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  1. 1. Research into Existing products Design for Advertising
  2. 2. The adverts which have been designed for Irn Bru are not relevant to be advertised publicly. The slogans they use are in some manner that many viewers may see as offensive. However I think that the purpose of making these adverts is to capture a target audience, make the drink seem more fun and to receive more custom. The colour schemes in the adverts are repetitive which makes the overall work look up to a more professional standard. As the images on the left are always black and white, where as the right hand side is always orange. This shows what colour scheme the Irn Bru is.
  3. 3. On the video adverts, the designers are aiming their product at a humorous type of person rather than somebody who isn’t up for a laugh. The fact that the video of the the old lady dancing to unusual music and the video is named ‘Unusual taste’ suggests that the unusual taste makes you do usual things. Where as the second video is called uplifting, which is a clip of a young girl flying a kite, who is then gradually taking upwards by the kite. This also suggests that the drink is ‘uplifting’. Having these videos tie into the way that the drink makes you feel is very smart. However, again, some viewers make take strong offence to these videos.
  4. 4. The colour scheme on this advert works very well as they all show off a cool temperature, which reflects on how the drink should taste. However with the orange added in at some points in the text, makes people aware of the Irn Bru characteristics. These two images are exactly the same, however with one small difference. On one image there is a small teddy bear reading ‘sugar free’ where as on the other there is not. This suggests that Irn Bru and Diet Irn Bru are identical apart from the fact one is sugar free and one is not. The advert makes it very clear by adding ‘SPOT THE DIFFERENCE’ which will make people understand that there is very little difference in the two drinks.
  5. 5. There are many different types of media to advertise with. However, this is the first time I have approached a drink being advertised in this way. Irn-Bru has been advertised on a Taxi in Leeds. I imagine that this promoted the drink very well. This Taxi is parked outside a University in Leeds, which I think was probably on purpose as students tend to like energy drinks a lot. The logo of Irn-Bru is the title itself, in a very bold clear font with the creating brand name BARR in the middle. This drink is recognised due to its orange and blue colours used in all products made. I think that they aim their audience at a younger generation rather than older, as it seems to be a fun, happy drink as well as it giving out energy at the same time. However I do not think they are promoting it so that children drink this as children would not cope well with the high amounts of energy and sugar in these drinks.
  6. 6. Irn-Bru 32 is the new energy drink from Irn-Bru packaged in slim can with the original colour scheme. As they used the original colours they helped the drink become more noticeable which also allowed people to know that it is a type of IrnBru drink. “great tasting stimulation” is the slogan used on the can which is used to get more custom. The language they use such as “great” and “stimulation” suggests this drink is going to be good for the body. The word “tasting” is a bonus because not only are they making it sound good for the body, they are also advertising it as “great tasting”. The can seems to be very similar to the original IrnBru can, however the way the text is presented on the packaging is completely different. The shape of the can is also different to the original, as this can seems to be taller rather than wider. The 32 comes from the ingredients. There are 32 flavouring agents and 2 controversial colourings. However from 27 January 2010 there was a voluntary ban on these two flavourings.
  7. 7. Relentless is sold incans and is marketed as being produced for "those with need of strong stimulation”. A massive difference that relentless have made during advertising is by using a famous character of this time, to promote their drink. Singer/rapper Professor Green has made a short clip rapping about the drink whilst obviously drinking it as well. This will have a massive impact on the public as all his fans will then want to drink the same as they see him as an icon. The relentless logo has been created in a rock/punk style of illustration. The drink is specifically noticed because of its distinctive ‘R’ logo.
  8. 8. Rockstar are also another energy drink similar to Irn-Bru and Relentless. However, they tend to advertise their selves completely different to the other drinks. Rockstar have organised events in the past such as ‘Mayhem Festival’ ‘Rockstar Uproar Fest’ many motorsport and action sport events. Organising events like these allow people of different social and ethical groups from all over the world be familiar with Rockstar. Adding their logo to essentials such as cars and surf boards also makes people very aware of the brand. This is because things such as these are looked at very closely by the public and people tend to look up to their idols for how their equipment looks. This drink is distinctively known for its many different flavours which are packaged in many different coloured cans. Rockstar logo is two R’s in the shape of a star. Many people are familiar with this due to the advertisement on popular items such as racing cars.
  9. 9. Lucazade packaging is a very different kind to the other energy drinks I have been researching. This is a plastic, larger bottle with a covering plastic package. The colour of the bottle obviously depends on the flavour, however the brand recognition would be the distinctive font reading Lucazade with the pattern around it. The adverts created for lucazade are all promoting the drink for the amount of energy they include. A video advert I recently watched, shows a man doing many different kinds of activities from scuba diving to crocodile wrestling, to show it’s “awesome kind of energy” the drink gives people.
  10. 10. The Lucazade drink comes in 2 different bottles, depending on which drink you choose to have. However the Energy drink comes in a plastic bottle with an outer layer of packaging. As there are many different flavoured Lucazade Energy drinks, the colour of the packaging changes. Although the flavour changes, the distinctive fonts and logo stays the same. This logo is created to look as though it is an arrow. Maybe so that the arrow can be referred to the body having lots of energy and being able to move fast like an arrow. All fonts used on this packaging are clear and easy to read which makes it easier for customers. The target audience for this drink, I think is young adults and teenagers. The colours used throughout the packaging of Lucazade suggest that they are aiming to get young people to buy this drink. Students and young adults tend to me the main target audience to energy drinks as they are usually the people needed energy, as well as sports people.
  11. 11. The logo to this energy drink has been created to look specifically dark and scary, due to it being named ‘Monster’. The fonts used in the logo are clear but also fancy. I think that this logo has been targeted at an older market rather than younger people. People of a younger age are more likely to pick up a more colourful exciting drink. As children will not be attracted to this drink, I find this a high advantage as drinks with this amount of energy and sugar in, is not good or healthy for people of a younger age. The Monster Energy drink comes in a 500ml can which is identical to the previous items I looked at, Relentless and Rockstar. Also similar to these brands, Monster comes in many different flavours for the customer to choose from. These flavours created by Monster Energy are named things that aren’t necessarily aimed for an average person. I think these have been named specifically so that the people who are more into energy and sport, are more attracted and interested in the drinks.
  12. 12. Red bull is particularly similar to Irn-Bru 32. However Redbull is a lot more easier to get hold of as it is much more popular. Also, Redbull comes in different sized bottles as well as having a sugar free drink. The blue and grey tin can along with the red logo is commonly recognized in many places all over the world. I think that the sun behind the bulls in the logo symbolizes the energy which is in this drink, where as the bull is letting all that energy out. When I researched into different Redbull adverts, the one that captured my attention the most, is the most recent one. This advert was promoting the drink very well, by giving examples of the things you can do. I think they are trying to say, if you drink Red Bull, it will give you the motivation to do things. The language they use in this advert suggests that anything is possible, “find your line, and go beyond it” “explore” “the only limit, is the one you set yourself”. I think that Red bull are trying to make people go one step ahead, and do something different.