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NextCODE Exchange: The World's First Online Hub for Global Genomic Data Access

NextCODE has launched NextCODE Exchange, the world's first online hub for global genomic data access.

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NextCODE Exchange: The World's First Online Hub for Global Genomic Data Access

  1. 1. Imagine the Poten-al: The World’s First Online Hub for Global Genomic Data Access Hannes Smarason Genome Sequencing |Personalized Medicine | Transforming Health Care
  2. 2. Challenge: Maximize U-lity of Genomic Data The field of genomic medicine is rapidly advancing as the research community becomes more comfortable manipula?ng genomic data with the goal of discovering insights about disease causes and risks. Yet each database is hosted within separate organiza?ons, organized in unique ways and vastly too cumbersome to easily share with others who may be working on similar research.
  3. 3. Solu-on: The NextCODE Exchange This weekend a new tool launched to enable just that. The NextCODE Exchange (see release here), a new browser-­‐based hub, allows for real-­‐?me sharing of whole genome collec?ons in a simple, consistent format.
  4. 4. Community On Board to Harmonize Data • The availability of this Exchange is a cri?cal advance in extending the u?lity of genomic data by allowing organiza?ons around the world to access and harmonize large complementary datasets, poten?ally mul?plying their study data sets to gain more reliable insights than ever before. • Already, numerous organiza?ons are par?cipa?ng in the NextCODE Exchange to add and share their genomic data, including clinicians and researchers affiliated with Boston Children’s Hospital, University College Dublin, Queensland Ins?tute of Medical Research (Australia) and Saitama Medical University (Japan).
  5. 5. Advancing Progress Worldwide As new ins?tu?ons look to the Exchange to share genomic data, this hub holds significant poten?al to help advance progress in genomic-­‐based medicine. Learn more about the NextCODE Exchange here.