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  1. 1. Dis My rup tion
  2. 2. Media-Me-Relationship 1993(What role media used to play in my life.) A 24 Hour Day 8 hours / day Media always played a 100% Analogue significant role in my life Long Copy Editorially Curated Mainly Lean Back Media usage approx. 8 Face Time hours / day Medium Demand TV AUDIO / TAPES BOOK /PRINT TELEPHONE FRIENDS (20 CHANNELS)
  3. 3. Media-Me-Relationship 2013(How media has changed me, and how Im changing media.) A 24 Hour Day Always On / Parallel Use Creates an 90% Digital entirely new socio- cultural relationship! Visualized / Short Copy (Video, Image, Infografics) (Socially) Curated / Dialogue Mainly Lean Forward A variety of new More media technology media Publishing delivers contents than I can and formats consume High Demand / SelectedTV (E)BOOK /PRINT INTERNET / EMAIL SOCIAL MEDIA MOBILE FRIENDS +
  4. 4. EXERCISE30 MIN.Write down individually how your "Media-Me-Relationship"has changed in the last 10 years.5 min.Share your insights with your group.15 min.Discuss how your "Media-Me-relationship" will be 10 yearsfrom now: 202310 min.