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  1. 1.   SPRING     Newsletter  KAHAWAI  watersports     2014               K A H A W A I   w a t e r s p o r t s     1   14  
  2. 2. CONTENT       1. Introduction     2. Set  Up     3. Changes     4. New  Offers     5. Digital     6. Prices  and  Discounts     7. Events     8. Comments/Ideas/Enquiries                 1. INTRODUCTION     More   than   half   of   off-­‐season   is   already   over   and   it   hasn’t   been   really   cold   yet,   hopefully,   it  will  be  a  warm  and  early  start  into  the  new  season  for  all  of  us!     Our  first  year  has  been  flying  by.  We  are  really  happy  about  how  it  went;  it  was  great   getting   to   know   so   many   liked   minded   watersport   enthusiasts,   who   frequently   visited   KAHAWAI   to   share   their   great   passion   for   towsports   with   us.   In   addition,   the   great   support  of  the  Resort  Marina  Oolderhuuske  assured  us,  to  be  in  the  right  spot  for  what   we  are  doing.     Why   did   we   decide   to   write   a   newsletter?   Because   we   find   it   important   to   inform,   anybody  who  cares,  about  what  we  are  planning  for  upcoming  season!     In   the   end,   our   greatest   wish   is   for   as   many   friendly   and   relaxed   customers   as   last   season,  many  hours  of  sun  and  loads  of  FUNGRESSION!     Until  we  meet  back,  take  care  and  enjoy  life!               2  
  3. 3. 2. SET  UP     After   our   first   season,   ideas   of   how   to   upgrade   the   set   up   were   limitless.   A   second   boat,   a  big  trampoline,  a  place  where  customers  can  sleep…  We  are  happy  to  inform  you,  that   quite  a  few  of  the  ideas  will  be  implemented  in  2014:     • We  will  set  up  a  huge  trampoline  (customers  only)  in  order  to  train  the  desired   wake  tricks  on  land     • We  will  install  Wakeye,  a  system  that  automatically  video  tapes  the  rider  as  he   wakeboards  and  transmits  the  data  onto  an  iPad  in  the  boat;  the  main  benefits   are  that  participants  can  get  a  direct  feedback  after  their  ride  and  that  the  video   may  be  taken  home     • We   will   acquire   Headzone,   a   system   that   consists   of   a   waterproof   helmet   with   headphones   and   a   headset   for   the   driver   of   the   boat/coach;   the   benefit   is   live   coaching/talking  as  the  wakeboarder  is  in  the  water  and  no  more  shouting       • We   will   get   board   racks   for   the   Axis   in   order   to   store   the   –   constantly  growing   number  of  –  wakeboards  properly     • We   have   already   removed   the   outdoor   furniture   and   will   replace   them   with   sunbed  chairs,  to  chill  right  next  to  the  water     • We   will   rebuild   the   inside   of   the   house   to   enlarge   the   wake   shop,   we   already   ordered  new  equipment  from  Ronix,  Hyperlite,  Byerly,  Daffy  Boards  and  Oakley   and  will  also  set  up  new  test  boards     • We   want   to   have   the   boat   on   a   dock   right   in   front   of   the   wake   school,   perchance,   we  already  accomplish  that  in  2014     • We   are   trying   to   obtain   a   convenient   chalet   for   customers   and   visitors   to   stay/sleep  in     We  hope  to  set  all  of  the  above  into  place  until  the  beginning  of  April.  All  together  will   make  for  a  significant  improvement  of  the  wake  school  and  the  customer  experience!         3.  CHANGES     Looking   at   the   last   season,   we   felt   it   was   important   to   have   some   minor   changes.   The   most  relevant  two  changes  for  daily  bookings  will  be,  that  we  will  distinguish  between   freeriding   sessions   (private   group,   fun   focused,   flexible   timing)   and   lessons   (progressive  character,  coaching,  theory,  on  land  training)  and,  that  we  will  rent  out  the   boat  by  the  hour  as  opposed  to  taking  bookings  per  person.         The   groups   for   group   lessons   will   be   kept   small   (2-­‐5   persons)   and   preferably   on   a   similar   level   of   ability.   The   lessons   will   imply   an   individual,   goal   orientated   approach   with  a  mixture  of  theory,  on  land  (ex.  trampoline)  and  on  water  (ex.  Headzone,  Wakeye)     3  
  4. 4. training.   Group   lessons   will   take   place   every   Tuesday   evening   (6PM   to   sundown)   and   can   be   paid   individually   or   per   month   (for   details,   please   check   out   our   price   list).   With   a  minimum  of  2  people,  group  sessions  can  also  be  scheduled  as  preferred.       Individual   private   lessons   (1   one   1   coaching)   are   another   option   for   anyone   who   wants   privacy  and  aims  at  maximum  progression.  Freeriding  sessions  are  for  those  who  want   to  enjoy  wakeboarding  with  a  group  of  buddies  without  coaching  (1h,  1-­‐4  persons;  2h,   1-­‐8   persons).   Individuals   can   go   for   freeriding   sets   behind   the   Waverunner.   You   find   details  to  all  of  the  above  in  our  price  list.       4. NEW  OFFERS       As   we   had   the   feeling,   that   many   customers   are   interested   in   wake   camps   and   as   we   know   that   wake   camps   are   a   major   progression   booster,   we   set   up   some   camps   throughout   the   season.   Roermond,   Florida,   Norway   and   Portugal   are   available;   check   out  our  homepage  for  details  and  bookings  (­‐camps).     Since  many  kids  have  been  wakeboarding  with  us  last  year,  we  will  set  up  a  Kids  Club   this   year,   every   Friday   (May   to   September,   15h–17h30);   kids   can   enjoy   towsports   (wakeboarding,   waterski,   banana   boat,   tubing,   jet   ski,   fun   contests   etc.)   with   us,   for   more  details  and  to  sign  up,  please  contact  us  at       5. DIGITAL     As   we   are   often   on   the   water   and   cannot   always   answer   phone   calls,   we   found   it   was   necessary  to  get  an  online  booking  tool.  The  tool  will  be  launched  before  the  beginning   of   the   upcoming   season   (March).   It   is   intended   give   you   the   opportunity   to   find   open   slots,   book   and   pay   online.   In   addition,   your   login   will   be   linked   to   our   discounts,   which   will  be  assigned  automatically.     In  February,  our  online  shop  will  be  launched,  at  which  you  will  find  a  quick  overview  of   all  our  stock  and  the  current  pricing.  Stay  tuned.     We   are   still   in   the   process   of   translating   our   homepage   in   Dutch;   German   and   English   are  already  finished.  In  addition,  we  have  updated  all  information  and  sections  on  our   page,  if  you  are  planning  a  group  event  in  2014  (ex.  bachelor  party),  you  should  check   out   our   Customize   Your   Event   tool   (­‐event).   KAHAWAI   is   now   also   on   Twitter   and   Instagram.   Below   you   find   a   list   with   all   our   online  appearances:     (FB)  (TW)   (YT)  (IG)  (KAHAWAIwatersports)     If  you  want,  you  can  follow  us  to  get  the  newest  information,  insides,  updates,  deals  and   other  fun  and  informative  stuff  about  towsports  and  KAHAWAI.       4  
  5. 5. 6. PRICES  AND  DISCOUNTS     We   will   soon   upload   our   new   price   list.   The   freeriding   sets   will   be   cheaper   than   the   sessions  last  year  (2013,  29€  per  10min.;  2014,  139€  per  60min.  =  23€  per  10min.  -­‐  and   this  calculation  is  not  considering  up  to  30%  discount);  the  wake  lessons  will  cost  more,   but   imply   longer   riding   times,   the   use   of   Wakeye,   Headzone,   trampoline   and   individual,   goal  orientated  coaching.  The  prices  for  the  rental  of  our  Waverunner  and  boating  tours   are  as  last  year.  Stay  tuned  for  the  upload  of  our  new  price  sheet.     We  will  not  hand  out  vouchers  anymore  but  set  up  a  new  discount  system  where  you   can  get  up  to  30%.  If  you  still  have  a  voucher  from  last  year,  you  may  turn  it  in  to  get  the   equivalent   discount   in   our   new   system.   The   discounts   will   be   worked   into   our   online   booking   tool   and   will   be   given   automatically.   Stay   tuned   for   the   upload   of   our   new   discount  sheet.       7. EVENTS     Our  participation  in  the  UNKNOWN  will  definately  be  the  highlight  of  our  event  year  –   stay   tuned   for   more   infos!   In   addition,   we   want   to   have   a   little   celebration   of   the   beginning  of  the  season  at  the  KONINGSDAG  and  a  years  end  party.       8. COMMENTS/IDEAS/ENQUIRIES     If  you  have  any  ideas  of  what  we  should  plan  or  do,  want  to  comment  what  we  already   did   or   would   like   to   talk   to   us   about   a   booking   you   want   to   place   for   the   upcoming   season,  get  in  contact  (       5