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Task 4


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Task 4

  1. 1. Marketing and PR Task 4 Hannah Richards
  2. 2. Quality This advert is for Tesco finest Christmas pudding and is focused mainly on the quality of the food and how appealing it looks to the target audience, we know this by looking at everything on the image, they have used a nice background and added a piece of holly at the side to indicate the time of year and make the image look more friendly and inviting, also they have made sure that the customer can see inside the product to ensure that they know what they are getting or what they hope to get. Most of the time these product will not look the same in the shops but on this advert they have used lighting and mild simple colours to show the maturity of the product and the shop. They have also not added a price on this advert possibly because the price may be quite high and will not appeal to the target audience. In the top right hand corner they have added text which states ‘six months matured’ which shows that the product has had time taken with it. The disadvantages of this advert are that they have not added the price and not given enough information on what is in the product or what it actually is.
  3. 3. Quality This advert for M & S is also focusing on the quality of the food, this advert I think looks more appealing than the Tesco finest advert due to the fact that the food looks more appetising and they have also added a bit of humour in the text. This image is very different because it is close up unlike the Tesco one which showed the whole product . Although this advert doesn’t state what is in the product or what it is; it shows the audience what is in it by using a clos up photograph . They have also used high quality words to appeal to the target audience such as the word ‘indulgent’ in the smaller text which implies that the shop is very mature and high class, it also appeals to the audience and makes the product sound nicer. The disadvantages on this advert is that it doesn’t show the whole product and doesn’t give the audience enough information about what the product is and also the price.
  4. 4. Image This is a John Lewis advert from 2013 for the Christmas season. By looking at this advert we automatically see the animals which we associate with being cute, innocent and friendly which I think John Lewis are trying to make themselves look like. This advert also looks warm and inviting with the time of day and the Christmas tree, they have also added a bear sitting next to a rabbit and a deer when in reality the bear would see these as prey which again adds the friendly theme. The slogan they have used which says ‘give someone a Christmas they’ll never forget’ shows that if the customers buys somebody a gift from John Lewis for Christmas they will never forget because their products are so valuable. The disadvantages of this adverts minimal but they covey a message, the disadvantage is the realism of this advert because of the bear and the other animals.
  5. 5. Image These adverts for McDonalds I think is a good example of companies trying to convey and image to the audience, McDonalds have always been known for fast food containing a lot of grease and fat. Introducing a healthy option to the menu and including it in an advert makes the audience think that all McDonalds food is healthy. The advert also uses a humour technique to draw its target audience in and possibly attract to more customers. They have also included images of their salads and again made the audience feel like all their food is healthy by mixing the chicken with the salad. The disadvantages of these adverts are that they are very bare and do not catch the eye of the target audience.
  6. 6. Price and Value This advert focuses on the price and the value of the product by using a clear simple background and they promoting the price in a red bubble. This advert is very simple and lets the audience know what it is about and what it is selling straight away without spending money on lighting or actors, this again shows that they are aiming to only show the price and the value because they have used a bold bright colour to show the price. The presentation of the product is also not at a high standard as they have just sat it up, the bag is transparent so the customer knows exactly what they are getting and it doesn’t cost them much to make these bags. The disadvantages of this advert are that it is too simple and boring, it doesn’t catch the attention or the audience and shows lack of interest in the quality of the product.
  7. 7. Price and Value This advert from Lidl again only focuses on the price of the items and the value that the customer will be getting. The images they have used are very simple and are taken with a blank background to help the product and the text to stand out, they have used yellow which in a colour itself already stands out but usually when people see yellow or red they associate it with a sale or a special offer which I think this is why they have chosen this colour. They have also shown the price that it used to be at to ensure that the customer knows how much they are saving and makes the audience want to buy it now rather than missing the offer and having to pay full price later. Although Lidl mostly sell their own products they do also sell branded products which attract the customer more because they trust branded items and it is at a better quality then own brand items. The disadvantages with this advert is that its very plain and boring and also looks like it has been made very cheaply.
  8. 8. Competition This advert for ASDA is based on competition and is focused on making their supermarket look better than the other leading supermarkets using metaphors and keeping in with the seasonal theme. They have used snowmen to represent the different supermarkets and their own, they have done this by giving salves to the snowmen according to the main colours of each supermarket. This advert uses different techniques to convey the message of competition and making their company look better than the rest, one way they have done this is they have made the other supermarkets snowmen look like they have been made with bad snow and they have also added a nicer smile to their snowman to show the friendly theme of their supermarket. The disadvantages of this advert are that its very easy to see what they are trying to do and see what message they are trying to give their target audience.
  9. 9. Competition This advert for Tesco has also used the same techniques as the ASDA advert by making the other supermarket look bad but they have also used a better technique as they have mentioned that more of their products are cheaper than ASDA although this could mean that they have made their products cheaper but on by a small amount. This is a good technique to attract customers because they think that they will be spending less if they shop at Tesco than ASDA. They have also made their products stand out more by adding their information in a red bubble which stands out more than the ASDA green bubble which blends in with the baskets. Although they are not allowed to add the ASDA logo due to copywrite laws we know who they are trying to represent with the colour green. The disadvantages with this advert are that some people may not know who the green baskets are trying to represent but overall it is a good adverts with clever techniques.
  10. 10. Market The target market for M & S is mature middle aged and old aged people mostly aimed at females, it is not targeted at families due to is maturity and choice of products. When looking at their adverts we can see what their target audience is, from this advert we can see that they are trying to target a mature audience who are aged at least 40-60. We can see this because they have used a big product and added vegetables when vegetables are not usually associated with children as it is stereotypical that they don’t like them. M & S also like to make their market feel very independent and they do this by making the product feel more personal to the customer and the company as if it were a friend or local shop by adding the word ‘your’ to the M & S logo. The disadvantages with this advert are that its market isnt a very wide range and does not appeal to children or families.