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Final presentation


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photography presentation

Published in: Education
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Final presentation

  1. 1. By Mary-Grace Jatulan & Oceane Ehiman
  2. 2. The first image is an establishing shot, introducing the two main characters. Already we are using connotations of the genre we have chosen (romance) by the use of the colour red and contrasting this against black and white image to create a dramatic irony. Scene 1:
  3. 3. These were the two films that gave as the concept of ideas to do with our project. Similar Genre – Romance/Thriller, although we used a similar concept as these two films we challenged the idea of the guy being the stalker by using the girl in our story to be the one that’s stalking.
  4. 4. Scene 2: Using Colour dash makes the subject stand out from the background and also catches the audiences attention rather than the background of the photo.
  5. 5. Scene 3: The high contrast of lighting makes it seem dreamy to connote the chemistry between the two characters. Background is out of focus to avoid once again the objects around it. Face in focus to enhance their body language towards each other.
  6. 6. Scene 4: We tried using a different angle to show the perspective of the woman of who she was looking at. So although you can hardly see her you know that there's someone in the foreground from the blurriness and the side of her face to indicate the body language of her in this scene.
  7. 7. Scene 5: In this image we have focused on the background rather than the foreground to enhance the actions of the girl stalking the guy. With the guy also in the background showing movement it allows the audience to be drawn in the background emphasising the other main character to stand out from the foreground.
  8. 8. Scene 6: Used low angle shot just to show various types of angles and to make it interesting. In this photo it is quite similar to the one before of where she was looking at him walk away – emphasising the stalking.
  9. 9. Scene 7: Last image shows of the girl looking away – just a simple photograph that has a stronger meaning behind it to and decode from the viewer of what happens in the end. Once again challenging the concept from the influenced we got of a happy ending.