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IBM on campus program team8_hult_sf


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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IBM on campus program team8_hult_sf

  1. 1. Roseanne Moises Sisi Guo Athicha Puissarakij Ana Maria Munoz Osama Elgohary Akshay VanneryON CAMPUS PROGRAM
  2. 2. GoalsHowHow can we can we Student Mindbe different? increase settings awareness level?
  3. 3. CompetitorsWhat are others doing ?
  4. 4. Value PropProgram ValuesTechnical AND non technical (people that generatecontent as well)Collaboration of resources (IBMER)On campus expertise  
  5. 5. PersonasWho is the target audience? CONnie DiON JONNever heard about the Aware of the program but Aware of the programprogram doesn’t understand the and it’s benefits but not benefits. engaged.    
  6. 6. Branding BrandingThe Logo
  7. 7. BrandingThe Icon
  8. 8. BrandingThe Slogan
  9. 9. BrochureThe Main ConceptsSimplicity Engagement Clarity Readability          
  10. 10. Brochure
  11. 11. Infographic
  12. 12. Strategy360 Marketing plan that incorporates all personas touch point
  13. 13. Execution Off LINE MARKETING STRATEGY - Kick-off Event - University events
  14. 14. OFF-LINE Kick-off Event
  15. 15. OFF-LINE University EventsIntroduce the program to the students on Orientation Day and engage them during the year in Career fairs
  16. 16. PartnershipsSeek for on campus partners-Student Clubs-Student Services
  17. 17. Execution ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY- Social Media: Blog, Facebook, Twitter- Connected Webpage- Promotional Video
  18. 18. BLOG - Students can share their ideas and comment on the posts.- More discussion & More engagement
  19. 19. Social Media FACEBOOK- IBM On CampusProgram GlobalFan Page- IBM On CampusProgram page foreach university
  20. 20. Social media TWITTER-  Unique accounts for each campus- One unified, official account for all globalcampuses #IBMOCP, #IBMOCPCairoUniversity
  21. 21. On-line CONNECTED WEBPAGECentralized platform to connect all IBMers anduniversity students around the world.
  22. 22. On-linePROMOTIONAL VIDEO Inspire students and promote the diversity and worldliness of the program.
  23. 23. Questions? ?