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Facebook Marketing


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Web 2.0: Facebook Marketing at Sector Bar & Lounge, Sanur, Bali.

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Facebook Marketing

  1. 1. Facebook Marketing Ramya Prajna S & Anantya PointPlus Training - Sanur - Bali June, 2009
  2. 2. Think.Web a Web Agency Online Branding Strategy | Web Feature Concept | Content Maintenance | Web Development | Social Media Marketing
  3. 3. Ramya Prajna S Co-Founder | Owner | Managing Director Online Branding Specialist | Social Media Evangelist
  4. 4. Anantya Co-Founder | Owner | Executive Director Online Branding Specialist | Web Statistics Enthusiast
  5. 5. Per Day 30 million status update 6 million new fans Per Week 1 billion content (link, story, blog, notes, photo, etc) Per Month 2,5 million event 850 million photo upload 10 million video What’s the market name?
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA Photo Sharing Video Blogs Sharing Social Events (offline) Networks & event services Wikis Email Podcasting Microblogs
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Internet Marketing Search Engine Viral Marketing Marketing Social Media Email Marketing Marketing
  8. 8. What is Free-access social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, in February 2004. (wikipedia)
  9. 9. HOW MANY? 221.776.060 Global User ( - June 26th, 2009 - 9:49 wib)
  10. 10. IF FACEBOOK A COUNTRY May 23, 2009 - Facebook Site Governance Vote to decide which documents should govern the Facebook site.
  11. 11. INDONESIA’S USER 5.949.740 User ( - June 17th, 2009 - 0:49 wib) Singapore population: 4.839.400 (estimate)
  12. 12. The Opportunity in Facebook Marketing
  13. 13. The Opportunity • Connection • Content • Distribution
  14. 14. Connection Foster a strong relationship with people that loves vacation. Create awareness by posting notes & wall. Stay connect to the customer with discussion board, commenting & wall. Inform them with your event invitation.
  15. 15. Connection - in a nutshell - If you are connected via facebook public profile • Establish strong relationship with people who care • Gives tools for future market to connect with you/brand • Raise awareness (do the updates) • Get access and engage real time with future market • Encourage to support and share to others
  16. 16. Content You can give the newest information on what's going on in the designated holiday place. Share video's and photo's of the beautiful scenery. And also have a personal discussion with your future vacationers about traveling.
  17. 17. Content - in a nutshell - So what can you do? • Organize and share events, video or photos • Discuss latest issue relevant to future market • Giving exclusive information/content • Share updates (any updates) on you/brand
  18. 18. Distribution Get access to global audience of over 175 million user and grow your potential holiday- ers. Keep them engage trough news feeds when you update new content or share information.
  19. 19. Distribution - in a nutshell - So what can you do? • Communicate in an effective way (to existing and potential) via Newsfeed • Instant access to fans (Newsfeed, Viral, Updates) • Have a global reach • Flexibility and control to share what you want to share • Distribution is zero cost
  20. 20. The Tools Facebook Page / Public Profile
  21. 21. Publisher & Wall • Use publisher and wall to connect with user • Update on promo, news and new info • Create photo album, videos or notes on interesting subject
  22. 22. Favorite Pages • Put affiliate public profiles • Exchange link
  23. 23. Photos & Video • Treat as showcase gallery • Put Photos & Videos that related • Tag them • Video Testimonial
  24. 24. Events Enlarge your promotion and future target to your activity Predict future Audience
  25. 25. Updates
  26. 26. Applications Application is one way to do facebook marketing. Currently there are more than 52.000 Apps. Free to be used by all Facebook user
  27. 27. Tab • Prioritize the Tab • Manage the Boxes
  28. 28. Communication Talk . Share . Buzz
  29. 29. How to Communicate • See who your target and speaks their language • Be wise in communicating (especially on negative comments) • Smart way to get attention • Regular communication • Be honest!
  30. 30. Where to Communicate • Photos • Videos • Links • Discussion Boards • Notes • Chat
  31. 31. Social Buzz
  32. 32. Facebook Advertising
  33. 33. Banner Ads.
  34. 34. Social Ads. Targeted Ad around the globe By Demography; Age, likeness, gender, country Based on CPM and CPC Fairly effective and cost efficient Easy tracking system
  35. 35. Facebook Stat Numbers Is The Sexiest Thing
  36. 36. How To Measure • Define know your objective search the right metrics • Collect • Analyze • Take Action
  37. 37. Type of Statistic Stat Monitoring Facebook Page Facebook Application
  38. 38. Type of Statistic Quality Engagement Monitoring Facebook Groups/ event Facebook Profile
  39. 39. Stat That Mattered If FB Page Demographic Active Fans Fans Activity Fans Habit + Qualitative Engagement IF FB Application User Activity User Acceptance Quality of Apps
  40. 40. Spot Your Loyalist
  41. 41. Final Step of Stat • Listen, monitor listen to your customer, prospect do what they do take part of their conversation ensure cost effectiveness and ROI • Learn remember your objective work with the collected data • Activate and optimize act on feedback add on value implement changes based on what you’ve learn
  42. 42. Tips & Trick
  43. 43. • Static FBML • Facebook Username • Group Might Help
  44. 44. Static FBML How to personalize your public profile page? Thank God for: STATIC FBML You can customize, sent out a message and with user
  45. 45. Facebook Username Make it easier for people to find and connect with you or brand People can enter facebook username as a search term on popular search engine like Google and they will automatically find you
  46. 46. Facebook Group As you make a group, divine your Group purposes Set up the tools as to meet your purposes Be ready to learn - explore - make mistake - be better.
  47. 47. Bare in mind TO: • Know what is your goal? • Who is your target (insights) • Choose the right tools • Measure the campaign • Take additional action (if necessary)
  48. 48. Forrester Research Recommendations • Facebook Marketing requires Communicating, not Advertising - so act appropriately • Be a part of the Facebook experience be more like content than advertising • Tap into the reasons why friends share • Listen, learn, and be ready to make mistakes
  49. 49. • Fit in, Be Social • Users are there for themselves and their friends, not your product • So be useful or fun, don’t intrude • Be holistic - a successful campaign has many part, but don’t lose sight of the big picture • Intelligence • Use the Stat • Analyze, Optimize, Iterate • Don’t be afraid of radical changes • Users know what they want and will ask for it. Often loudly. • Commitment • Plan to give time and attention • Educate all stake holders
  50. 50. Thank You be connected - be discovered -be on Facebook