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Three act structure - thinking of you draft 3


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Three act structure - thinking of you draft 3

  1. 1. Advanced Portfolio in Media Studies Story synopsis A sequencing of events in story order Beacon Media Production 2011 – 2012
  2. 2. Advanced Portfolio in Media StudiesThree Act StructureBEGINNINGThe “Set-up” which the characters, the dramatic premise, the situation and the relationship between theprotagonist and other people who inhabit the landscape of his/her world are all established. Thinking Of You Genre: Social Realism/ Period Drama Setting (Time & Place): Winchelsea Beach, Rye, December 1928 Main Character: Mary, 20 years old; has a young child, 6 A young woman awakes from a nightmare. She is alone in her room. Sitting down at the dressing table she starts to get herself ready for the day ahead.Three Act StructureMIDDLE Beacon Media Production 2011 – 2012
  3. 3. Advanced Portfolio in Media StudiesThe “Confrontation/Development” which the protagonist encounters obstacles that keep him from achieving his dramatic need. Want: Her husband Need: To say goodbye and move on Obligation: To create a stable life for her and her daughter Opposition: She loves him and can’t let him go. There is no one to supply the money anymore, they’re struggling financially, etc Catalyst for change: The social worker Ruth is making a cake for her father’s birthday but as a result has made the kitchen into a huge mess. Annoyed because Mary knows she has a guest arriving soon, she stops Ruth and begins to clean up. Ruth then starts getting out her crafts and again making a mess, so Mary snaps at her. Upset Ruth runs off and Mary is left to clean up another set of mess with a guilty conscience. Later that day the social worker arrives and makes sure that Mary is coping ago after her tragic loss. Consequently, Mary has an emotional breakdown.Three Act Structure Beacon Media Production 2011 – 2012
  4. 4. Advanced Portfolio in Media StudiesENDThe “Resolution” which the conflict is resolved and obstacle(s) surmounted. Climax: The emotional breakdown Resolution: Letting Ruth send him her ‘message in a bottle’ birthday card. Audience Reaction/ theme: Grief/acceptance Mary and Ruth walk down towards the sea. Ruth has made a birthday card for him and puts into a bottle which is then dropped into the waves. Upon there departure Mary leaves flowers by the Lifeboat house and a note that reads “Thinking of You”. Beacon Media Production 2011 – 2012