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Developing ideas


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Developing ideas

  1. 1. Developing Ideas Hannah Sewell
  2. 2. The catch phrase for the advertisement will be things Idea 1 – Character Advertisement fonts: The font for this advert would be quite plain and like ‘drink up, not the tea, Irn Bru’ this would be for the bold like a title in a newspaper, it’s easy to read but also man in a solider outfit, this is because it’s typical English clear and would be suitable for any age. I would get my culture so by making fun of the matter it makes people font of DaFont as it has a wide range of fonts that can be have more attention towards it. Adds controversy. suitable for any age group. The font will be on the bottom right hand corner of the poster where the product is, this The character is in the centre of the the means they can work together to give of a better message. page with a white background so it’s very Image: The images used for this ad will mostly be sourced images, this is because there will be so many characters from different ages so it would be more difficult to have produced them myself. I’m going to have a young boy who looks like surfer and quite cool, whilst having a man in a royal army suit who looks middle aged. Then I will have women who are young and old with different outfits. This shows that any age drinks this product. simple and straight to the point. The layout is smart, simple and sophisticated which will help a lot of people understand. Idea 3 – Office Ad the image used for this advertisement is an office space, I have chosen this because it would like to the public and it’s an every day activity. A lot of people when they are in a rush grabs a lot of food and drink for there lunch. By showing an office area with a a lot of people smiling with Irn-Bru 32 product on the table, it will tell people that it’s a suitable drink to have when working and it’s refreshing. I am using a sourced image as I can physically organize an office with people working, I will have to find an image that shows a lot of people happy, then I will Photoshop the Irn Bru product into the picture so that it looks real. For the font and colour scheme for the whole ad I have chosen to use Blue as the main colour. This links with the overall colour of the product and will link the text and image together to give out a strong message about the product. The people will be in grey, black clothing, whilst the drinks will be blue and will stand out a lot. The text across the top will be the same blue shade as the product so they are both the same. Catch Phrase: I have picked the catch phrase ‘Irn Bru 32, Save It for You’ this works well together because it’s catchy and easy to remember. It fits with the theme of the AD by saying you should have the drink instead of the Aliens. It looks like an action shot that would normally be associated in films etc. Ideas The colour Scheme used will have mostly the white element, but the font colour is orange because it fits with the font on the product and the orange really stands out to the public which is most important. Idea 6 – UFO AD Colour Scheme: The actual main colours of the ad is completely different to the Irn Bru colour scheme. I have done this because I wanted the advert to stand out as a different look compared to having the natural oranges and blue. The UFO will be light shades like red and blue so they don’t control the attention away from drink product. There will be green beams coming from the UFO, this will give an alien effect which will make it look like it’s come out of a comic book. The catch phrase is ‘Irn Bru 32, keeps you going’ it gives people in the office to work and motivates them to buy the drink so they think they can be more professional and awake. The main image will be across the advert, the whole thing will be horizontal so that the text, image and product all fit together properly. The font will look like it’s hand written so it’s sophisticated and also looks old fashioned. I’ve chosen this because it looks like a business font and the slogan and font will mock the people in the office. By having it old fashioned it juxtapositions with the modern features in the image. Font: The main idea for the font is to have a comic book theme with quite a bright colour green which would stand out and help people to read it before they look at the concept. The font will be large and located at the top centre of the ad, this will look modern and exciting for the target audience. Background: The background I have used is completely black with some creepy tree’s in the background, this will give a dark mysterious atmosphere to my ad. The whole of the background and UFO will be in a cartoon edit so that the main focus is on the product. By having the product clear it means it has more detail and is easy to read.