Tv drama stereotypes


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Tv drama stereotypes

  1. 1. TV Drama- Stereotypes
  2. 2. Gender • The typical connotations of gender normally centre on women being either one of two extremes: extremely extremely feminine and soft natured or fierce with sexual undertones. This is shown between Kate Moss and Rihanna. These are both negative representations.
  3. 3. Age• Age in the media is represented both negatively and positively on both ends of the spectrum.• People like Simon Cowell, are shown in a good light when he for example funds charity singles but then negatively when you think of how much power he has over people.• On the other end of the spectrum would be Willow Smith who is presented positivley as a talented child of a talented actor. The negative connotations come in where some may view young stars as spoilt or fake.• An example of age representations in TV drama would be My Familly that shows on GOLD or Waterloo Road on BBC.
  4. 4. Ethnicity and Sexuality A good example of sex and ethnicity on TV is Modern Familly that shows on SKY1. Thee gay couple are represented in a comical manner and the foreign step mum is represented both negatively and positively. Positively in the way that she is shown as a good wife and mother, getting along well with all her step children but negatively as she may be viewed as a woman who married an older man for his wealth.