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23march2010 100323025327 Phpapp02

  1. 1. 고이동성 ( 모바일 ) 소셜 미디어에서 유력자 (influential) Part 3 박한우 영남대학교 언론정보학과 교수 미국 뉴욕주립대 ( 버팔로 ) 박사 WCU 웹보메트릭스 연구단장 [email_address] 한국정보통신정책연구원 (KISDI) 2010 4 월 특강 자료
  2. 2. Chart: U.S. Virtual Goods Revenue Ready To Explode | SAI The virtual goods market in the U.S. is ready to take off. Right now, the U.S. only has 28% of the total market. By 2013, the U.S. will make up 41% of the market with $2.5 billion in sales, according to research from Piper Jaffray.
  3. 4. Social media create Electronic Schelling Points
  4. 5. New Chart: How Much of the Online Budget is Social Media Getting? Social media, which would have accounted for a very small increment of the “Other online marketing” slice just a few years ago, is now garnishing 11% of the average online marketing budget. Based on other trends indicated in this report, social media’s share will continue to increase in the year ahead.
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  6. 7. 상위 1000 개 트위터 국가별 분포 - WCU 웹보메트릭스사업단에서 조사했음
  7. 8. 소셜 미디어 이용자의 유형별 분류
  8. 9. 소셜 미디어 이용자의 유형별 분류
  9. 10. 소셜 미디어 이용자의 유형별 분류
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  12. 14. Image : A-list bloggers, Technorati, blog rank and RSS
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  14. 16. Blogging is fast becoming a profitable path to earn an income. Blogs are a great way to get tons of visitors and we can monetize them using things like Adsense and affiliate programs. The main concern for most of us is that we do not know how to make money blogging and we do not know how to start.
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  16. 20. INQ Reveals the Most Influential Twitter User in the World – You May Be Surprised
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  18. 22. Measuring influence The list was created by identifying the five most popular Twitterers across the five different categories, giving each an influence rating out of 100(2). Their relative influence was then measured by exploring: • The number of ‘tweets’ they send • The number of times they ‘re-tweet’ others’ updates • The number of times that person’s updates have been ‘re-tweeted’ • The number of times they are referenced in other people’s ‘tweets’ Error! Contact not defined., spokesperson for INQ Mobile comments, “Twitter has certainly been the word on everyone’s lips in 2009 but nothing has dominated the conversation quite so much as the popularity contest between celebrities. In the UK we’ve become used to hearing stories about celebrities going head to head in the fight for followers with Stephen Fry publicly losing his lead to Eddie Izzard and Richard Bacon. “However, it actually gets more interesting when you look at who has the most impact. Even though Richard Bacon now has more followers than Stephen Fry, Stephen still holds more influence to date.”
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