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Hannah Rudman iFutures 2014 paper presentation


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Published in: Education
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Hannah Rudman iFutures 2014 paper presentation

  1. 1. @hannahrudman
  2. 2. @hannahrudman
  3. 3. Amb:IT:ion
  4. 4. Change Management//Action Research//Design Thinking
  5. 5. – Designed for the creative industries. Unleashes participants’ creativity through utilising methods from a range of disciplines: •design thinking approaches, (service design tools like co- design, UX design), social innovation tools •participatory action research based (focus on action, teamwork, openness & knowledge/learning), •modern management consultancy approaches (e.g. Business Model Generation), •creative practices (devising, role-play, rehearsing). –Agile step-change journey, taken across the (heirarchy of the) organisation, facilitated. –Focuses on building capacity and adaptability and awareness of the continuous disrupted business landscape The AmbITion Approach
  6. 6. AmbITion Scotland 2009-11 AmbITion Scotland 2012-14 Over... 24 knowledge transfer partnerships (SFC funded) 90 organisations completed AmbITion Approaches 500+ organisations repeatedly engaged 1250 professionals in the network 17,000 visits per year to online resources
  7. 7. “In our own words” case studies Sharing advice, good practice, failures
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  12. 12. Thanks for listening!