear. While gearing UP, this indicator is ALWAYS too early. This is understandable for an ECO car. But it stops making sense when actual consumption goes up when you shift gear too soon.This is the equivalent of having your dad in his car while you are learning to drive in it.
  • All belt buckles are wired to sensors. Great for kids who unbuckle. The front 2 seats also have pressure sensors.When there is pressure on the seat and the belt is unlocked while driving (forward) at +15 km/h the most annoying sound starts playing (it only stops after 5 mins or so) until you buckle up.Nice in theory, but this means:1: it ALWAYS plays when I drive off my driveway, because 15 km/h is nothing2: in reality, when you’re on a long drive with 3 kids in the backseat, this is very annoying and hard to 3: try putting a case of beer on the front seat…
  • Granularity: 10km and less than 70 km you are not supposed to know anything anymore. You’re not worthy.If the shift gear problem was your dad, this is your mom. We all know there’s plenty there, but hey just to be safe, stop whatever you’re doing, and FILL UP NOW!
  • When playing an MP3 CD the default selection is on the album – of which there usually is only 1.Actually on the CD there are no folders – it’s ”created” by the CD player… Reminds me of Bova (bus company) where the Radio volume was hidden 3 levels deep –tell story about USI project proposal, which (unwisely) was redrawn
  • We all know this is bad for “scanning”. Signal processing in your brain has no direct clue that you’re in the right range (thespeed limiter will do that for you, but who really uses that other than to make youtube videos of themselves speeding away)Kids see that your speeding
  • Mycarandme

    1. 1. My car and me andhow we don’t get along The patronizing UI and otherannoyances of the Renault Mégane Hans De Mondt
    2. 2. But, Hans, you spoiled brat…
    3. 3. …that’s a nice car!
    4. 4. Errr… yeah…
    5. 5. So why thrash it?
    6. 6. Because you actually wanted…
    7. 7. OK, because of it’s lousy engine then?
    8. 8. 2 things about the engine
    9. 9. 2nd gear
    10. 10. not-so-eco consumption
    11. 11. No, it’s because of bad UX tuning
    12. 12. So engineers at Renault don’t care about UX?
    13. 13. No, they probably care too much…
    14. 14. They care a lot about your well-being
    15. 15. Hence the car is full of sensors
    16. 16. Sometimes that’s fine,sometimes that’s annoying
    17. 17. The good
    18. 18. 3 gordels vast achteraan
    19. 19. Gordel los achteraan!
    20. 20. The not so good
    21. 21. The devil is in the details
    22. 22. Shift gear
    23. 23. Seat pressure
    24. 24. Sensor 3: Gas tank Range: ---------
    25. 25. Other annoyance 1: hierarchy in the CD player’s UI < ALBUM 1> TRACK1
    26. 26. Other annoyance 2: digital dial
    27. 27. In conclusion Sensors might make cars safer Feedback to drivers should be very, very, very finely tuned or it will just add to the frustration Don’t teach your kids the speed limits until they learn to drive themselves thx