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Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

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Evaluation 2

  1. 1. Evaluation 2How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. About my music video…• My music video is based on the song ‘Iambic Red’ which was created by the unsigned band ‘Scarlet Creek’. The genre of this music video is Indie Rock and has a target audience of predominately males with the age between 18-25 years.
  3. 3. HOW THE DIGIPAK SUPPORTS THE MUSIC VIDEO• When editing my music video I decided to use different effects for the band and the narrative parts of the video. This was to show a definite difference between the place and time during the video. I decided to do this throughout my music video after I looked at different indie music videos and discovered that this was a usual convention. The narrative parts of the video used more natural lightening then the performance aspects, which were usually under spotlights with plain backgrounds. This allows the audience to determine the difference between the two aspects and allows the audience to focus on the band.
  4. 4. • We can determine that the music video is from the indie genre as the band members wear casual clothing which is a convention of the indie genre. My music video also has a unique touch to it where I have played with the aspect of time. However, my digi-pak and print ad do not follow the same colour scheme as my music video. I decided to use a different style within my designs, as from my research I found out that bands from the indie genre usually have unique styles and do not usually have an image of the band on the front cover. Therefore, I decided to follow this convention and had an old arty sketch style to my designs for the digi-pak and print ad.
  5. 5. • From the research I also discovered that there is usually some sort of link from the designs to a music video from that band. Therefore, I used a thematicconnection to link up my digi-pak to the music video. I used an image of an umbrella, which is from a clip during my music video, and is also mentioned in the lyrics as ‘brolly’. The image of the girl in which I also used within my design for the digi-pak shows a connection to the video. This is because the music video is based around a girl. The leaves used within my design were to illustrate that the umbrella was floating away. Leaves were in my music video but the idea of the leaves was to show symbolism with the design. The leaves also show that the music video isset in an outside setting. The umbrella which appears to be flying away from the girl was to show how her ‘love’ life has been tainted in some way.
  6. 6. • Another thematic connection within my digi-pak is the use of images of birds with the umbrella. The line ‘the girl he loves with all the doves’ which is from the song used in my music video is illustrated by the birds in the design. Following the idea that birds are classed as beautiful creatures and doves symbolise love, I decided to incorporate them within my design. Within my digi-pak design I decided I used a colour scheme of red for all the images used. This also follows the idea of love from the music video and in the lyrics I picked out the word ‘red’.
  7. 7. • However, I followed another convention from the indie genre by creating the band a unique icon. For example, the whole digi-pak design is based on this old style look with the red images which appear to be drawn as they are scratchy. Also, the font in which I decided to use creates the band a unique image as again the letterings appear to be scribbled. These aspects created an overall unique design which will attract the target audience as it is easy to identify that the band are from an indie genre. I used images of the band inside my digi-pak which connects with the music video as the same band are playing in it.
  8. 8. HOW THE PRINT AD SUPPORTS THE DIGIPAK• Within my print ad I have decided to use the same design from the front cover of my digi-pak. This was because from the research in which I conducted, the majority of the indie bands print ads had the same design as the front cover from their digi-pak. This enables the target audience to formally identify the digi-pak after seeing the print ad advertising it. I used the same font within my print ad for all the text used. By doing that it created a sense of consistency throughout the design, which helps the audience to focus on all aspects of the design. The font used for the band’s name ‘Scarlet creek’ is much larger than the rest of the text within the piece. This helps to promote the band itself.
  9. 9. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION• I feel that the combination of the music video and the ancillary products work well together. This is because you can see clear connections between all three products. This will help to establish that the music video is a part of the digi-pak itself. It will also help the audience to understand the artwork of the piece. However, I feel that the overall image of the digi-pak and print ad do not directly link to the music video, for example, with the same colour scheme used. This could make it more difficult for the audience to see a connection straight away, although using different colour schemes is a usual convention from the indie genre.
  10. 10. • I asked the target audience from the genre of indie to establish whether they can recognise a combination between the three products. I asked 15 people aged between 18 and 25 years. These were the results: Does the target audience recognise the combination? 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Yes No
  11. 11. • I discovered that the majority of my target audience could recognise the combination between the products and commented:• “I can see a clear combination of the umbrella and the girl used within the design of the digi- pak linked to the music video. After watching the music video I understood the concept of the digi-pak and print ad by symbolising their love ‘lost’, which is also helped by the colour red used within.”
  12. 12. I was inspired to create mydesign, after analysing many digi-pak and products anddiscovered that indie bands usually have unique simple designs.