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  1. 1. Wrecked - Hannah Butters - Spring 20121. INT. BEDROOM – EARLY MORNING1.1 Close up – pair of shoes1.2 Close up – a crucifix on the wall1.3 Close up – crucifix necklace hanging from mirror1.4 Wide shot – Mary walking towards/sitting down at the dressing table1.5 Medium shot – side of Mary’s face looking into mirror1.5A Over shoulder shot – Mary’s reflection in mirror, she leans down and puts head in hands1.6 Medium shot (duplicate of 1.5) – side shot of Mary as she comes up from hunched posture and reaches down to drawer.1.7 Over shoulder shot – grabbing a lipstick from the drawer1.8 Close up – crucifix necklace hanging from mirror into pull focus1.8A Close up of Mary’s face (in the mirror) applying the lipstick1.9 Medium shot – (duplicate of 1.5) side shot of Mary pursing her lips, followed by brushing of hair1.10 Over shoulder shot – Mary’s reflection in mirror of her brushing her hair1.11 Close up – tracking of shoes front-on leaving the dressing table1.12 Close up – hand on banister1.13 Wide shot – Mary coming down the stairs1.14 Wide shot – high angled shot of Mary coming off the stairs and walking down hallway TOTAL 14 SHOTS2. INT. KITCHEN – LATER THAT MORNING2.1 Over shoulder shot – tracking Mary into the kitchen from hallway2.2 Medium shot – Ruth standing on chair at the kitchen counter mixing together something in a bowl2.3 Wide shot – From behind Ruth, Mary walking over to her2.4 Medium shot – (duplicate of 2.2) Ruth looks up and Mary grabs to take her off chair2.5 Wide shot – tracking of Mary taking Ruth from the chair, to the floor2.6 Close up – Mary’s hands wiping flour from Ruth’s face2.7 Wide shot – Mary guiding Ruth out the kitchen2.8 Wide shot – Mary returning to the kitchen counter to clean up2.9 Wide shot – (following on form 2.8) Mary going around Kitchen clearing up2.10 Medium shot – integrated within 2.9 through zoom in2.11 Close up – integrated within 2.9 through zoom in and tracking2.12 Close up – Ruth peeking out behind door
  2. 2. 2.13 Wide shot – POV from Ruth of Mary cleaning Kitchen2.14 Close up – (duplicate of 2.12) Ruth dashing off2.15 Tracking shots, similar sequence of shots to 2.9, 2.10 and 2.112.16 Close up – Mary looking up and towards the dining room2.17 Wide shot – eyeline match of Ruth climbing onto chair at dining table with a box of crafts2.18 Close up – Ruth empties coloured pens onto table2.19 Close up - (duplicate of 2.16) Mary sighs and returns to cleaning2.20 Close up – Ruth drawing2.21 Wide shot – Mary cleaning2.22 Close up – Ruth humming2.23 Close up – Mary cleaning2.24 Close up – Ruth organising pens2.25 Close up – Mary looks up2.26 Close up – eyeline match of clock2.27 Extreme close up – the second hand ticking2.28 Close up – (duplicate of 2.25) Mary looks alarmed and more effort goes into scrubbing2.29 Close up – Ruth drawing2.30 Wide shot/over shoulder shot – Mary strides over to Ruth2.31 Close up – low angle shot of Mary yelling at Ruth2.32 Close up – high angle shot of Ruth’s reaction2.33 Wide shot – Ruth running out of room crying2.34 Close up – Mary’s reaction goes into a wide shot as she returns to the kitchen2.35 Sequence of close ups, mediums, wide shots of Mary still cleaning2.36 Close up – hand knocking on door2.37 Wide shot – Mary goes to answer door2.38 Wide shot – (duplicate of 1.14) Mary opens door TOTAL 38 SHOTS3. INT. LIVING ROOM – LUNCHTIME3.1 Medium shot – social worker on sofa3.2 Close up – Mary places mugs of tea on a coffee table3.3 Medium shot – Mary sits down on sofa opposite the social worker and takes Ruth’s hand3.4 Medium short – social worker asking Mary a question3.5 Medium shot – Mary’s response
  3. 3. 3.6 Medium shot – (duplicate of 3.4) social worker asks another question, this time to Ruth3.7 Medium shot – Ruth responding3.8 Medium shot - (duplicate of 3.4) social worker smiles and writes something down3.9 Close up – Mary looking down at Ruth smiling3.10 Close up – Mary squeezing Ruth’s hand3.11 Medium shot – (duplicate of 3.4) social worker asks another question3.12 Medium shot – (duplicate of 3.5) Mary hesitates3.13 Close up – social worker taps pen on notepad3.14 Close up – (duplicate of 3.5) Mary’s response3.15 Medium shot – (duplicate of 3.4) social worker hands Mary a handkerchief3.16 Medium shot – (duplicate of 3.5) Mary takes handkerchief and dabs her eyes TOTAL 16 SHOTS4 EXT.WINCHELSEA BEACH - EARLY EVENING4.1 Wide shot – pan right to left of landscape, Mary and Ruth walk into shot4.2 Wide shot – Mary and Ruth walking across hilly landscape4.3 Close up – Mary’s face as she walks4.4 Close up – Ruth’s hand holding the handmade card she created earlier4.5 Close up – Holding hands as they walk4.6 Medium shot – Mary and Ruth continue to walk across landscape4.7 Wide shot – they get to the beach, lifeboat house in background4.8 Close up – Ruth breaks away from Mary4.9 Over shoulder shot – Ruth running down to the sea4.10 Wide shot – Mary standing alone amongst the landscape, walks towards the lifeboat house4.11 Close up – Mary leaves a bouquet of flowers against the wall of the building4.12 Wide shot – low angle of Mary walking away from the flowers4.13 Wide shot – Ruth standing at the sea, Mary comes into shot a joins her4.14 Medium shot – Mary hands Ruth a bottle which tilts down to see Ruth placing the card in bottle4.15 Wide shot – low angle of Ruth throwing the bottle into the sea4.16 Close up – bottle lands in the sea4.17 Close up – Mary kisses the top of Ruth’s head4.18 Wide shot – low angle shot of Mary and Ruth walking back up to the lifeboat house TOTAL 18 SHOTS