Irn Bru Research
Hannah Sewell
Images: These images have been chosen as they have a
comedy feel to them. They help to amuse the audience
with there sarca...
Second Advert
Tone: The tone for this advertisement is light and friendly, it has good
humor in it also that would bring i...
Colour Scheme: The colours used on this advert is very bright and eye catching. This is what 13-18 year
teenagers love, wh...
Layout: I like how they have put a
game on there advertisements.
‘Spot the Difference’ games are
really popular with child...
Font: the font used is very bold and elongated this is easy to read and strong looking. The fact that it is
large and take...
Colour Scheme: I like the way that
this has been produced for the
audience, they have used a shading
technique on the soil...
Colour Scheme: They have used red and blacks for there background, these are
quite dark colours that can mean anything. Es...
Font: the font is very smart
looking and simply, which is
good because it fits well with
the product and it doesn’t ruin
Image: The image used is very simple, the dog is
very cute and would bring in any audience that
love animals, it has a goo...
Colour Scheme and Layout: The main colour that Monster use for there products is black, even
though this is a negative I t...
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Research Irn Bru LO1


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Research Irn Bru LO1

  1. 1. Irn Bru Research Hannah Sewell
  2. 2. Images: These images have been chosen as they have a comedy feel to them. They help to amuse the audience with there sarcastic faces and there use of producing a very stereotypical couple in the 1990’s. By having the images in black and white it shows how old fashioned and quirky it is and how it fits well with the text. Another product that does this are comedy cards. They use old fashioned images and then put a comedy sentence on, this shows juxtaposition because one image will show something whilst the text says something completely opposite. They have used both middle aged white people for there advertising, this is very mainstream in product advertising. This helps to show the target audience because the advert is quite immature and funny which is perfect for 13 to mid 20 year olds, as they would love to make fun of adults. These images are noticeable similar through out all of these advertisements which is important as they want a theme going through. I like how they have made one side Layout: For this of the advert positive and loving, whilst the other side immature and funny, this takes the loving idea away which makes it more quirky and modern for the younger generation. The words used for each of these advertisements are very clever. They make sure that the last word is rude which makes you laugh but then you realise that it fits with the image perfectly. In reality that man will be called Richard (but also known as Dick) which is very clever. Another advertisement says “I love Irn-Bru and so do my bitches” this sounds posh which links well with the image but the fact that the dogs are called bitches is funny because it’s the fact that the old man is using that language. The other side is that the female dogs would actually be called that in reality. You can tell from reading the quirky sentences that this fits well with Scottish comedy. The tartan and cigars In the second image really link well with the Scottish audience which is important. First Advert Fonts: The font used for this advert is very unique and easy to read for a younger audience. It shows that they are trying to produce a font that looks like a younger persons hand writing. The font is thin which doesn’t grab the audience’s attention but when you look at the image and then the text you realise how funny the whole advert is. The use of speech marks really help to link the image to the text which is important for when you want to put a message across. The font is in a perfect font size because it doesn’t over power the message that is shown, the fact that there is a balance between the image means the audience will read it. If a teenager see’s an advert and it has to much text on it then it gets to boring. To just read a simple funny sentence will really bring the audience in, this means they will start discussing the advert and saying how unique and funny it is. Tone: The tone is very relaxed on this advertisement, it’s funny and very simple for the audience. The use of bright colours and sarcastic imagery gives a sense of character that the audience would love it see. They would look at this advert and think that if they have this product then it shows that they have character and humour. The whole tone of the advert is very positive and nice which is what you want from an advert. The advert is purposefully not policed like other drinking products because they want them to fit in with the teenager theme where it’s rebellious and creative. Colour Scheme: The colour scheme really fits well with the product as they have used the same colours throughout all of there advertisements. The use of Orange and blue give a tropical feel to the product, the fact that these colours are bright will really attract the target audience to the product. This is because younger children like colourful things and they would rather choose a colourful quirky drink than a grey boring product. The black, white, orange and blue theme work quite well, it points out the contrast between the modern age and the old fashioned one.
  3. 3. Second Advert Tone: The tone for this advertisement is light and friendly, it has good humor in it also that would bring in an audience. The simplicity of having a card and then the products means it is easier for the audience to understand and remember, the advert that goes with this is very funny and uses older middle aged characters, this makes it funnier for the younger audience to watch as the adults act quite different to what they normally would. This is quite different to there other advertising as it’s quite sophisticated looking, mostly the other adverts have mainly an orange and a blue theme, with an image and sentence. This is quite different as they clearly show the products and a card without anymore information. By having the advertisement with a background and setting it gives of a better message and a better atmosphere to the advert. Instead they would take a picture and put it next to text like there other advertisements. Colour Scheme: The pink is a very appealing colour towards the audience, this product is mostly male so by using a girly colour it means they are trying to attract the opposite sex to the colour. They could also be using pink because the slogan is trying to say that women are hard to handle. This is a positive to the male side of the audience because then they might agree to this accusation. The use of oranges, greys and purples really go well with the product theme, this gives out a warm feeling to the audience due to the nice tones of each colour. The advert is very colourful which stands out of the crowd and has a positive feel towards it, the colours are gender neutral which means anyone can connect and enjoy the campaign and advertisement. Layout: The layout is very simple and eye catching, the fact that the background is blurred means the product and slogan is shown clearly to the audience. This catches your eye and is very easy to understand. The advertisement looks very modern, the fact that the cans and card are on a table means they looks like they are going to be presents for someone, this is positive for the audience and nice to see. The advertisement also fits well with a family audience which is good as there target audience are children from the age of 13-18, most of these will be in a family or in some sort of care. The fact that they have shown two products mean that the audience can see a variety of IrnBru that they can chose from. Even if the product is diet means it can still pull you through. Font: The font has been used very well on this advert. The fact that there is a bubble around the font looks very childish, this fits well with children as they love playing with bubbles and drawing bubble writing. This shows that they have researched there target audience perfectly. Showing the font on a baby card really helps to proclaim the message to the audience. It shows that if you have children then this drink will help you through that time which is good marketing because then the public would definitely buy the product because births happen everyday. Having the words on a card and not across the advertisement shows that you have the look for the information, it’s neater and sophisticated.
  4. 4. Colour Scheme: The colours used on this advert is very bright and eye catching. This is what 13-18 year teenagers love, when something is colorful they just want to keep looking at it to see what it is. The fact that there are so many colours means it’s hard to look at certain thing without trying to find out some more information. What’s good about this advert is that each image and text are spread out properly to it’s easier to read. This advert looks like it’s female orientated with the pink text and brightly coloured Speedo’s, this might be based on a female audience because of the male model trying to bring you in or the fact that they want to increase there sales in females. Throughout they have used female originated adverts to bring in that audience or to mock them. Layout: The layout is quirky and colourful which is good to make the audience positive instead of negative. The fact that they have made one slim box and then a smaller box makes the male look slimmer when holding that bottle, this gives illusion that you would become slimmer when drinking this product. The boxes help to make a magazine feel towards the advertisement, normally these shapes are used for articles and contributes an artistic feel. It makes the man look bigger than he actually is by having a smaller box next to him, which makes him look powerful and strong when holding the drink. The fact that the text is warped around his arm shows how strong the man is, it emphasizes the largeness of his muscles. Every bit of image and text are in a different and quirky position which means you have to read from the left and then to the right for the advert to makes sense. Teenagers would like this as it’s a different way of reading than normal. Tone: Yet again the advert is positive and quirky which has happened throughout there advertisements. They have a variety of meanings and are very humorous. There language in this advert is quite feminine when saying “make your tills redhot like Raoul’s pants” this sounds very girly and confident which would normally come out of a women mouth than a male figure. The name ‘Raoul’ is also funny because it’s not a name that we would be used to hearing and it’s quite unique so by saying he’s called that makes him so more tropical and different. The blues, pinks and orange still go perfectly with the Irn Bru logo which is most important. They are bright, summery colours that teenagers enjoy as they like to be out all the time. Images: This image used is very old fashioned, when men got photographed in the 60’s they would always have there hair stripped back and have Speedo's on. This would be humorous for teenagers because the fashion isn’t like that anymore, this means the man looks silly in Speedo's which would be the automatic thought for when a teenager looks at this image. The fact that he is holding the drink in a tropical island is also humorous as there market sales are in Scotland which is cold and very cultural. The fact that they have put the ‘Diet Irn Bru’ logo on each corner of the advert shows that you can never miss it, it’s very clever because if this was a poster then a person would grab one of the corners and they would see the logo straight away. Another comedy factor is that a business would try get a model/celebrity to sell there product because then people would buy it just because ‘David Beckham’ drank it. They would also think that if I drink this product then I would look like this person. Instead Irn Bru got a model to pose in a ridiculous way to mock that idea, they would rather you had to drink for having character then what you’d look like when drinking it. I also like the fact that if you drink this product then you will end up with a body like this, this would be fun for teenagers to look at and understand. Font: The font looks like it has come out of a comic book, this makes it automatically look youthful and fun to the audience. It looks like a serif font which means it’s easy and clear to read, the main sentence is also a very good size and is elongated to fit the layout of the advertisement. The fact that there is smaller font for the information is good because it will bring in the audience and then they can read the rest of the information which is also clear and in a suitable colour. The words and paragraph and spaced out so it makes it less boring to read and there isn’t much wording which means the advert is more exciting.
  5. 5. Layout: I like how they have put a game on there advertisements. ‘Spot the Difference’ games are really popular with children, they sell books that have spelling games and spot the difference, this is good because teenagers would familiarize themselves with this and would still enjoy doing those games. By having the spot the different title at the top makes you straight away involved in this advertisement because it’s a game that’s fun and creative. The fact that this advertisement is so simple means the message for the game is obvious and youthful for the audience, the use of text at the bottom and top the images look smart and clear to read. By having the diet drink on it’s own gives it a different attention towards it, it shows what the can looks like and how it’s sugar free which will be a positive for most people. I believe this product would be for the older audience because they would care about there figures whilst the younger audience 13+ wouldn’t care about how much sugar is in it. That’s why this advertisement is good because it’s the older teenagers that like to look back and memories for when they were younger. By having little text and pictures in boxes makes the advert look more creative and fun instead of mostly having text Image: I think the images are good because using animals give it the cute factor. This draws an younger audience because teenagers love little animals that look cute, also by having the animals injured it means the audience will feel more sorry for that animal. By putting the ‘sugar free’ on the dog’s neck means that the audience will see it straight because of how cute the animal is and also playing the ‘spot the difference’ game. Either way you are going to find that the drink is sugar free and healthier than the normal diet Irn Bru. It really brings the attention towards it which is what you want when trying to give out a message. The size of the images are large and good because then people will look at this straight away before they look at anything else, the fact that they are in boxes gives the two images space for the idea to be clear. When you look closely to realise that the dog on the right in looking at the can, this draws your attention over to that product, this is another good technique of advertising. Font: The font is very clear and easy to read, the fact that it is bold and in capitals makes it look like a newspaper heading. This is quirky and really modern for the teenagers which is what they like, the text is simple and a good size. The font is very traditional and a popular font that has been used only on the sugar free. This is good because it separates the advertisements from the rest, this shows that there is a different campaign for each product. Throughout all of the advertisements, Irn Bru have used popular fonts that people would be familiarized Tone: When you first look at it you think it’s bright, colourful and positive. Even with which is good because though the dog is injured it is still fun and active because there is a main game that then the adverts will be easy controls the whole advertisement. When looking at other adverts from Irn Bru I have to read and more quirky. The found that there adverts are simple and quite weird, there is always something wrong fonts are both a good size or different with there advertisements. Also when looking at the images you realise that fit well with the size of that there isn’t many people in them, they are mostly objects or animals etc that try the images and the fact that and give you a different view of a diet drink. When looking at the Diet Coke adverts I they are a perfect title size. saw that there was women that are skinny, blonde and all in fashionable outfits. This would mostly be for the female audience and would intimidate younger girls. Whilst Irn Bru adverts are gender neutral and quirky which can benefit both genders and have a more positive look on things.
  6. 6. Font: the font used is very bold and elongated this is easy to read and strong looking. The fact that it is large and takes up the centre of the can means you know what the drink is before looking at anything else on the can. It grabs your attention straight away andthe fact that it’s shiny will also catch your eye. They have used the same font for all of the wording on the can, the number ‘32’ is in a similar font but it looks like the letter are disintegrating by the explosion behind it. This gives the energy explosion that you would get when drinking this product. The font is colourful and really bright for the audience to see, it fits with the colour scheme and really looks exciting compared to other drinking products. They have made sure that the title information is massive, whilst the slogans are smaller so people can read the rest of it after looking at the title. Colour scheme: The blue and silver colours constantly makes the cans look cold which is good because people always prefer a colder drink than a warm one. They have used blue, orange, silver, yellow and white, these colours are gender neutral and are really bright for the audience to look at. Especially the orange, blue and silver really fit perfectly with the rest of the products sold, the silver on the name also represents diet Irn Bru, whilst the blue and orange represents the products as a whole. Comparing to other energy drinks with ‘Relentless’ and ‘Monster’ there colours are very dark and miserable, Monster has a black background with each product having a different colour ‘M’ on it. This means it can fit with any gender and the actual product is dark and curious which fits well with an energy product. Layout: When first looking at the energy drink you think it looks quite old fashioned and all over the place. The fact that it looks old fashioned is the colours used, especially the orange as it has a dated tone on it that would have normally been used in the 1990’s. The fact that the wording and colours are all over the place is that it’s trying to show how everything is energetic, bold and exciting, the fact that it says the ’32’ with bright lights behind it shows that you will get a blast of energy and movement. The elongated title and horizontal subtitles means it’s hard to read all of it quickly because they are all a different shape, this gives a sense of movement and the fact that everything is going of at once. Most other products are quite dark and simple, whilst Irn Bru is showing a more characteristic can with bright colours and more on the packaging. This will bring more attention towards it, compared to other products. Tone: The tone for this product is very bright and fun, you can tell that when looking at the product that this is perfect for teenagers and early 20 year olds. The fact that it’s bold, eye catching and new will make any want to buy it. What’s good about this product is that the audience have grown up with boring looking energy drinks like red bull and Monster, these are simple and don’t have much excitement going for them. This product shows that it wants to have character and attention when selling in shops etc. It will stand out more as an energy because it of it’s originally from a fizzy drink.
  7. 7. Colour Scheme: I like the way that this has been produced for the audience, they have used a shading technique on the soil to make the advert look darker and more mysterious. This gives a Halloween, negative vibe to the audience. The use of greens and brown gives a nature look which fits well with the soil and dirt between the persons fingers and on the can. In the press they have said that the product Monster is very bad for you, this is shown perfectly with the dirt and the dead coming from the ground. The health on this advert is very low and dirty which gives a masculine hard working feel towards it. These colours fit really well with monsters and character e.g. Frankenstein, his face is dark green and he wears black clothes. These colours fit with this and makes the advert look really creepy. They have used a desaturation method that gives of the shadows and darkness which is another way of making the advert look negative and odd. This adds to the atmosphere so the whole advertisement looks strange and different. Layout: When first looking at this advert you think of zombies and the dead. This looks like it’s supposed to be of a sci-fi, action/zombie film, this shows clearly that the target audience for this product would be for the masculine audience. This is shown by having a manly hand and the fact that the male audience loves comic books and actions films means this fits perfectly with what they want. From researching there other advertisements, it was obvious that all of the poster were of a zombie kind or a person with super powers, this shows that the audience would be mid 19-30’s. The advert is shown very well because the fact that the hand is pulled out of the ground with a drink shows that this product gives you the energy to get up and going again. This advert can help people to be more energised in there normal life and to have the inspiration to not just play video games but to actually go out there and do something different. The fact that the hand is going towards the centre of the poster is trying to tell the audience to grab that product and use it for yourself, it’s a clever way of marketing and really fitting together your audience and theme. Tone: The tone for this product is very negative but exciting, it’s like a horror film, when you watch it there is always going to be something that happens. This advert shows that something has happened and now they are wanting you to have the product. It’s creepy which works well because it captures the audience’s attention straight away because of how different and odd it is. This fits with the actual company name ‘Monster’ , all there characters and zombies and action advertisements really work well, they always have a constant theme of being creep, this will capture an audience straight away. Font: The font on this advertisement isn’t very clear and there isn’t much there at all. This is a negative because it’s important for the audience to read the product and understand it, it really doesn’t work on this advertisement. Image: This drink on the advert is well known at all, the fact that it has a lot of desaturation and dirt means it’s very hard to actual read the product. The only part you can properly see is part of the title and the text around the top, this isn’t good because you put your attention on the zombie feel of the advertisement and not the product. I do like the fact that the background is blurred which means you can only see the arm and the drink, this automatically makes you look at the drink and nothing else. It’s good that they have put another can on the floor that has been opened, this shows that the man has drank it and now he wants you to try the same drink. It’s giving out a strong message to the audience which makes sense and is very easy to understand. The fact that the soil is ruff looking means you get stronger when crawling out of the mood, you have more energy and ability when drinking this product.
  8. 8. Colour Scheme: They have used red and blacks for there background, these are quite dark colours that can mean anything. Especially the red, this is normally known as passion, love, hate, angry etc. I think it fits really well with the products as they have used black and red for all of there products one way or another. The pulse action in the background is showing that your pulse races when you suddenly get energy into your system, by showing the different activities above the products it shows that you get nervous and excited when you do an activity. They are trying to show the same way for when you drink the product, people do activities everyday and by advertising activities with the drinks it means people will buy the product if they think it’s going to help there final performance in that sport etc. Images: I like how spaced out each product and image is, this is because you can see the pulse in the background coming forward, this is an important part in the advertisement as they are saying that when you drink this product you will end up with a strong pulse and eagerness to do things. The fact that the 4 activity shots are in circles makes them look like thoughts and clouds above the drinks, it’s like a self conscious that if you drink this then this is the dream, having more energy to surf, ski etc. The target audience for this product would be for 18-34 year olds, this is mostly dominated by the male audience. This fits perfectly with those age groups because men love doing sports and activities at that age so by mixing those factors and the drink means they can link well to this advertisement. The packaging on those bottles are done nicely, I like the fact that they have kept it simple and chosen colours that would fit with the male gender, red, white and black are normally more masculine and darker colours that would look more mysterious and strong. Men would rather buy this product because of it’s colour and the sophisticated packaging of the star and clear font. Layout: Having the black on the top and bottom of the poster makes the information look more compacted on the advertisement, this looks like there is more information and action going into the advertisement. Your focus is mostly on the products but also the pulse in the background because this is what will happen to your pulse when having this drink. Comparing with Irn Bru they would use comedy factors to bring in there audience and to make there product look more funny and exciting to drink, whilst researching Rockstar it seems there advertisements are quite strong and masculine, whilst Irn Bru are more of a gender neutral when it comes to there advertising. The feel of this advertisement is very bold, eye catching and overwhelming, it’s very manly which will fit the needs of the target market. I have found that the drink ‘Monster’ and ‘Rockstar’ seem to be hitting a similar market with there dark colour theme and sophisticated packaging around the product. Font: I think the font used for the title is very sophisticated, I like how the font is thin and has good space between each letter so it’s more understandable. It’s clear and the font colour is really smart and looks quite rich. The colour gold is normally associated to rich things are gold is an expensive material, so to have it on a drink makes it look more classy and out there. Having the star instead of the letter also fits as they have used that as there main logo on the bottles, this links well and really makes the bottles look smart and clear. By putting the ‘drink it’ and ‘feel it’ in a different font made a lot of sense as they are telling you a different subject, it says if you try this then you can feel the energy going through you which I think it really cool for the male market as they like to be stronger and look more determined. By putting the energy drink in a red colour makes the pulse and word ‘energy’ fit together as they both do the same thing, it’s fresh and easy to understand.
  9. 9. Font: the font is very smart looking and simply, which is good because it fits well with the product and it doesn’t ruin the blue background and heaven look. The red coloured font is good because it’s a masculine colour that goes on the product but also the title and slogan, it’s work well fitting the same colour so it’s smart and doesn’t distract from the actual image. The font on the packaging is bold and red which clearly shows the name of the product and the logo which is what your audience needs to see on an advertisement. Colour Scheme: The colours for this advertisement is different shades of blue and turquoise. This gives out an impression that it looks like the bottle is going to heaven, this tells the audience that the drink is nice to have and quite light than the normal energy drinks used. There target market is young men, when researching there audience they found that they watch sports, like adventure, danger and pushing boundaries. This is why they have used the blue skies in this because the audience loves adventure and travelling which involves flying in planes and around the world. They are trying to get them to connect together by saying that Red Bull ‘gives you wings’ which means you can travel and have an adventure when drinking this product. There are also a lot of sports that would open up to flying so they have fit the advertisement to there target audience very well. The different shades of blue gives a positive feel and a more masculine finish towards it because blue is normally known to be a male teenagers favourite colour. Images: The use of lightening bolts behind the product makes it look like the bottle as just exploded into the sky, it gives the feel of electrical energy going through you so you’ll be more excited and energetic. The clouds that surround the product and the bottom gives another heavenly feel because it looks like it’s flouting and quite delicate, this makes the product look invisible and fun to have. The fact that there are birds flying away makes the main product look stronger, invincible and elegant which would be a strange message to give of when it’s an energy drink. The birds also makes the bottle look more interesting which is important, it’s also good that the product is in the centre to grasp the audience’s attention straight away. The bull ring on the can is really good because it links with the logo which is all about a ‘red bull’ so by linking this the product looks smart but also strong by having a bull ring. Tone: I think the overall tone for the advert is positive and light, it’s not overwhelming which is good because all you can see is a product that works really well with the slogan. It’s in the centre and looks very smart and colourful, the fact that it looks summery makes it nicer because the target audience would like summer due to sporty and adventurous.
  10. 10. Image: The image used is very simple, the dog is very cute and would bring in any audience that love animals, it has a good facial expression which means it adds to the humour and fun of the writing. The fact that the dog is black and white helps towards the writing. Comparing with Irn Bru, they use animals to make there advertising more humorous, they feel that it’s better using animals than humans because they are cute but also have a unique expression that no human could pull of. The dogs lead is red which looks like it’s come from a male owner because he would have picked that for his own animal, the use of the outline which is also red means they worked together well and fit with the colour scheme. Layout: The target market for Boost is high income customers from the age of 15-39, these drinks are normally sold in urban areas so these ages have the opportunity to buy the products. The layout of this advert fits the target market perfectly because it’s located on a pavement in a street and the subject for this advert is something everyone can relate to , the fact that we see dogs everyday peeing in the street, it makes sense to do a funny line that would bring people together like this. By comparing what Boost would do to tiredness makes us understand that the drink would get rid of the tiredness and that you can have more energy and excitement around your day. Involving a hash tag also makes the advert look more modern and social, hash tags are used on programmes, posters and music video’s so it does makes sense to put it on an advertisement. This help to connect together to talk about the advert which is an important way of boosting your market and popularity. The words and the product are in good places because then you get to see the main subject is, which is right in the centre of the advertisement. Font: the font looks like it’s from a comic book, the black background of each letter makes it look like it’s 3D and coming out of the page, this makes the words look youthful and quite urban. The words looks like they are jumping out of the screen, I think this is important because the audience will read this straight away before looking at the image, they will also like looking at the dog as it is cute and definitely a dog that a man would have instead of a women. The use of the font on the bottle goes really well because they use the black and white colours on the packaging which helps it to merge well and to make it quite youthful and urban. Colour Scheme: There isn’t a noticeable colour scheme on this advertising, instead it is just an image with black and white text and a black and white dog, the fact that these colours connect with the animal and the product makes it look neater and more clear. Tone: the overall tone of this advertisement is very humorous and masculine, it has a noticeable theme and the text and image link perfectly which gives out a clear message to the audience. The fact that they have used a hash tag method means that the company know there market and know that there customers will use social networking sites and computers, technology is becoming more and more popular every day and to include that is very clever.
  11. 11. Colour Scheme and Layout: The main colour that Monster use for there products is black, even though this is a negative I think it looks very smart because it’s simply and uses there main logo right at the front of the packaging. Whilst compared to Irn Bru there packing for there energy drink is very bright and crazy because the words are all over the place and there is isn’t a logo. The fact that monster has everything in sections makes it easier to read and the main logo looks great, I like how the ‘M’ is the only thing that changes when there is a new version of there energy drinks, some are pink, orange and blue etc. It can fit anyone’s colour and the drinks are a good standard too. The ‘M’ logo is really unique, it looks like two things, firstly it looks like a claw has come done on the can and ripped the black of to create a blue mark that makes an ‘M’ shape. It also looks like it’s icicles coming down to form an ‘M’. Both ways are really clever and nice, it’s more like the first one because the fact that a large claw would do that would fit perfectly with the brand and there advertising. Whilst the icicles would only look good because of the icy blue on the can. Fonts: The monster font is quite gothic, it’s distinctive and unique for people to look at, it’s a good size and the fact that it is white means it is more noticeable compared to the other writing as that’s in turquoise. Due to the fact that each letter is thick on the ‘Monster’ word it makes that title more 3D and bold, this makes it look like that it’s coming out from the can which is effective and nice. Another positive of the other text is that it’s in a smart and simple font that you can read, it’s very clear and has good amount of space between each letter. I think having three main colours is nicer than having a lot of colours that just overwhelm the can, Irn Bru have around 6 different colours on there Irn Bru 32 can which is a bit overwhelming but they have learnt that if you use bright and toned down colours then it works and it’s ends up being successful and not crazy. Tone: The overall tone of this can looks negative and creepy looking, I think the logo and name work really well together and make a lot of sense. There target market fit really well with this product because they like zombies and video games and films. This is a masculine product that tries to make there products stand out with there strong black background and there creepy advertisements. I think they are doing well with reaching out to there target market and merging the monster name into there advertisements.