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Middle ages timeline


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Middle ages timeline

  1. 1. 1066-10877• The reign of King William the Conqueror• The Battle of Hastings and the defeat ofHarold Godwinson• The Building of Norman castles in Englandincluding the Tower of London in 1073• 1086 - Compilation of the Doomsday book
  2. 2. 1087-1100• The reign of King William Rufus(son of William)• William invades Wales and buildscastles on the borders
  3. 3. 1100-1135• The reign of King Henry I (WilliamRufus brother)
  4. 4. 1135-1154• The reign of King Stephen (nephew of Henry I)• 1099: First Crusade. Jerusalem is re-taken fromthe Muslims on the urging of Pope Urban II• 1118: The Knights Templar founded to protectJerusalem and European pilgrims on theirjourney to the city• 1147: Second Crusade
  5. 5. 1154-1189• The reign of King Henry II (grandson of Henry I)• 1156: Kremlin built in Moscow• 1158: The Hanseatic League is founded• 1184: The first of many Inquisitions begins• 1170: Thomas a Becket is murdered inCanterbury Cathedral
  6. 6. 1189-1199• The reign of King Richard I (third son ofHenry II)• 1190: Third Crusade. Saladin managesto unite the Muslim world andrecapture Jerusalem, sparking the ThirdCrusade
  7. 7. 1199-1216• The reign of King John (fifth son of Henry II)• 1200: Fourth Crusade embarks. Eventuallysacks Constantinople• 1212: Childrens Crusade• 1214 -1215: Barons revolt• 1215: Magna Carta is signed
  8. 8. 1216-1272• The reign of King Henry III (son ofJohn)• 1258: Provisions of Oxford forcedupon Henry III of England,establishing a new form ofgovernment limited regal authority
  9. 9. 1272-1307• The reign of King Edward I (son of Henry III)• 1273: Rudolph I of Germany is elected HolyRoman Emperor• 1274: Thomas Aquinas work, Summa Theologiaeis published• 1295: Marco Polo publishes his tales of China• 1297: William Wallace emerges as the leader ofthe Scottish resistance to England
  10. 10. 1307-1327• The reign of King Edward II (son ofEdward I)• 1307: The Knights Templar are roundedup and murdered by Philip the Fair ofFrance, with the backing of the Pope• 1311-1315: The Great Famine
  11. 11. 1327-1377• The reign of King Edward III (son of Edward II)• 1337: The Hundred Years War begins. England and Francestruggle for dominance of Western Europe• 1346: Battle of Crecy• 1347: The Black Death ravages Europe for the first of manytimes. An estimated 20% - 40% of the population is thoughtto have perished within the first year• 1356: Battle of Poitiers
  12. 12. 1377-1399• The reign of King Richard II (grandson of Edward III,son of the Black Prince)• 1380: Chaucer begins to write The Canterbury Tales• 1381: Peasants Revolt in England• 1382: The Bible is translated into English by JohnWycliffe.
  13. 13. 1399-1413• The reign of King Henry IV(grandson of Edward III, son ofJohn of Gaunt)
  14. 14. 1413-1422• The reign of King Henry V (son ofHenry IV)• 1415: Battle of Agincourt
  15. 15. 1422-1461• The reign of King Henry VI (son of Henry V)• 1429: Joan of Arc lifts the siege of Orleans for the Dauphin ofFrance, enabling him to eventually be crowned at Reims• 1430: Capture, trial, and execution of Joan of Arc• 1434: The Medici family rises to prominence in Florence• 1452: Leonardo da Vinci is born• 1453: The Hundred Years War ends. Calais is the only Englishpossession on Continental Europe• 1455: Johann Gutenberg prints the first of his Bibles on hisnew printing press• 1455: The Wars of the Roses begins in England
  16. 16. 1461-1483• The reign of King Edward IV (youngest son of Edward III)• William Caxton sets up a printingpress in Westminster
  17. 17. 1483-1485• The reign of King Richard III (uncleof Edward V)• 1485: The Wars of the Roses endsand the Tudor dynasty begins