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Film review 2

  1. 1. Films Wrecked United Kingdom 2012 Director: Hannah Butters With Lucy Butters, Becky Brown Certificate: PG “Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow” For young mother Mary (Becky Brown) this is the message for which she needs to accept. Losing her husband in a tragic life boat accident, she must single handily raise her six year old daughter, Ruth (Lucy Butters) without the support and love Watery Grave: The Mary Stanford Lifeboat House of him there. "Wrecked" begins after the accident as CREDITS We first meet Mary as she prepares for the day, awaiting the we join the wife of one of the men and arrival of a woman who will help her with her depression. To Directed by how she copes without his presence. her horror, Ruth has made a mess of the house. In a panic, Hannah Butters The short ends on a peaceful note, Mary loses her temper and screams at Ruth; this is the first Produced by showing the daughter tossing a signs that we see she is not mentally stable. Frantically Hannah Butters message in a bottle out to sea to her cleaning, the social worker arrives and during the session, Jules Becker father; their way of saying goodbye. Mary inevitably has a mental breakdown. Screenplay by Both Rebecca Brown and Lucy Based on a true story with prominent themes, such as Hannah Butters Butters delivered a wonderful, touching bereavement and faith, this heart-warming short by upcoming Becky Brown performance that is sure to capture director Hannah Butters is an atmospheric approach to Director of Photography audiences. They managed to control portraying a broken family that learns to move on. Hannah Butters the variety of emotions and conflicts in Set against the backdrop of the historic Hasting's coast, the Editor a professional and realistic manner. film sources it's inspiration from the 1928 Mary Stanford Hannah Butters Lifeboat disaster which saw 17 men die out at sea when their Hannah Butters lifeboat was destroyed in a storm. CAST Becky Brown SYNOPSIS After a tragic incident which saw young Mary’s husband drown in the midst of a Mary, mother horrific sea storm, she must learn to cope without him. Now the widow of a lifeboat man in the Lucy Butters little seaside village of Rye, Mary no longer has the mental or financial strength to adapt to her Ruth, daughter new way of living since his death. Their young daughter, Ruth, must also learn to understand the actions and consequences of the accident; however, her innocence and naivety of the Emma Butters situation cause a lot of tension and impulsive decisions. Wrecked presents their journey in Social Worker overcoming the harsh acceptance within bereavement, and along with the help of a social worker and friend, they are able to say goodbye in their own special way.