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  1. 1. Perks of Being a Wallflower By Stephen Chbosky By: Hannah Wilcox, 3rd hour English
  2. 2. Plot15 year old boy, Charlie, enters into Tries to find himself in thishis freshman year in high school, first year of high school.Without any friends. being-a-wallflower-book-review-how-often-do-you-do-things-that- matter/He becomes confident and finally Makes some new friends andlearns to enjoy high school. Starts to learn about himself.Charlie learns to be a regular teenager His new friends teach him aboutand what love is. High school and having fun.
  3. 3. Click on the speakersfor a description ofeach characters Charactersrelationship with Charlie Patrick Sam Aunt Helen Charlie Sister Michae l Dobson Brother
  4. 4. Stephen Chbosky
  5. 5. Stephen Chbosky BiographyBorn January 25 in 1970Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PAScreenwriter/novelistGraduated from University of Southern California’s screenwriting programMainly a director and actor in independent filmsLives in Los Angeles, CA where he continues to work on films
  6. 6. Inspiration Interview with Stephen about his inspiration for the book and how he relates to Charlie.
  7. 7. InspirationWrote letters to In high school Went through a his professor, Chbosky felt rough time and anonymously, needed to find needed for a whole himself and something to year struggled with give him hope being himself How the Charlie is Writing this book is loosely based book gave written off Chbosky him hope
  8. 8. Movie is the trailer for the movie Stephen Chboskymade from his book.