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Hannes smarason next code-wuxi combined technologies

Lower-cost genome sequencing has reached a point of strong commercial viability. The remaining 2 legs of the “3-legged stool” of genomics-enabling technologies —genomic analysis tools database storage—are rapidly evolving to support the use of genomic information in medical care.

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Hannes smarason next code-wuxi combined technologies

  1. 1. Bringing  Together  Core  Technologies   Unlocks  Genomic  Data  to  Improve   Healthcare   Hannes  Smarason     Genome  Sequencing  |Personalized  Medicine  |  Transforming  Health  Care  
  2. 2. Clinical  Use  of  Genome   Sequencing  Rapidly  Expanding   The  adop9on  of  genome  sequencing  technology  is   rapidly  expanding  as  medical  centers  around  the  world   embrace  its  u9lity  in  informing  healthcare  decisions— an  emerging  reality  of  personalized  medicine.  
  3. 3. Expansion  Driven  by  Technology   •  There  are  three  important  areas  of  technology  that  are   driving  the  use  of  genomic  data  in  healthcare:    genome   sequencing,  genomic  analysis  tools,  and  database  storage.       •  The  first  of  these  –  genome  sequencing  –  has  advanced  to  the   point  that  it  is  more  widely  accessible,  with  the  cost  of   sequencing  at  nearly  $1,000  or  less.       •  This  lower  cost  of  genome  sequencing  has  reached  a  cri9cal   milestone  to  enable  the  use  of  sequencing  as  a  mass-­‐market   product  for  medical  care.    
  4. 4. Expansion  Driven  by  Technology   •  The  second  and  third  core   genomic  technologies  –   genomic  analysis  tools  and   database  storage  –  are  in   the  midst  of  evolu9on.       •  Their  progress  and   integra9on  are  cri9cal  for   the  next  stage  of  adop9on  of   genomic  data  into  health   care.      
  5. 5. AnalyEcs  Central  to  Progress   •  Genomic  Analysis  Tools:     –  Since  the  human  genome  was  first  sequenced  more  than  a  decade   ago,  an  increasingly  robust  body  of  research  has  showcased  the   links  between  muta9ons  iden9fied  in  the  genome  and  disease  risk.     –  Informa9cs  tools  have  been  developed  by  medical  centers  and   genomics  companies  to  apply  to  whole-­‐genome  samples.     –  Increasingly,  these  genome  analysis  tools  will  need  to  adapt  to  the   steady  pace  of  new  genomic  linkages  to  disease  and  to  operate  at   a  level  approaching  “big  data.”  
  6. 6. Database  Storage  EssenEal  to   Inform  Decision  Making   •  Database  Storage  for  Human  Genomes:     –  There  are  a  growing  number  of  robust  databases  of  human   genomes,  including  data  for  healthy  people  or  those  with  certain   diseases.       –  When  properly  analyzed,  these  databases  offer  the  poten9al  to   provide  the  medical  community  with  a  reference  library  against   which  to  compare  gene9c  data.     –  Large-­‐scale,  high-­‐quality  databases  are  an  essen9al  element  to   cross-­‐reference  a  pa9ent  genome  to  guide  more  informed  medical   decisions.  
  7. 7. Combined  Leading  Technologies  Will   Accelerate  Progress     •  Recently,  two  leading  genomics  companies,  WuXi  and   NextCODE  Health,  have   combined  their  technology  capabili9es  in  these  two  areas.       –  WuXi  has  industry-­‐leading  capabili9es  to  analyze,  store  and  manage  the   vast  amounts  of  genomic  data.       –  NextCODE  Health  brings  a  leading-­‐edge  system  for  sequence-­‐based   clinical  diagnos9c  applica9ons  and  genome  analysis.       •  The  combina9on  of  WuXi’s  founda9onal  genomic  database   storage  and  management  and  NextCODE’s  sophis9cated   genome  analysis  tools  will  integrated  the  key  components  that   are  most  rapidly  evolving  to  apply  genomics  to  medical  care.      
  8. 8. OpportuniEes  Lie  on  the  Horizon   •  Ini9a9ves  like  this  in  the  advance  the  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  in   genomic  analysis  and  database  storage  brings  us  to  the   heart  of  helping  the  world  to  fully  harness  personalized   medicine,  and  to  providing  tools  directly  to  doctors  to   provide  beer  diagnos9cs  and  treatments  to  pa9ents.   •  The  progress  to  date  has  been  amazing.  Yet  the   opportuni9es  ahead  are  even  more  extraordinary  to   improve  the  speed,  accuracy,  and  accessibility  of  genomic   informa9on  to  improve  human  health.