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Taiko Drum Festival

This is actually our mapeh presentation. We're already done discussing it in our class, so I decided to share this powerpoint to be a little help to those who need it.

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Taiko Drum Festival

  1. 1. Taiko Drum Festival
  2. 2. Kodo - conveys two meaning; heartbeat and Children of the Drum
  3. 3. The Taiko dr ummer is called Uchite.
  4. 4. * Taiko dr um fest ival usual l y last for 1hour and 4 0 minutes.
  5. 5. History of Taiko Drum
  6. 6. 1969 • Za Ondekoza created a new kind of taiko group totally dedicated to taiko drumming as a way of life. • Za Ondekoza is credited with bringing taiko to audiences worldwide 1968 • Seiichi Tanaka formed the first North American Taiko group, the San Francisco Taiko Dojo and around the same time, Kinnara Taiko from the Senshin Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles, created a uniquely American hybrid – Japanese American Buddhist Taiko. 1981 • The original members of Za Ondekoza went on to form Kodo
  7. 7. Costumes andP rops
  8. 8. Tabi
  9. 9. PropsChime