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Baby Panda’s Journey


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Was made on year 2013 :)
Just wanted to share this story I made years ago.

Published in: Science
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Baby Panda’s Journey

  1. 1. 88888888888888888888 8888888888888888888 000000000000000000 TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
  2. 2. Baby Panda’s Journey One very wonderful morning,the panda is resting on the branch while imagining the shapes of the clouds. Jikie: Hey that shape looks like baby Pandas and I playing! –Looks on Bolt sadly- Hello my friend… Bolt: Hi! It seems like your sad. Tell me what’s your problem so I can try helping you. Jikie: I want… um … i-i want to see where I belong in the Bear Family. Bolt: This is a long journey to take but we need to do it now. Come let’s pack our things first. Jikie and Bolt packed their things and Jikie asked Bolt the things to do next because he is really excited. Jikie: So we’re all ready! So… Bolt: Here’s the map of the Bear Family’s different bear Cities. Jikie Received it and read it.
  3. 3. Bolt: We’re here! Jikie: I didn’t brought my jacket because I can keep myself warm because of my thick fur. Bolt: Come follow let’s meet the leader here. They went to the leader’s castle to meet and talk with the Polar Bear Leader. Polar Bear Leader: Hi, how can I help you travelers? Bolt: We’re here to know the things here in the Polar Bear City Jikie: Can you take us a tour? Polar Bear Leader: Ok,follow me for a walk. They walk while the Polar Bear Leader tells about Polar Bears. Polar Bear Leader: Polar bears live in cold places. We are Carnivorous.We are in Kingdom:Animalia,Phylum:Chordata,Order:Carnivora,Family:Ursidae,Genus:Ursus, Species:maritimus.We have white fur. Bolt:Thank you Polar Bear leader because we need to travel right now cause we will go in where Jikie belongs. Jikie:So? Are they my family? Bolt: Nope,but we have four more to go
  4. 4. They travelled from the Polar Bears’ City to Red Pandas’ City.Then they asked the Red Panda Leader to classify Jikie. Red Panda Leader: So he is not a Red Panda Cause we have Red Fur Bolt:Thank You… Jikie let’s go travel Jikie: Ok They travel to Black Bears’ City. And also classify Jickie Black Bear Leader: He is not a Black Bear Because our fur is only black while Jikie has Black & White one. They travelled again to the Grizzly Bear City.Then the Grizzley Bear Leader classify Grizzly Bear Leader: Your not a grizzly bear because we have Brown fur. While you have Black & White. Then they finally reached the Panda Bears’ City.And Bolt met the Panda Leader. Panda Leader: Greetiungs ! –Bolt whispered the Panda lider to classify Jikie- Panda Leader: You are a panda Jikie because of your fur,habitat,food you eat,and adaptation. Bolt: Congratulations! Jikie: Yay ! =D