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  • This is the home page of our website. I am focusing firstly what I feel is the most important feature of website; the band name. I feel our Band ‘ignite’ is successfully advertised across the home page in several places. I am going to focus on one place in particular; the top corner.
  • I feel this is particularly successful as its dark green colour not only ties in with the colour scheme but stands out quite clearly against the pale background. Also, the lettering stands out from the rest of the fonts used (similar to Muses website). Again, this makes it stand out further. The lettering we have chosen for ignite is slightly gritty indicating our target audience is slightly more mature and possibly darker in their music taste since we have used a more artistic font.
  • Next I wish to talk about what we have incorporated on our home page and why. We shave several features that are common on lots of band websites. We have the promotion of latest music through our music video, and the products themselves which could link to a shop. We have also tried to incorporated a recent news feed, which may not be as advanced as most bands websites but this is simply due to us not having the technologies to do so). We have chosen a simple sidebar, which is easy to use rather than having links to other pages scattered across the the page. This is because of our target audience, again being more mature so we felt the easier the website is to use, the easier they will have access to our products. One of the ways we have integrated all three of our media products on to one platform is on the home page of our website. We have deliberately tried to use the technological convergence that has been created by the internet to help us promote our Band. We have put the digipak front cover as our background and we have also put the video on the home page. This way, our audience is able to access all 3 of our media products.
  • However, thanks to social networking sites such as bebo,myspace, facebook and twitter mean that both the contact us section and websites themselves are decreasing in popularity. This is due to the possibilities these sites have, on networks such as twitter or facebook, the audience can be friends with the band and therefore receive updates. Also, you can talk to people who also like the band or maybe even talk to the band themselves. A key feature of these site is the ability to share videos and music, allowing the band to automatically share their latest music with a large percent of their target audience. This has lead to a decrease in the amount of people and bands who use websites, instead they use social networking sites. A lot of bands will have links to their social networking sites on their website, again this raises awareness to the band.
  • Website a2 media analysis

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