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Voting presentation

  1. 1. Procedures and Requirements By Hannah Fenney
  2. 2. CAN I VOTE?
  3. 3. You can vote in Arizona if…. You are at least 18 years of age You are a citizen of the United States You have been a resident of Arizona and your county at least 29 days preceding the next election You have not been convicted of treason or a felony (or have had your civil rights restored) You have not currently be declared an incapacitated person by a court of law If you have registered at least 29 days before the election
  4. 4. I live in Phoenix!Where do I vote?
  5. 5. Voting Poll Locations:• Broadway Heritage Neighborhood Resource Center: 2405 E Broadway Rd 24th St / Broadway Rd• Burton Barr Central Library :1221 N Central Ave Central Ave / McDowell Rd• Cesar Chavez Branch Library :3635 W Baseline Rd 35th Ave / Baseline Rd• City Clerk Department Customer Service Center: 2640 S 22nd Ave• Deer Valley Community Center : 2001 W Wahalla Ln 19th Ave / Union Hills Dr. (North of Union Hills Dr.)• Desert West Community Center : 6501 W Virginia Ave 67th Ave / Encanto Blvd• Devonshire Senior Center : 2802 E Devonshire Ave 28th St / Indian School Rd (North of Indian School Rd)• Fireside at Desert Ridge Community Center: 3775 E Lone Cactus Dr• Goelet A.C. Beuf Community Center: 3435 W Pinnacle Peak Rd 35th Ave / Pinnacle Peak Rd• Golden Gate Community Center : 1625 N 39th Ave McDowell Rd / 39th Ave• Grace Walk Community Church :7840 W Lower Buckeye Rd 79th Ave / Lower Buckeye Rd Hampton Inn & Suites 16620 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale Rd / Bell Rd• LDS Church 3102 N 18th Ave: 19th Ave / Thomas Rd (North of Thomas Rd)• Manzanita Senior Center :3581 W Northern Ave 35th Ave / Northern Ave• Maryvale Community Center :4420 N 51st Ave 51st Ave / Campbell Ave• Memorial Presbyterian Church : 4141 E Thomas Rd 41st St / Thomas Rd• Mesquite Branch Library: 4525 E Paradise Village Pkwy North Tatum Blvd / Cactus Rd (Paradise Valley Mall)• North Phoenix Baptist Church: 5757 N Central Ave Central Ave / Bethany Home Rd• Palmcroft Baptist Church : 15825 N 35th Ave 35th Ave / Greenway Rd (North of Greenway Rd)• Paradise Valley Community Center :17402 N 40th St, 40th St / Bell Rd (North of Bell Rd)• Pecos Community Center :17010 S 48th St 48th St / Pecos Rd• Phoenix City Hall : 200 W Washington St 3rd Ave / Washington St• Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church :1401 E Jefferson St 15th St / Jefferson St• South Mountain Community Center :212 E Alta Vista Rd Central Ave / Southern Ave (South of Southern Ave)• Sunnyslope Community Center :802 E Vogel Ave 7th St / Hatcher Rd (North of Hatcher Rd)• Unity of Phoenix Church: 1500 E Greenway Pkwy 16th St / Greenway Pkwy (North of Greenway Pkwy)
  6. 6. OR…
  7. 7. Use a National Mail Voter Registration form,which can be used in any state to register to vote in a federal election.
  8. 8. AND REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR I.D.!It is required in the state of Arizona.
  9. 9. REFLECTION QUESTIONS:• How does the product you created encourage the citizens to vote?It is short, sweet, and to the point. It is simple so it is understandable aswell as organized.• What obstacles to voting exist in your community?I think people aren’t more aware about where to vote or when.• Would you recommend any changes in the voter registration procedures you researched? If so, what would you recommend?No I don’t think so. I like how you can mail in your vote because a lot ofpeople don’t have time so that is a great option. I also think they haveplenty of polling areas that are spread out so everyone can reasonablyaccess one.• Based on your research, what do you think should be done to increase voter registration in the United States?I think that there should be more advertising.