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Frank, hannah m brand identity

  1. 1. Hannah M. Brand Identity
  2. 2. My company name is Modern Silhouette Pictures. I first wanted to go with Girls NightOut as a name but after some research I found out that is was a name that was over used.So I choose Modern Silhouette Pictures because I wanted something edgy andcontemporary. When I originally designed the logo for Girls Night Out I had a picture ofa silhouette of a girl and after discussing it with my writer she suggested a few names andModern Silhouette Pictures and it hit me as the name I wanted. I believe it is a name that is not used in the film industry so it will stand out from othernames. I like the fact that it is not a name that is confined to a certain type of movies like“Poison Apple” for example. Not sure if my name is protectable on The domain name is available and I plan to use a website tostrengthen my brand identity. I would like to have a website that is edgy andcontemporary like my logo. I would also like to have an online portfolio of movies Ihave done to show that we are capable of producing modern movies. I believe that mylogo is descriptive. My logo reflects my brand because the name and the image emulate each other. This isan effective logo because typeface is fun and edgy like I wanted. The image is asilhouette, which goes with my name and the swirls are fun and suggestive. The shape ofthe swirls and the typeface and both curvy and my logo would be considered abstract andletterform.
  3. 3. I went with the colors pink and purple not just because they are my favorite colors butbecause these colors come through in my art a lot. It’s a picture of a bust of a woman’sprofile and it is a solid image. There are pink swirls coming out of the bust in a fun edgyway. The pick complements the purple in the font. Modern Silhouette in done in DotFactory and the word Pictures is done in Anson to show contrast so as not to beoverwhelming by using the same font throughout the whole logo. My tag line is Modern Movies. This is an effective tagline because it shows that wemake movies that are with the times. It speaks to customers and clients in the way that itis I make movies that are contemporary. Again this tagline is descriptive. I feel thistagline reinforces my brand message because it is short and to the point. The tagline ispositive and upbeat. The tagline came after the logo was created.
  4. 4. I want to create a Michigan based production company that creates entertaining,inspirational and refreshing independent films and television series. My company willmainly employ a Michigan established crew as well as seasoned members of the filmindustry. Modern Silhouette, a Limited Liability Company, is as independent motionpicture Production Company assembled from creative and business entertainmentindustry professionals with a common goal of producing independent film and televisionseries. My goal is to be the premier production studio in the Detroit area. I will employ alocal team of skilled tradesmen to deliver the highest quality products, on time and onbudget. My mantra is to produce motion pictures that will entertain, educate, surprise and
  5. 5. refresh the spirit of true independent filmmaking through provocative story telling. Mymovies will touch the soul, break new ground, educate and entertain.
  6. 6. I like this logo because it is similar to mine in the sense that it is a representation of animage like mine. It leaves you to imagine the rest of the logo it doesn’t give you thewhole things just part of it. The typeface is straight and to the point. It is easy to see anddoesn’t overwhelm you. The colors are subtle.
  7. 7. I think these logos are to simplistic for me personally. Based on the logo elements Iwould say that Poison Apple Entertainment is a production group that specializes inhorror movies. Raleigh Studios is more of a worldwide-based company that is morestructured in there business. M-1 Studios really doesn’t do their company justice. It’sjust too simple. I looked for the tagline for Raleigh Studios and could not find it but I think they are mybiggest competitor.