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Increasing your velocity's velocity


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In this presentation, Professional Services Manager Penny Kronz will demonstrate the new velocity locator tools that were released in version 7.4 of Cascade Server.

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Increasing your velocity's velocity

  1. 1. Using new Velocity Tools Increase your Velocity’s Velocity #csuc13 @penny_kronz @hannon_hill
  2. 2. Locator Tool ● Velocity Tool that provides a way of retrieving specific content from the database ● Retrieves Page, Folder, File, Block, and Symlink content ● Allows for retrieval of content without an Index Block ● Does not necessarily require XPath knowledge #csuc13 @penny_kronz @hannon_hill
  3. 3. Are Index Blocks going away? No. Index Blocks will still be used for retrieving most content. Index Blocks can retrieve content and cache this content which will make them faster at providing the same content that the Locator Tool can.#csuc13 @penny_kronz @hannon_hill
  4. 4. Additional Velocity Tools • Global Variable o $currentPagePath o $currentPageSiteName • PropertyTool o outputProperties o isNull • #import directive #csuc13 @penny_kronz @hannon_hill
  5. 5. Examples • Current Page example • Navigation • Breadcrumbs • Displaying most recent press releases with thumbnail image • Keyword example #csuc13 @penny_kronz @hannon_hill
  6. 6. Questions/Comments? Penny Kronz 678.904.6900 ext 255 @penny_kronz #csuc13 @penny_kronz @hannon_hill
  7. 7. Questions/Comments? Penny Kronz 678.904.6900 ext 255 @penny_kronz #csuc13 @penny_kronz @hannon_hill