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talk at the april 2009 barcamp innsbruck (austria) about startup competitions, like seedcamp, techstars or ycombinator. how to do it, what to avoid.
by hannes a. schwetz, from the the start.upICT blog:

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startup competitions

  1. 1. start.up competitions hannes a. schwetz investment manager/aws
  2. 2. start.up visability problem suppliers employees investors customers product
  3. 3. adressing the visability issue lucky shot customers realize genius good product references customers pr (standard, non standard) competitions realize the order competitions one option
  4. 4. how do they work apply make it to the final picht win organizer´s motivations investments/profits reputation/marketing cultivate entrepreneurship community activation
  5. 5. market finance mindmap:
  6. 6. when & which timing/selection (like investment in stocks, development, customer acquisition,...) * investment geography focus experience cash available fund exit horizons and references * „six steps to venture capital“
  7. 7. how clear about own aim select prepare (well) perform leverage how many 1-2 relevant per region (eu, us)
  8. 8. how not blabla, blabla competition evergreen stand.up performance unprepared no leverage common mistakes ignore rules not on the point tech, tech, tech no marketview no business model
  9. 9. e.g.
  10. 10. reference christoper clay, start.upICT blog: „what are your 3 recommendations for new upcoming founders?“ christoper: „first thing is to select your idea to found a start.up on a clear understanding on how to earn money. secondly apply to start.up competitions like seedcamp if you are in europe. and finally, like already mentioned choose your location wisely.“
  11. 11. does it work investments from union square ventures: venture beat article:
  12. 12.
  13. 13. european competitions
  14. 14. u.s. competitions