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Mini Evaluations

  1. 1. Can and Magazine Evaluation Hannah Sewell
  2. 2. Evaluation The first thing that stands out to me when looking at this packaging is the fact that the name is in large font and stands out straight away. This is good because it automatically tells the public what product it is from far away or close up. The colours chosen went really well as they fit Irn-Bru’s original colour scheme, the orange and blue I feel is really balanced and works well with the white font on the front. I think by making the main colour font white means they all work together and both mean the same thing, by having ‘energy’ at the bottom is looks quite classy and sophisticated because it has a lot of space around it to look at the graphics of the product and then the title and text. Even thought the ingredients side took quite a while and was complicated I think the overall look, looks very professional, the use of black, orange and blue work really well together and fits the colour scheme which is important for the product. The use of technology and symbols really gives a modern edge to the packaging, which is already used for other energy drinks. I think the painting work is going very well, the fact that paint has a lot of shading and detail in real life makes it harder to portray onto a product. I Rotoscope the paint image to give it a cartoon theme and modernisation, this still doesn’t look finished and I think it lets part of the product down. The font for the ingredients I think needs improving because the it makes the words look like they are different sizes and not very clear to read. The font would have to be Serif so that it is clear to read and suits the main font (‘American purpose’); this makes it more like a comic book, which needs to be portrayed through the other fonts. I will have to look at the arrangement of the words in the ingredients column as some are aligned on the left and some are centred which might be quite difficult to read. I’d like to improve on the paintwork, font on the ingredients and the alignment in the column. By improving the paintwork I will try and go back on the original images, this will help to produce more shading that will give a liquid look towards the product. I will look at and see what fonts will suit my ingredients section so that it is clear and easy to read, I will look for the Serif font because each letter flows which means it will be easy to read for any audience. When choosing the right font I will find a perfect size that fits that section. By looking at the ingredients box you can see that each section are aligned differently to each other, this will have to change so that it’s all neat and works well together either in the centre of the box or on the left hand side.
  3. 3. Before Before After After Evaluation I have changed very little on the can because I believe that the view of my product that I wanted is already shown on the can. I did change the light blue marks on the top of the can by using a ‘Motion Blur’ technique on Photoshop, this helps to show movement through the paint without looking like it is separated like another layer. By making the colour dark it makes it less obvious on the can, which is much better so that the name and paint stands out the most. This has made a positive change because it has motion and a different effect on the can that can make it more real and modern. I’ve also changed the sidelines of the can because I thought they were a bit messy and dark, I changed this and used ‘Motion Blur’ on that but then realised it didn’t make a difference and looked quite messy. To change that further I used the opacity tool to 81% so that it was smoother and neater. This made it less negative, which helped because the colours don’t stand out so much, which gives the public full attention on the paint. Evaluation – When looking at the ingredients section I didn’t like it because it didn’t look organized and certain objects were aligned properly. I changed this by taking out the Barcode and putting it at the bottom so that it gives room for the title and information to be shown. This means the ingredients; flavoring etc could all be aligned in the centre, which would link to everything else neatly. This gave much more room for objects to be moved around in a neater position; I like the fact that it each has their own section: - Ingredients, flavoring, 250ml section - Technology section - Recycle - Barcode and 500ml This makes it much clearer to read and understand, when looking at other drinks I found that a lot of the information was squished together, for it to be spread out will make it look new and fresh compared to the other products. I changed the ingredients box and got rid of the black background, this is much better because it’s not to dark and it can now blend in with the text and images. I made sure that the top of this packaging has ‘Motion Blur’ on the light blue paint because then it would look more realistic and would stick with the theme. The only thing that I can have done better on this piece was to completely change the blue markings so that it looked more like splashed paint than blue strips. I would do this on Photoshop; I might Rotoscope a splash from Google images and then duplicate the layer so that it looks like it’s splattered. Overall I am pleased with my product design and feel it fits Irn-Bru and their product theme really well.
  4. 4. First Draft When I first started created the magazine advert I tried to make a UFO that would highlight the product and make it stand out, instead none of them worked so I got help of my tutor. From this point I realised that I wanted to make the advert quite modern and give it a technological feel towards it. The positives about this advert is the fact that they are all in sections, I love the way the main Irn Bru product is very large and right in front of the main image. The fact that the image is in a frame makes it look like it was produced through Instagram which is a very popular social media website. By making objects look like popular social websites then it will gain more popular through teenagers but also a bigger mainstream audience. I like the edit that I made, I firstly went on the ‘Filter Gallery’ on Photoshop, this gave me different types of edits to use towards the picture without rotoscoping, I found an edit called ‘Poster Edges’ this makes it look like it was a poster filter. Filters are always used through Instagram, which also helped to make it look modern and new. When asking my peers they said that they liked the fact that it looks modern, quirky and would stand out in a magazine, after hearing this it helped me to see that ages from 17-20 years liked my advertisement which is perfect as these age groups would drink that product. Each section has it’s own meaning and really stands out compared to other advertisements, ,through colour and modernisation of it. What I dislike about this advertisement is the font size, I thought it would look good because it’s the same font as the can and really stands out when making headline news etc. Instead the font size makes the words look out of place and not working within the magazine layout. I would also change the size of the ‘BARR’ logo because it’s a odd shape and doesn’t work well with the text which is the most important. The slogan for me is the most important also because that’s the sentence that will sell this product, more people will think about this product through the slogan and I believe it is funny but doesn’t really suit the advertisement. I thought by having the word ‘Marvellous’ in it would link well with the English which will help spread the awareness of the product but I also don’t want to take away the Scottish theme of the product. I will try change the font, the logo image and the size of the can so they all work together at the bottom of the advertisement. To improve the font, image, and Can I will firstly go on, this will give me a list of different fonts that I can use instead of this one to see if it fits the theme but also makes the slogan quirky and more fun. Instead the ‘American Purpose’ font has made it look more like a statement instead of a fun slogan like Irn Bru would use. I will try change the shape of the ‘BARR’ image so that it goes next to the text instead of on top of it so it looks like a sentence and more neat. Finally the can, I will improve this by changing around with shape sizes to see if it fits in with the image and text.
  5. 5. After Second Draft Evaluation Before Now looking at it I don’t think I would change anything more, the only things I would change would be making the colour in the image less colourful so that it was less bright, this would give more attention to the audience which is better. There probably could be a better way in putting the ‘Barr’ logo because it’s in with the text but I think it is a much better improvement than what it was. I really like the way I have gone through each element of the magazine layout and found ways to improve things. The object that really needed to change was the font and the size of it; I went through a lot of font on and couldn’t find anything that would be smart and neat. I used the same font but made it ‘Regular’ instead of the ‘bold’ setting which made it much easier to read and clearer. From looking at both layouts I can see that the letters within each word is more spaced out and neat which makes it more sophisticated. I also realised that by having a simple font it will make the statement stand out more and it will also make it funnier. By having a complicated font it will make the statement harder to read and then the joke is over. I changed the size of the can because I thought each person had there character and to cover him up would be a big mistake, this looks much better and fits in with it’s own section. I think the slogan has really helped to tie everything in by involving laziness and energy together, this works well because the men working are being lazy by sitting in chairs whilst they have a energy drink on there table. I thought it was good to put the cans on there table because it would make it more realistic and would add a modern object to the image which gives it an odd look. On my second attempt of trying different fonts I found the ‘Hand Shop’ font from (image above the text), this didn’t work as it took up to much room and didn’t go very well with the poster. This is because it had outlines on it, which made it much harder to read for the audience and looked creepier than straight forward. I also used font like Dani’s Handwriting and Old newspaper, both of these didn’t work as they weren’t eye catching enough and were to quirky for the magazine layout. A main negative about this magazine layout is that there isn’t a main colour theme which is normally important, the fact that it is colourful is good but it doesn’t have a main colour like orange or blue which would go well with the product. I tried to make it a strong colour theme by changing the hue/saturation of the ‘Barr’ logo into a orange colour. I thought this looked quite tacky and didn’t go with the original logo. I think it would be better if it was less colourful so that the product would stand out to the public but if the colours stand out then it might catch the audiences attention anyway. Compared to the layout before I am pleased with the outcome.
  6. 6. Magazine Layout 2 I think the advert would benefit if I put some more blue in the advert, I tried using blue for the ‘new Irn-Bru 32’ but it looked quite tacky and didn’t fit with the orange. I would like to keep as much of the Irn-Bru colour theme as possible so it goes with the fizzy drinks but also the new energy drink. I would like to change the Barr logo and put it in another place as it sticks out quite a bit which doesn’t really go with the advert. I think by making it really small it will go well in the corner and it wouldn’t catch to much attention towards it. When looking at this advert, I feel that If I tried to change anything then it wouldn’t be the same or look as good. I think it’s best if I didn’t make any more changes towards this advert, this is because it fits the comic book theme perfectly and each element stands out in it’s own way. The only thing I would change would be the size of the logo but apart from that I would make a change. When I was looking through different adverts, I found that one really inspired me to make my own advert in this way, the simplicity of the advert helped me to make it similar but to add a comic book theme. This fits well with the Irn-Bru company and I feel my theme really makes the advert look better and more exciting. When finding ideas for the magazine layout I did some research on magazine advertisements through Google. Then I found out that a lot of adverts didn’t really have a comic book feel or used hands to show an object. From this I copied the hand of Google and I used a filter on it called ‘Accented Edges’, this gave it a wrinkly effect that made it look unique and clay like. This wouldn’t normally be occasioned with a hand but I thought it would suit the comic book look because it had a monster feel towards the texture of the hand. I think the size of the hand is perfect for the advert because it stands out and makes the IrnBru product look visible and meaningful. By having the text in a different section and in a shout bubble it makes both section stand out and have the most importance. Which is feel is very effective and has a good balance between the product and the text. I’m glad that I chose a black background for the advert this is because each colour on top of the black stands out completely, I did have orange before (picture at the bottom) but this covered the drink and text which didn’t work. The fact that it’s bold and dark makes it more comic like and really adventurous. I like the fact that every is large and out there so that people can look at one thing and then look at another thing, this makes the advert stand out in a magazine with it’s bright colours and product design. I also like the fact that my advert is completely different to there fizzy drinks advert, this is good as it makes the new Irn-Bru product stand out differently because it’s an energy drink. When asking my peers I found that they liked having all the information and product in there faces, they also said they liked the contrast between dark and bright colours. Finally they commented on how all the shapes look shape and neat which makes them look more sophisticated. This information will help me to produce more adverts in the future with these key elements involved. The font I got was from called ‘Piston Pressure’ which makes it bold and easy to read, this works well with the logo and the font on the product.
  7. 7. 1. Good/Bad 2. Improvements Evaluation I love the fact that the web banner is very similar to magazine advertisement, the only difference is the fact that it’s a bright orange background. This is really good as it’s a luminous orange which is very sensitive to the eye which means people will notice it much more. The improvements that I’ve made have made a difference to the banner, at first I thought the two characters should have been the same size so it looks like they are smiling together but then I realised that if one person is in front of the other then it gives a depth into the banner. When looking at that I realised that the can needed to have depth as well, at first it was put on there but it didn’t have any effect around it which meant it wasn’t bringing enough attention towards it. Instead I used a ‘Drop shadow’ tool which made the can look like it moved forward, this has given more depth just like the images which looked much better than the original banner that I created. The only negative that I would say about the text is, is that it doesn’t have any depth compared to the images and product, if the text had more depth then it means the picture, text and can would all have to same amount of attention. When looking at it I realised that showing the product was the most important and having the characters was the next important feature, once they looked at those then they can read the slogan and understand what is happening throughout the web banner. I kept the font the same because I thought it was clean, neat and worked well within my magazine design as well. I used the font ‘American Purpose’ for this, I have used it throughout my work because it’s the only font that I have come across that’s youthful and still looks professional. By keeping the images, fonts and product the same throughout the web banner and magazine means they have a continuous theme that the audience will understand. I don’t feel that there needs to be anymore improvements for the web banner, the only thing that I would change would be the size of the can and also the font size. I feel that the can still look a bit out of place and if I made the font and images a bit smaller, then I could make the product have more attention by being bigger, this would be done through holding ‘command and T’ this helps to hold the layer so that it can be much bigger. I would do the same with the font as I feel it does grasp the audiences attention but it doesn’t need to be a big, this would create more space for the images and product to grab more attention than the text. I am please with the improvements that I have made to the web banner and I think it fits the needs of the target audience and the company for it’s comedy element and the blue’s and oranges used throughout.
  8. 8. Good bad improvements Evaluation The positives that I feel goes well with this web banner is the fact the key elements (from the magazine ad) is on the banner. What had to be on the web banner was the hand, this was done so that it had a connection with the slogan, ‘feel the energy’ was about the hand feeling the drink but also feeling the taste of the energy drink. The hand looks 3D, this is effective because it’ looks like it’s coming out of the banner and trying to grab the Irn-Bru 32 can. The tool that I used on the hand was filter gallery > Accented Edges (this was done on Photoshop) . At first I didn’t know what effect to use because there was a variety of effects but then when I came across this effect I found that it made the hand look old, wrinkly and fresh. This worked out really well as I wanted a comic book effect on the whole web banner and to find an effect that made the hand look creepy but also comical was brilliant. I like how the ‘BARR’ logo has become smaller through improvements, this looks better because the audience can look at it but not be overwhelmed with the size or structure, I want the audience to look at the slogan, name and the product, these elements will help to sell the product and it’s important that the attention is on that. I’ve made the ‘New Irn-Bru 32’ font much bigger, by keeping the same font (American Purpose) it helps to grow a consistent theme throughout my advertisements , the font is bold, strong and tells the message clearly and neatly. By comparing the web banner and magazine advertisement, I feel that it works perfectly together because they both have the exact theme through the shout bubble, youthful font, and the hand grabbing the can. This will help the audience to recognise what product it is when they are reading a magazine or looking through internet websites. The negatives about this web banner is that it looks like each section has just been put in it’s own area and that’s it, I feel that with further help, this web banner can work to merge together all the sections so that it flows and works well. The improvements already have helped that by covering most of the space on the web banner. After not improving the ‘shout bubble’ I think it needs to be a white colour, this is because it will bring out the orange more on the font and it will connect with the font colour on the product and name. By having it a purple/blue I think it might effect the whole colour scheme and what it’s there for. There needs to be a strong colour theme throughout this web banner and I think by changing the ‘shout bubble’ it will help towards that. By looking at the web banner now I feel that there doesn’t need to be any more improvements except for the ‘shout bubble’. Apart from that I think the web banner looks youthful and has a strong style and look about it.