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Hannes smarason wu xi acquires nextcode health


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WuXi PharmaTech has acquired NextCODE Health to create WuXi NextCODE Genomics, a global leader in genomic medicine. Pairing WuXi’s technology and existing reach with NextCODE’s leading analytics and database promises to advance the pace of genomics research today.

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Hannes smarason wu xi acquires nextcode health

  1. 1. A  new  era,  new  vision  for  WuXi   and  NextCODE  Health     Hannes  Smarason     Genome  Sequencing  |Personalized  Medicine  |  Transforming  Health  Care  
  2. 2. Our  Opportunity:  Enhance  Value   of  Genomics  in  Medicine   In  the  fast-­‐paced  genomics  community,  we  con?nually   look  for  new  opportuni?es  and  strategies  to  enhance   the  value  of  genomics  and  use  the  increasingly  robust   body  of  genomic  data  for  the  advancement  of  clinical   medicine.     We’re  excited  to  announce  a  new,  ambi?ous  vision  to   do  just  that,  with  WuXi’s  acquisi?on  of  NextCODE   Health.    
  3. 3. NextCODE  and  WuXi   •  NextCODE  will  be  merged  with  WuXi’s  exis?ng   Genome  Center  in  wholly-­‐owned  subsidiary  called   WuXi  NextCODE  Genomics,  with  unique,   comprehensive  and  global  capabili?es  for  using   genomic  data  to  deliver  beOer  medicine  and  improve   healthcare.      
  4. 4. Increased  Value  Through   CollaboraIon   •  WuXi,  a  Shanghai-­‐based  genomic  laboratory  service   partner  for  companies  in  the  pharma  and  biotech   community,  has  already  been  collabora?ng  with   NextCODE  to  provide  analysis  services  to  customers   of  the  WuXi  Genome  Center.     •  Now,  with  the  in-­‐house  capability  to  analyze,  store   and  manage  the  vast  amount  of  genomic  data,   NextCODE’s  industry  leading   genome  sequence  analysis  plaPorm  will  expand   WuXi’s  core  NGS  benefits  and  services.    
  5. 5. Enhancing  CapabiliIes  and   ContribuIons   •  Pairing  WuXi’s  technology  and  exis?ng  reach  with   NextCODE’s  leading  analy?cs  and  database   promises  to  advance  the  pace  of  genomics   research  today.       •  More  importantly,  however,  this  new  era  for  our   company  brings  exci?ng  opportuni?es  to   maximize  the  most  advanced  tools  available  today   and  contribute  to  major  advances  in  genomic   medicine.