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Three Act Structure - 'Thinking of You'

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Three Act Structure - 'Thinking of You'

  1. 1. Story synopsis<br />A sequencing of events in story order<br />Three Act Structure<br />BEGINNING<br />The “Set-up”...<br /> which the characters, the dramatic premise, the situation and the relationship between the protagonist and other people who inhabit the landscape of his/her world are all established.<br />Thinking Of YouGenre: DramaSetting (Time & Place): The Mary Stanford Lifeboat House, Winchelsea Beach, Rye, 20th November 1928 (date subject to change)Main Character: Eliza, 20 years old, could possibly have a young child (to be confirmed)A young woman makes her way to the shore tailed by her child. She’s dressed in black and clutches a bouquet of flowers. The sea is rough and sky, cloudy. Behind her stands the lifeboat house, the structure that launched the boat that her husband was onboard five days prior. <br />Three Act Structure<br />MIDDLE<br />The “Confrontation/Development”...<br /> which the protagonist encounters obstacles that keep him from achieving his dramatic need.<br />Want: Her husband/boyfriendNeed: To say goodbye and move onObligation: To pay her respects Opposition: She loves him and can’t let him goCatalyst for change: Her child releases its toy boat into the oceanShe gently pulls out a photo which depicts a headshot of a young man. Along with the picture, she grips a folded letter which she then unfolds. It reads “killed in action”. She then takes a flower out of the bunch and plucks each petal, dropping them into the waves. Her child places its boat into the water and they both watch it drift out to sea.She kisses the top of its head and walks toward the lifeboat house. There, she places her flowers and a note “thinking of you”.<br />Three Act Structure<br />END<br />The “Resolution”...<br /> which the conflict is resolved and obstacle(s) surmounted.<br />Climax: ‘Seeing him’ by the lifeboat house.Resolution: She finally accepts that she needs to move on.Audience Reaction/ theme: Grief/acceptance Upon their departure through the fields, she turns back to see him leaning against the lifeboat house, waving at her. She smiles warmly, even if she is a little started and with teary eyes, blows him a kiss. The sun breaks through the clouds and she allows herself to move on knowing that he hasn’t vanished completely.<br />