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March rabin alerts


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March rabin alerts

  1. 1. RONALD RABIN STATE SENATOR, DISTRICT 12 SENATE UPDATE March 11, 2013Please accept my apologies for this letter being a little late. February was a simply avery busy month.As you know, during this “long session” our week in Raleigh begins Monday eveningand ends Thursday and each day is full with committee meetings, Senate sessions,various caucus meetings, office calls and visits from the most important group of all –the people of District 12. In addition, Mona and I attended 4 Chamber of CommerceBanquets (Coats, Dunn, Fuquay-Varina and Lillington) and one Chamber of Commercebreakfast in Clayton. These events gave us a chance to meet and discuss local issueswith a great cross section of the business and we appreciate hearing the candor andexchange of information. We also held two more town hall meetings at the BensonTown Hall in Johnston County and at Highland Elementary School in Harnett County.The next stop on my Town Hall Tour this session is the Town of Broadway.In keeping with pledges of reducing the size of government and making it more efficient,the Senate is proposing legislation that will see the services of several Stategovernment agencies, including DOT and DENR, merged into 7 State regions. Theconcept will provide services more responsive to users’ needs across the States. I willsupport this effort.The bill our office proposed to have effective armed guards in schools at the minimumrisk to our children is still in committee, but I am trying to move it on. Our concept is
  2. 2. simple: All schools should receive equal opportunity to have the protection;communities should decide if they want armed guards in schools; the function of theState Government is to provide selection criteria and training standards designed toreduce the probability of unintended consequence. Keeping Campaign Promises Bills in the process or recently enacted that I have supported on your behalf. You can track all the bills below by clicking HERE 1. Cutting Spending  Senate Bill 10 - Government Reorganization and Efficiency Act 2. Improving NC Education System  Senate Bill 14 - Increase Access To Career/Technical Education  Senate Bill 189 - Amend Law Defining Home Schools  House Bill 24 - Digital Learning Competencies/School Employees  House Bill 144 - Homeschool Education Income Tax Credit 3. Protecting our Rights  Senate Bill 122 - Sex Trafficking/Sex Offender Registration  Senate Bill 163 - Protect Landowners Water Rights  House Bill 19 - Respect our Fallen Heroes  House Bill 246 - The Gun Rights Amendment 4. Taxes  Senate Bill 114 - Repeal Estate Tax  Senate Bill 186 - Notice Publication by Counties and Cities  Senate Bill 218 - No Tolls on Interstate 95
  3. 3. SENATOR RON RABINDISTRICT 12526 Legislative Office BuildingRaleigh, NC 27601-2808Phone: 919.733.5748Fax: