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Stoso 2014 there you go Presentation From Frans van der Reep

Presentation given by Frans van der Reep at the STOSO 2014 congress 28 May 2014 "Our Reliance on technology".This presentation in given at the STOSO 2014 congress "Our Reliance on technology". Frans speaks about "technology is freedom and fun" and the possible downside as well like "being framed and zombied"

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Stoso 2014 there you go Presentation From Frans van der Reep

  1. 1. THERE YOU G0101010 Stoso Conference May 28, Groningen Frans van der Reep
  2. 2. Context creates Meaning. Lack of meaning creates distrust and rules
  3. 3. Cape Town
  4. 4. Context changes: Are you guided by understanding or by ideology? • Mental Models change • Business Logic changes • New Technologies • Changes accelerate
  5. 5. Did you ever
  6. 6. Did you ever find yourself in an unforeseen unwanted situation
  7. 7. Did you ever get lost arrive late choose wrong get sick or injured misjudge and misstep fall out a tree, bump your head end up in an unforeseen situation have an exciting moment experience the new enjoy a lesson develop grow
  8. 8. Don’t worry
  9. 9. Don’t worry it will never be enjoyed happen again
  10. 10. Get connected
  11. 11. Get connected and surrender share your experiences
  12. 12. Get equipped
  13. 13. Get equipped and leave nothing to wonder chance
  14. 14. Computer says
  15. 15. Computer says no need to explore anticipate
  16. 16. Computer says no yes left right 28-05-2014 1h48min 97 dB room 24 120 bpm 45% humid. 07:30AM 20 °C low on iron 181.9 km 2.500 kcal you have a meeting 52°15'N,4°26'E you have new mail high on cortisol dish not compatible with diet branch not strong enough you have 22 missed calls running out of gas/milk/luck
  17. 17. Follow instructions
  18. 18. Follow instructions and you shall be vegetated delivered
  19. 19. Follow instructions TO act adequately on an ever increasing amount of stimuli with total efficiency which leaves more time for the possibility to act adequately on an ever increasing amount of stimuli with total efficiency which leaves more time for the possibility to act adequately on an ever increasing amount of stimuli with total efficiency which leaves more time for WHAT EXACTLY
  20. 20. Upload your brain
  21. 21. Upload your brain and you shall be absorbed immortal as gods
  22. 22. But maybe
  23. 23. If used correctly
  24. 24. It just might be a great rat race opportunity
  25. 25. KEEP 1010101T REAL Thank you @fvdr
  26. 26. Coming soon…. • Do It Yourself biology • NIBC convergence of nano, biology, information and cognitive sciences • Robotising, 3D printing • Sensorising (van sensors around,near, on, in us) • Wearable Tech • Scanning and Tagging and Tracing + Indoor GPS • Internet of Things • Big Data and Deep Learning • Artificial Intelligence and Behavioural models • Machines that decide: “Watson” - CAAS (Cognition as a Service) • Emotional Aware Software • Gamification • Nano • Machine2Machine • DNA
  27. 27. E. Moglen says that free software is a fundamental requirement for a democratic and free society in which we are surrounded by and dependent upon technical devices. Only if controlling these devices is open to all via free software, can we balance power equally Eben Moglen
  28. 28. “Drones”: What about machines that decide&operate?
  29. 29. What creates meaningfulness: Design for people For you and me
  30. 30. live my live do my job/tasks feel good look good save money find entertainment live a healthy life decide achieve my ambitions and goa increase my power to act wise be surprised live a meaningful and joyful lif keep myself informed support my loved one's Help me to:
  31. 31. Recursion creates meaningfulness • ERP/scientific management/Taylor is based on fragmentation and basically enhances control excellence • Communication is about understanding one’s contribution to the system as a whole. Recursive systems provide for that • Anthropology: each sustainable social system is recursive in nature
  32. 32. Stewardship
  33. 33. Don’t make cooperation just risk management Survival of the most cooperative and kindest. Cooperation is not a spreadsheet thing but a decision
  34. 34. References, for further reading El mundo digital. A la búsqueda de una nueva perspectiva personal alrededor del nuevo entorno de Internet del futuro, (in) adCommunica nr 2, 2011, ISSN 2174-0992, p 205-2013 Social media and Social Companies, a vision on new requirements for future software in the networked economy, BP Quarterly, year 1, November 2010, p. 35-40, nr 1 Designing Process, Looking Back from the Future, CSC Research Services Journal, 2003, p.54-57 3c, Internet and Retail. Towards a new segmentation? European Retail Digest, Issue 49, 2006, p 55-60 Peter van den Heuvel, Unified Organizations. Do you fit in? BPTrends, October 2010 Dick Markvoort, Deliberately Choosing Simplicity, BPtrends, December 2010 Social Media and Social Companies,, november 2010 From Schedule Push to Reality Pull, European Retail Digest Issue 48, winter 2005, p 33-37 Selection of publications prof. Frans van der Reep