Vodaworld - As-built documentation


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Vodaworld - As-built documentation

  1. 1. 17145000<br />LS of SA Radio Communication Services (Pty) Ltd.<br />As-Built Documentation for Multichoice at Vodaworld,<br />Vodavalley, Midrand, Gauteng<br />Index<br />As-Built Documentation for Multichoice at Vodaworld, Vodavalley, Midrand, Gauteng<br /> <br />SectionDescription<br />1.Administrative<br />1.1Site Administrative Details P2<br />1.2Site Map / Location P3<br />2.General Physical Layouts<br />2.1Site Plan P4<br />2.2Site Photographs P5<br />3.Transmitter Room LayoutP13<br />4.Electrical<br />4.1Electrical Line DiagramP18<br />4.2Contractor’s ECB CertificateP19<br />4.3Wiring for the Site: AC-DBP23<br />4.4Electrical Certificate of Conformance & Electrical DetailsP24<br />4.5 Wiring for the Site: Air-conditioning UnitsP26<br />4.6Wiring for the Site: TelemetryP27<br />5.Support Structures<br />5.1.1 Kathrein Antenna Data SheetP28<br />5.2.1Satellite Dish Mounting Bracket Drawing P29<br />5.2.2Satellite Dish Data SheetP30<br />5.2.3Andrew Satellite DishMounting Bracket DrawingP32<br />5.2.4Satellite Dish Azimuth, Elevation and Line of Sight informationP33<br />1. Administrative<br />1.1 Site Administrative Details<br />Suburb /AreaMidrand, GautengType of InstallationTransmitter RoomLocation DetailLatitude:Longitude:25° 58’ 13.08” S28° 7’ 41.16” EPhysical AddressVodaworld,082 Vodacom Boulevard,Vodavalley, Midrand, Gauteng On Site Contact Person:Telephone / Cellular Number:Mike Jackson082 997 4444Orbicom Site Number:GA10014<br />1.2 Site Map<br />2. General Physical Layouts<br />2.1 Site Plan<br />2.2 Site Photographs<br />Pre-Build Photo’s<br />VodaworldVodaworldVodaworldVodaworldVodaworldVodaworld – Proposed Transmitter Room<br />2.2 Site Photographs<br />Pre-Build Photo’s<br />Proposed Transmitter RoomTransmitter RoomTransmitter Room - ceilingCable Run above ceilingCable Run above ceilingElectrical Distribution Board<br />2.2 Site Photographs<br />Pre-Build Photo’s<br />Proposed area on the roof for the Satellite Dish, GPS Antenna and GSM AntennaProposed position for the mounting of the Satellite DishStaircase above cable runProposed entry points for the RF CablesExisting Air-conditioning UnitsService Entrance<br />2.2 Site Photographs<br />Pre-Build Photo’s<br />Service EntranceDelivery Area<br />2.2 Site Photographs<br />During and after the installation <br />Outdoor Air-conditioning units installedOutdoor temperature sensing unitOutdoor Air-conditioning unit # 1 serial number Outdoor Air-conditioning unit # 2 serial numberCable Entry into buildingSatellite Dish mountedEarthing of Satellite Dish and mounting bracketSatellite Dish Elevation Adjustment ScrewCable run and earth wiring from Satellite DishSatellite Dish serial numberGPS and GSM antenna in positionEarth Wiring connected to earth wire from Vodaworld building<br />2.2 Site Photographs<br />During and after the installation <br />APC UPS installed inside the PIE & Transmission Equipment RackRed Lion Display UnitPIE and Transmission Equipment Rack – front viewPIE and Transmission Equipment Rack – back viewDospel fans and cable racks installedIndoor air-conditioning units installed<br />2.2 Site Photographs<br />During and after the installation <br />Indoor air-conditioning units and Tautech Controller installedIndoor air-conditioning units installedTelemetry installedRed Lion Display inside Telemetry CabinetWiring of the outdoor airconditioning unitsWiring of the outdoor airconditioning units<br />3. TRANSMITTER ROOM LAYOUT<br />4. ELECTRICAL<br />4.1 ELECTRICAL LINE DIAGRAM<br />4. ELECTRICAL<br />4.2 CONTRACTOR’s ECB CERTIFICATE<br />4. ELECTRICAL<br />4.3 WIRING FOR THE SITE AC – DB<br />4. ELECTRICAL<br />4.4 ELECTRICAL CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMANCE & ELECTRICAL DETAILS<br />4. ELECTRICAL<br />4.5 WIRING FOR THE SITE: AIR CONDITIONING<br />4. ELECTRICAL<br />4.6 WIRING FOR THE SITE: TELEMETRY<br />5. SUPPORT STRUCTURES<br />5.1. KATHREIN INDOOR OMNIDIRECTIONAL ANTENNA DATA SHEET<br />5. SUPPORT STRUCTURES<br />5.2.1 SATELLITE ANTENNA DISH MOUNTING BRACKET<br />5. SUPPORT STRUCTURES<br />5.2.2 SATELLITE ANTENNA DISH DATA SHEET<br />5. SUPPORT STRUCTURES<br />5.2.3. ANDREW SATELLITE DISH MOUNTING BRACKET DRAWING<br />5. SUPPORT STRUCTURES<br />5.2.4 SATELLITE DISH AZIMUTH, ELEVATION AND LINE OF SIGHT INFORMATION<br />