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Survey results

  1. 1. vThe first question on my questionnaire was asking how old they were, and the resultsshowed that 8 of the participants were 16 and 5 of them were 17. This shows that thetarget audience for my magazine are around the same age group.The 2nd question on my questionnaire was asking if the participants were male or female, and the results showed that40% of the participants were male and 68% were female The 3rd question of my questionnaire was how often the audience listened to music, and as you can see the results showed that 84% of the participants listen to music more than once a day, 15% listen to it once every day, 5% listen to it more than once a week and 10% listen to it once a week, so this shows that music is very significant to the majority of the target audience of my magazine.
  2. 2. Question 4 of my questionnaire was asking the participants what their favourite genre of music was, and the answersare above. As you can see the most popular genres of music are pop, rock, indie, r&b and motown. And this goes in myfavour as the genre of magazine I’m creating is an indie/rock magazine and they appear in the favourites from thetarget audience. Question 5 and 6 are to do with buying music magazines, as you can see with question 5 it asks ‘Do you buy music magazines?’ and the results showed that 78% of the target audience said no and 26% said yes, so not many people are that interested in music magazines. Then question 6 follows on and asks how regularly they do buy them, if they do, and the same 78% chose never, 5% chose once a week, 11% chose once every 2 weeks, 17% chose once a month and 11% showed more than once a month. This shows that the most popular time period in buying a magazine is once a month, so monthly issues are popular.
  3. 3. In question 7 I asked what attracts you to buying the specific type of music magazine, and they could tick as many as applied to them out of artists, front cover, stories/articles, fonts and colours. The most popular answer was artists, and this is significant because my music magazine is going to include a double page spread article about an artist. Question 8 asks if the participants prefer seeing boys or girls on the front cover of a music magazine, and the results show that out of 18 people, 9 votes were for boys, 3 for girls andQuestion 9 asked the participants what colours they would expect to see on an indie/rock music magazine,and as you can see the most popular answer were the colours blue, red and yellow. These colours are allbright and vibrant so I will consider these colours for my production portfolio.
  4. 4. For the last question of my questionnaire, I asked the participants how much they would be willing to pay for a musicmagazine, and the most popular answer was more than £2.50, so I will make it less so it will be a reasonable price.