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VSM CLT10 Sales Production


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VSM CLT10 Sales Production

  1. 1. VSM – Sales & Production – CLT10 Buy Spec. Comp. to WK TW Verify Parts on DB stock Order Mechanic Parts Build 5 x CLT10 Build 5 x CLT10 Cabinets QA on CLT10 Cabinets Semi- Finished Goods Check Comp. on TW Stock Build 10 sets of PCBs Unit test of PCBs 5 x CLT10 put in Safety Buffer Build and Mech. test 5 x CLT10 System test on 5 x CLT10 Issue 5 x Certificate 1 x CLT10 left in Safety Buffer Wayne Kerr - UK Generate Sales Order Verify Unit(s) in Buffer Pick Ordered Unit(s) Prepare Shipping Docs. Prepare Unit(s) for Shipping CLT10 Purchase Order CLT10 Unit(s) Shipped Build 5 x Filters and MTs Unit test of Filters and MTs QA on Filter/MT parts WK UK DB DK WK TW DB DK DB DK DB DK WK UK WK UK DB DK DB DK DB DK DB DK WK CH DB DK DB DK DB DK DB DK DB DKDB DKDB DK DB DK WK TW DB DK 5 Customer - WW Danbridge - DK CLT10 Safety Buffer DB DK